Esther Houston Hillsong New York City head pastor’s wife: “Seducing people to her Prosperity Gospel jesus.

Below are testimonies about Hillsong supplied to the Hillsong-watch organisation Hillsong Church Watch.



Hillsong Testimonies

This page is dedicated to the testimonies of people who have left the international Hillsong cult.



Aaron writes,

The church I’ve been attending for the last 4-5 years in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania (Allentown/Bethlehem) joined the HS network without informing the congregation. Through sheer God-given observation, I was able to discern that something had changed so I went on a search…found this site and found that HS had such a “network”. Shot a text to our associate pastor and sure enough he confirmed that our church had joined.
I made all of these observations after visiting HS NYC in Oct 2014 by request of my wife when I decided to go visit the city during my birthday. It was a Sunday and she didn’t want to miss church. I knew nothing of HS other than the music so I said why not. The thing that got me was the FLAWLESS similarity in their respective service compared to where I’ve been attending. At the age of 32, I don’t consider anything to be that coincidental so I started digging…
Found this website and a whole variety of other puzzle pieces that have since helped me understand the danger in the seeker friendly movement. Up to that point I just wasn’t aware.
The church I’m referring to is called Life Church and can be found at
Last month they had the “speak lord, we’re listening” theme and graphics all over the site and all over the church. It’s not on the site now but just look at the church’s branding logo. It’s a total HS rip.
After not wanting to just bail on the place I’ve called home, I decided to have lunch with as many leaders (both official and lay) and present to them the falsehoods showing up in HS teachings. I had very low expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. Every leader basically rejected me and told me to stop spreading dissension. One bright spot, however…the youth leader met with me and told me he had already left for many of the same reasons and he served there for roughly 18 years. He emphatically called the church a “graveyard”. I didn’t notice his departure because the church is so big you don’t know if someone is there or not.
All in all, I have totally left that church and I am now in a place of general church disillusionment. There are a lot of churches around here to attend but I can smell seeker-friendly in everyone that I’ve visited. I felt deceived that the decision to join their network was not announced to the congregation. I also felt like my God-given gifts of perception and discernment were being minimized and silenced. The head pastor, although charming and very likeable, is a spiritual tyrant. It’s his church and his show. You don’t like it, leave because “it only makes room for new people”.
I appreciate what you’re doing here in this site. Keep up the good work.

Source: Aaron, Why Hillsong music is dangerous to sing in your church: updated., Hillsong Church Watch,, Published 10/02/2015, 1:44am. (Accessed 11/02/2015.)



Anna Glen writes,

Came to know the Lord via Hills Christian Life Center, Baulkham Hills (now Hillsong Church, Norwest? Castle Hill) 1994. Almost lost my faith via Hills Christian Center because of the the bullying and Harassment which my faith was constantly under attack because my husband chose not to hear the word of God at the time and I would not or could not speak in tongues and I would question the validity of tongues with no one to interperate but a couple hundred people babbling at once and that was a no no ” You have no Faith or are Lacking in Faith”.
No Thanks to Hills, and all thanks, Praise and Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ He Kept me, carried me, Loved me and showed me many things during this depressive time and still is.
I am still having issues with “Churches” and have not been to one for many years and it’s Human lonely.

In regards to my husband I am blessed to say he ask Jesus into his life this year! We can sow the seed but the Holy Spirit makes it grow! Some come quick to the Lord others the Lord has to work on First!

Source: Anna Glen, Hillsong Testimonies, Hillsong Church Watch,, Published 03/09/2014, 6:15pm. (Accessed 12/11/2014.)

She continues.

“[…] I was a member of The Hills Christian Life Centre almost from it’s begining sweet child, unfortunately I have have come across many of The Hillsong aftermath the pain, hurt, Spirit destroying, deceptions and abuse of God loving and God fearing people!
Megan you ask what is wrong with watered down scripture? That should ring alarm bells in your soul child, watering down of God’s Word is undermining his authority, making God a liar! it is like rewriting scripture to suit oneself, infact you could throw The Bible out and do what you want because there is no meaning or Authority it’s just a bunch of word’s. For me Hillsong’s is heretical, it also reminds me of that luke warm Church in Revelation that get’s spewed out, think about it before it to late sister![…]”

Source: Anna Glen, Hillsong Testimonies, Hillsong Church Watch,, Published 02/11/2014, 11:06pm. (Accessed 12/11/2014.)



