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Brian Houston. Used to try to cast out demons. I've never heard him speak in other tongues, prophecy and try to heal anyone.

“Pastor” Brian Houston head pastor of Hillsong mega-church. A presidential affluent pseudo-pastor. Now completely non-spiritual. Worldly and rich. Used to try to cast out demons. Gave up in 1983. I’ve never seen or heard Brian speak in other tongues, prophecy, operate in any gifts of the Holy Spirit or try to heal anyone. Nothing to offer of spiritual significance. Captivated by the affluence, money and property gospel. Spiritually crystallised.


Hillsong mega-church was founded by a pedophile

Hillsong Church was founded in Sydney in 1977 by the lifelong secret pedophile Frank Houston, the current head of Hillsong mega-church Brian Houston’s father.

The secret lifelong pedophile Frank Houston sexually abused hundreds of little boys during his entire adult lifetime until he was exposed as a rotten pedophile aged 77.


frank houston sa1

The lifelong secret child rapist Frank Houston founder of Hillsong with his wife Hazel, in his early disguise posing as a Salvation Army Captain in the 1940s. Was a Salvo captain at 18. Got kicked out of the Salvos. Hazel Houston said it was because of financial impropriety in her book ‘Being Frank’- but from the evidence of what followed his whole ‘ministry’ I think he was abusing little boys and get kicked out for that.


Pedophiles ruled the New Zealand AOG for 38 years

Frank Houston died in Sydney on 4 November 2004 aged 82.

Frank Houston was the 8th General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in New Zealand. He was in office from December 1965 – June 1977

Frank Houston was succeeded by Jim Williams who was also a pedophile.

Jim Williams was succeeded by Wayne Hughes another pedophile.

For 38 years from 1965 to 2003 the New Zealand Assemblies of God was led by pedophiles.


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The origins of Hillsong mega-church


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The first Hillsong

Hillsong was founded in the elite Sydney harbour-side suburb of Double Bay in 1977.

Frank Houston always told his congregation in Sydney that he came to Sydney as a result of a Blues Brothers type vision from God to save the souls of the people of Sydney.


blue bros vision from god 1blue bros vision from god 3blue bros vision from god 4blue bros vision from god 8blue bros vision from god 9blue bros vision from god 2


The escape from looming pedophile charges in New Zealand

What Frank Houston was really doing was to escape getting arrested in New Zealand for a decades long  rampage of secretly raping little boys and young teens.


new zealand police 1

New Zealand Police

new zealand police 4new zealand police 9new zealand police 11new zealand police 8new zealand police 5new zealand police 3new zealand police 2new zealand police 7


CLC Darlinghurst the second name for Hillsong mega-church

In 1981 Frank Houston rented the ground floor of a 1960s concrete building in Darlinghurst. He named this church Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst.

This was the second name for Hillsong.

As Brian Houston rightly points out in his latest book ‘Live Love Lead’ Hillsong was founded in Double Bay Sydney two years before Brian and Bobbie came to Sydney.


Brian houston a1

“Live, Love, Lead”. The folly of Brian. To choose a title the opposite of what he does. This is pure Brian Houston from the Life of Brian.


The Life of Brian 13


Brian’s Theo-jelly-O-gical training

Brian was trained at his father’s bible college at Lower Hutt Assemblies of God (AOG).

It was called Commonwealth Bible College- a very lofty title for a small time back-woods New Zealand bible college in the working class grey fibro suburb of Lower Hutt, Wellington.

A school of learning run by a secret life-long poorly educated secret pedophile- A bible college of no great measure and certainly of little academic or theological strength or status.

You can tell that if you listen to Brian preach.


brian houston k1


Brian starts preaching up a hail-storm at the second Hillsong location in Darlinghurst in 1983

In 1982 Brian became a pastor for the first time and was allowed by his father Frank to preach occasionally.

The pedophile Frank Houston used to like to quip how he was going to “preach up a storm”. Brian modelled himself off his father and tried to create the same cyclonic event.

When Brian started preaching in 1982 it was like jet engines spluttering, gaining traction and then roaring on the run-way of Brian’s soul. Brian’s mind and soul mustered all he’d learnt from his pedophile father Frank and launched into a troubled high-speed errant discourse. The Brian plane revved mightily on the run-way of the CLC pulpit, seagulls scattered, and a cacophony of The-O-log-jelly-ickle concepts and exhortations poured from the mind of Brian for about 45 minutes until he was exhausted and so were we.

The Queen’s English was murdered on every front and as Brian mumbled and stumbled he invented new words on the way to try to justify his poor grasp of the English language.

I wish Brian had listened at school.


The Life of Brian 11


Brian Houston preaching 9

Brian preaching up a storm at CLC Dalinghurst circa 1983


Brian Houston xx1

Brian Houston with his eldest child Joel the ‘anointed’ heir to the Hillsong throne- Joel is the head pastor of Hillsong New York City and Hillsong’s Global Director


Building Hillsong

In 1982-1983 I worked at the second Hillsong premise Christian Life Centre (CLC), Darlinghurst as a builder doing additions and alterations to the main church premise, a rented ground floor premise on the corner of Goulburn and Riley Streets.

And later I fitted out the church administration and IICM Bible College at 162-166 Goulburn Street not far away.

Dave Sayers was my assistant.


The previous names of Hillsong Church

The first name for Hillsong Church was Christian Life Centre (CLC) Double Bay.

The second name for Hillsong Church was CLC Darlinghurst.

The third name was CLC Waterloo.

