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Sydney mother covered up daughter’s prolonged sexual abuse, court hears

3 June 2017

A Sydney woman accused of concealing her daughter’s prolonged sexual abuse has been denied bail.

The woman, who is also accused of assisting the little girl’s father to have sexual intercourse with her at age six, sobbed and yelled “it’s not true” during the hearing on Saturday.

Police prosecutor Ernest Chan said the allegations were a “disturbing read” and the girl had been abused from the age of three until she was 12.

 One one occasion, the 36-year-old allegedly closed the curtains as the girl was molested before looking at the child and saying, “you’re disgusting.”

Mr Chan said the woman also told her daughter she would likely end up somewhere worse if she spoke out.

“You’ll never see your sisters again,” the woman, from Sydney’s south, allegedly said.

“Your father has never touched you.”

Magistrate Michael Price was asked to release the woman, partly because she had to care for her other two daughters.

But he refused, saying no bail conditions could give him confidence she would not interfere with her daughter.

Sergeant Chan said the woman, who allegedly committed the offences between 2003 and 2012, had previously tried to contact her daughter.

The woman told the court she had been trying to drop a birthday card to her daughter, who now lives with another relative.

The woman has been charged with six offences, including three counts of concealing a serious indictable offence.

She is due back in court on August 1.


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