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US website snubs court order in Amber Harrison’s legal fight with Seven West Media

AN American website is refusing to abide by an Australian court order to remove leaked confidential documents relating to Amber Harrison’s legal fight with Channel 7.

Ms Harrison, a former Seven West Media executive assistant, has been fighting for almost a fortnight to get copies of the two emails published on the site taken down.

The emails, dated June 14 and June 17 of last year, were from Ms Harrison’s former legal representatives, Harmers Workplace Lawyers and are said to be damaging to her case.

Federal Court judge Tony North had ordered the company to remove the contents of the blog on May 21.

Amber Harrison is fighting to have leaked private documents removed from a US website.
Amber Harrison.

But the Victorian division of the court heard this morning the San Francisco-based web development company said it would only look at complying with the court order if it was authenticated in a Californian court.

“We understand that they don’t intend to participate,” Ms Harrison’s lawyer, Siobhan Kelly, said.

Ms Harrison, 39, would need to decide if she wishes to get the order duplicated in an American court, Ms Kelly said.

“It’s an awful position for her,” a dumbfounded Justice North said.

“It’s quite interesting that a US blog host has the policy that it has.

“I wonder if we have the same attitude towards American orders.”

It is another twist in the long-running dispute between Ms Harrison and Seven.

Ms Harrison, 39, went public with her claims of bullying and unfair sacking from Seven in December.

Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

She revealed her career went sour after her 18-month affair with the company’s chief executive, Tim Worner, ended in June 2014.

Seven’s barrister Andrew Bell SC told the court they had been left in the dark about Ms Harrison’s application to block the US site.

But Justice North shut down Mr Bell’s efforts to complain they had not been given the “courtesy” of being informed about the application until seeing press reports.

“This is not a case where courtesy is paramount,” Justice North said.

Ms Kelly also rebuked Mr Bell’s comments, saying that his instructor, and Seven executives, knew about the website before Ms Harrison.

But Justice North said he had no interest in their remarks.

Ms Harrison did not appear in court this morning and the matter was adjourned to July 14.

The hearing comes a day after she was supposed to have court-ordered mediation with Seven over Fair Work matters she brought against them.

She accuses them of breaching her employment contract and failing to provide a safe workplace.

The outcome of the mediation process is unknown.