The fourth name was CLC Sydney.

The fifth name for Hillsong Church in Sydney was Hillsong City Church and Hillsong Baulkham Hills Church.

The sixth name for Hillsong Church in Sydney is the current name Hillsong City Campus and Hillsong Hills Campus.

IICM was an abbreviation for the International Institute of Creative Ministries. Quite a lofty name.


hillsong vs1

The current location of Hillsong City Campus in Waterloo Sydney. Formerly called Christian Life Centre Waterloo in 1989 and then Christian Life Centre Sydney then Hillsong City Church in 2000.


The lifelong secret pedophile Frank Houston the founder and father of Hillsong Church

It’s remarkable that a lifelong secret pedophile Frank Houston, who was, unknown to us all, on the run for countless child sexual abuse offences in New Zealand, could think up such lofty names and create such Institutions.


frank houston bm1

The lifelong secret evil criminal pedophile Frank Houston who sexually abused hundreds of little boys in his lifetime, possibly over four hundred. 


Fleeing looming pedophile charges

In 1977 he fled to Sydney to escape the heat of impending pedophile charges.


frank houston1116c_cgi-2


The pedophile Frank Houston was building an elaborate defence against looming pedophile charges

Frank Houston did not come to Sydney because of a Blues Brothers vision from God.

Or from a genuine vision from God.

The pedophile Frank Houston’s vision was of the New Zealand Police coming to arrest him at his church in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, for child sex offences so he got out of town and fled to Sydney, Australia real fast.

The pedophile Frank Houston was a cunning rock spider (jail name for pedophile) building a Defence against being found out, so the bigger and more complex the Defence, the better.




Brian Houston tries to cast a demon out of Lee Hosking


devil d7sympathy for the devil asympathy for the devil 5sympathy for the devil csympathy for the devil b


One afternoon Dave and I were working at the CLC Darlinghurst main church premise building a large louvre wall adjacent the offices for ventilation.

All afternoon Pastor Brian Houston and Pastor Gary Canham were trying to cast demons out of Lee Hosking.

I learnt later that Lee had come to Brian saying he had demons and Brian and Gary had set about trying to cast them out.

All afternoon the tranquility of the largely deserted church was punctuated by loud demonic manifestations from Lee. Groans, demons swearing at Brian and Gary, and Brian and Gary shouting at the demons to come out.


As the hours went by, I became quite concerned for Brian and Gary

As the hours went by, I became quite concerned for Brian and Gary. I knew that they didn’t know what they were doing, and I was thinking of the men in the New Testament account, who tried to cast demons out and who had no power and authority from God. They were stripped naked by the demonised man.

And the evil spirit answered and said to them, “I recognize Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you?” 16 And the man, in whom was the evil spirit, leaped on them and subdued all of them and overpowered them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded. 17 This became known to all, both Jews and Greeks, who lived in Ephesus; and fear fell upon them all and the name of the Lord Jesus was being magnified.…

Acts 19:15-17


About Lee

Lee Hosking, who I’d befriended and knew well, was a New Zealander like Frank Houston, Brian, Dave and me.

Lee suicided a decade later, back in the Canterbury area of New Zealand, where the city of Christchurch is located.

Lee certainly had many demons. He’d been heavily into drugs and other things. Lee had taken a lot of LSD, and his mind had been greatly affected.

Lee was a very good-hearted man, but he had a lot of issues. I knew Lee very well.


The reality is that Brian Houston was unable to move any of Lee’s any demons

The reality is that Brian Houston was unable to move any of Lee’s any demons. He had no power and still doesn’t. It may be that this incident put Brian off praying for deliverance and supernatural things.

In any event, given his homosexual and pedophile father Frank, and given that he’d never had deliverance himself, there was no chance he’d move any demons.


Brian is non-spiritual

Brian has never been baptised in the Holy Spirit. I’ve never seen or heard Brian speak in tongues, prophecy or heal anyone.

The Hillsong Insider has shared about Brian Houston’s lack of spirituality and this observation is true and very accurate.


Brian would rather spoke a big fat cigar

Brian would rather spoke a big fat cigar, kick back some wine from McMurphy’s Drive-In Baulkham Hills and sit on his balcony looking at the stars thanking God that he has blessed him so much that he is now The Great Brian Houston, than minister to the sick and help people learn the Christian gospel and get set free from their sins and demons.


brian houston111c_cigar


Bian Houston. Worldy. Not spiritual at all.

“Pastor” Brian Houston. Likes to smoke a big fat cigar as he boasted from the pulpit recently. Worldy. Not spiritual at all.

Josh Canfield c18

“Pastor” Brian Houston of Hillsong mega-church: Allows open gays in the Hillsong choir. Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly. In the choir at Hillsong New York City. Josh Canfield is the long-time choir director. These gay celebrities plan to marry at Hillsong NYC this year. It is unclear whether Brian will marry them personally.

Brian houston o2

At the Royal Commission in October 2014. Pastor Brian Houston was recommended in October last year by the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to be prosecuted with criminal charges of pedophile protection. This is likely to happen by this time next year.

The Life of Brian 5

The Life of Brian 2

“Pastor” Brian Houston. Errant delusional optimism and full-blown out-of-control narcissism metered by a highly developed martyr persecution complex.

brian houston bbv1

Brian Houston ns1

Brian Houston of Hillsong. In it’s Findings of October 2015 The Australian Royal Commission found Brian Houston guilty of pedophile protection offences. Brian has since increased his prayer life from one minute a day to 24 hours a day.

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