BeholdASon writes,

Hillsong was the first Christian assembly I was part of. I was 15 when I started going there and I left at the age of 18.
The reason why I left was because I sat through more than THIRTY sermons where the Gospel of Jesus was not presented according to the Scriptures.
Jesus dying on the cross on behalf of us sinners = not mentioned once.
Our sins separating us from God = not mentioned once.

Our need to change our mind (repent) from unbelief to believing on the Son Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins = not mentioned once.
The only reason I grew enough spiritually in order to leave that wretched place…
I read my teenage NIV study bible.

[…] John 20:31 says:

But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.

The entire book of John was written with the hope that sinners would change their mind about Jesus Christ and exercise faith in Him as their Savior from sin.
Jesus IS the Lord.
This is not the message of Hillsong.
I challenge you to seriously look out for such a Gospel message in your Sunday religious meetings there.
You don’t find it.
You need to find an assembly where they preach the Gospel.
Unfortunately, Hillsong is full of wolves dressed like sheep.

Source: BeholdASon, Two Tanya’s, two stories, one dilemma: what is Hillsong? (Part 1), Hillsong Church Watch,, 10/02/2015, 8:46 am, (Accessed 11/02/2015.)

They continue,

For many years I’ve tried to find genuine fellowship with Christians who believe the simplicity of the Gospel.

The crunch at Hillsong came when I realised that many of my friends there were not believers in Jesus at all. The were there for the ‘party’ and good time.

As a new believer, the enormity of my salvation from sin was so huge that I could not fathom how people could be at Hillsong happily without being convicted about their sinfulness and need to salvation.

Ask any professing Christian how a person comes to salvation and you will normally hear:

“invite Jesus into your heart”
“turn from your sins”
“commit to following the Lord”.

None are the requirements for salvation.
Jesus said “Believe on me”.
Faith is all that is required.

But one does not need faith in a Savior unless one knows they are a big SINNER.
Hillsong doesn’t call sinful men out on their sin, because that is offensive and makes people feel bad.”

BeholdASon, Two Tanya’s, two stories, one dilemma: what is Hillsong? (Part 1), Hillsong Church Watch,, 10/02/2015, 10:47 am, (Accessed 11/02/2015.)


Neveling67‘ says of their experiences:

I attended one of their churches & it’s a 100% apostate church. They brought in a psychologist to preach a sermon (I kid you not). It was a pick up joint for the youth and the cherry on the cake was the pastor drunk on New Years Eve. Kids making out on a sofa. This was in the church folks. We walked out and never went back. I was threatened with litigation from lukewarm Christians who love Hillsong when I called them out and said this is wrong. Here is the validation of that for me- Thank you God. You can sit in a church and still go to hell. Don’t be fooled by nice songs, be aware of the intention of the church and read your bible so you know the Word yourself. We are living in the latter most days the apostate church is a concrete sign of that.

Source: Neveling67, Hillsong Church Watch – “The Muslim and you, we actually serve the same God”, YouTube,, (Accessed 26/05/2014.)

He continues,

Hi […], I completely agree. I also went to that Christmas “service”, I felt some content was very wrong too and the singers were secular people employed by the church. They didn’t do an altar call or take an offering. They were more interested in a show than the gospel. I wish I had walked out but we are so desperate for a church here. I’ve been to so many apostate churches that we do church at home now every day.

Source: Neveling67, Hillsong Church Watch – “The Muslim and you, we actually serve the same God”, YouTube,, (Accessed 26/05/2014.)


Anthony‘ says of their experiences:

[…] I used to attended Hillsong “Church” London and I’m tellin you its not a church, its where the ungodly come together to pretend they’re Christians , it’s a feel good church. All that the things  you mentioned is absolutely true, they do run a little nightclub service which is every Wednesday here in the city, where you can have yourself some cocktails or some beers up to you. Well my question about that “church” was on 2012 during one of they Christmas Carole service which was in Wembley Arena, there were scenes which was very disturbing, so disturbing me and my friends left and never returned and promise ourselves to never go to another charismatic church again, we now attend a small community church where the true Gospel is being preached,

Source: Anthony the Boxer, Hillsong Church Watch – “The Muslim and you, we actually serve the same God”, YouTube,, (Accessed 26/05/2014.)

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