Darlene meets the Pope

Darlene meets the Pope

Darlene Zschech, the Hillsong worship leader, and the musical shining star of the Hillsong movement, recently went to the Vatican in Rome to pay homage to Pope Francis and join in worship with Roman Catholics and Roman Catholic Charismatics.

Darlene now pastors her own church on the Sunshine Coast an hour north of Sydney and she features on various Hillsong albums. Darlene is one of Brian Houston’s spiritual children and a favoured child of Hillsong. Part of the Hillsong inner circle.

Darlene has also become very wealthy from royalties on worship, an act which is an abomination to our Holy God. Worship of our Holy God should be free and no man or woman should profit from it in any way. If they take royalties from worship DVD and other product sales this is a grave sin before God and a dark stain on a church or church movement. The Hillsong leaders are into this, including Brian and Bobby Houston, right to their greedy snouts.

Brian Houston has been skimming wealth and property from Hillsong tithes and product sales, using every trick his greedy mind can think of, for over three decades now. Early on smart people associated with him, like Jonathan De Jong, figured out ways to siphon heaps of money from Australian and International sales of Hillsong DVDs and product.

In fact it has got to the point where a lead singer can expect to become an instant millionaire when they’re featured on a Hillsong album. Brian Houston has always been the Executive Producer of Worship DVDs, even though he does absolutely nothing in their production. The reason his name is on the DVDs is so he can justify skimming off his commission for every DVD sold. Has ever a more spiritually and morally corrupt man walked on the face of the earth? Unfortunately in the false christ prosperity movement throughout the world, and especially in America, there are heaps of rogues out there like Brian Houston.

Please see my last article on this site entitled ‘Roman Catholic Charismatics’ for some background on the subject of fellowshipping with the Church of Rome.

On the plane while Darlene was returning from Rome she wrote an article about her trip and in the article she indignantly mentions some negative reactions she’s been getting about her trip to see the Pope from other Christians on Social Media. She published her thoughts on her website, reflecting on her trip and people’s responses to her trip.

Below I’ve printed Darlene’s website post, and offered comments on the post, intermittently.

Darlene Zschech’s website

17 JULY 2015

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Darlene writes:

Hey, lovely people.

I am writing this mid-air on my way home from Singapore after an amazing time away speaking, leading worship, writing songs, being with dear friends. It has been wonderful. And, to see what the Holy Spirit is doing around the earth is completely breathtaking. Even in all the expressions that make us different as God’s colourful church, its incredible to me that when the Holy Spirit draws near, His role in our experience of following Jesus makes us so very similar. I relate it being a part of a family.. different characteristics, faces, tastes and giftings.. yet a DNA running through our veins that draw us together.

My comment:

Darlene is expressing her wish that all God’s children should live in peace, despite all their differences, like one big happy family.

Darlene continues:

One of the highlights was finding myself with Mark in Rome.

My comment:

Mark is Darlene’s husband.

Darlene continues:

A few months ago a very interesting email turned up in my office inviting me to sing at a beautiful event called the ‘Catholic Charismatic Renewal’ at St Peters Square, to actually lead songs of worship with others as the Pope called people to prayer and unity.

My comment:

For untold centuries people have flocked to Rome to pay homage to the Pope, the great palaces of the Vatican, the grandeur of Saint Peter’s Cathedral and Saint Peter’s Cathedral, the priceless art-works, sculptures and intricate wall-hung ancient pictorial tapestries expressing the Christian faith, the Sistine Chapel and all the great idols and sacrileges of Rome.

As a Protestant Christian its OK to go there on a touristic basis. I’ve been to all the above-mentioned places in Rome and far more.

To go there to pay homage to, and sing for the Pope, as Darlene has done, is the greatest sacrilege, a very naive action, and at worst she was treading on the advances of the Protestant Church, which were won in human blood and suffering at the hands of the Church of Rome.

The Church of Rome is part of the Great Whore of Babylon as described in the New Testament and particularly in the Book of Revelation.

The Roman Catholic Charismatic movement is a counterfeit holy spirit movement.

Any cursory reading of scriptures reveals that in order to be a true Christian we must ‘come out from among them and be separate’.


Most invites I receive, I am unable to say yes to, but when Mark and I feel a peace about it, I go forward very prayerfully and with great expectation for all God will do.

This invite to Rome was about many different denominations coming together to pray for the world we live in. To worship together, to announce the Hope of Jesus to all who will hear. Mark and I felt it was important to say yes this time.

My comments:

It does not matter that “this invite to Rome was about many different denominations coming together to pray for the world we live in”. It is still completely wrong.

The Church of Rome, like any great and powerful religion, will invite others to it’s doors, or even to its outer courts, but the non-Catholics are not permitted into the inner courts or inner sanctum.

When the Church of Rome invites “many different denominations to come together to pray for the world we live in”, it is always done on their terms. It is a trap for the naive and those not grounded in the Holy Sciptures from the Protestant, Pentecostal and Charismatic denominations.

The Catholic Charismatic movement is a smokescreen of lucifer designed to trap naive and unsuspecting spiritual Catholics into thinking they are experiencing the divine, when in fact what they are experiencing is not the Holy Spirit but false religious spirits and counterfeit doctrines of devils.


So, I must say I was completely taken by surprise at the harsh and downright mean comments from Christians who criticised my involvement in the event without any understanding, without any knowledge of why or how I got to be there. Or why I even felt it was important to be present.

My comment:

Darlene’s naivety, lack of understanding of the Holy Scriptures and lack of understanding of Church history is reflected in her “complete surprise at harsh and downright mean comments from Christians who criticised my involvement in the event without any understanding, without any knowledge of why or how I got to be there. Or why I even felt it was important to be present”.

Darlene’s naivety, lack of understanding of the Holy Scriptures and lack of understanding of Church history is not entirely her fault, although she is no spring chicken and with all her experience she can’t say she knows little, or nothing, on these important subjects.

Her mentor and spiritual father, Pastor Brian Houston, the CEO of Hillsong, is a similar lightweight in the scriptures. But Darlene can’t blame Brian. Darlene needs to think for herself and work it out. Search the Scriptures. Get a grip.

Does Darlene expect to tread on the holy and pure things of the great Protestant faith and traditions, which are Biblical traditions, and expect people like me not to cry out against what she is doing. Darlene’s naivety and gall is mind-blowing.


I was not there to judge, I was not there to become a Catholic, I was not there to sightsee. But I WAS there to lift up the name of Jesus.. without any hesitation or compromise.. for as I have learned over many years, that once Jesus is the centre.. anything can happen.

My comments:

“I was not there to judge, I was not there to become a Catholic, I was not there to sightsee. But I WAS there to lift up the name of Jesus.. without any hesitation or compromise.”

These are the words of a naive and carnal woman who doesn’t know the Holy Spirit, doesn’t understand the Truth of the Holy Scriptures and who has been cradled too long in the “jesus only prosperity and lifestyle  school of Brian Houston.

There is far more to the Counsel of God, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures, than Houston’s “jesus only gospel”. Brian Houston’s gospel of greed, gluttony, prosperity and feel-good is not a reflection of the truths of the Holy Scriptures. It is not a reflection of anything Jesus was trying to say.

If the Lord Jesus Christ walked into the Vatican and Saint Peter’s Cathedral in Rome today he’d cry out against the idolatry.

If Martin Luther walked into the Vatican today he’d smash the idols on the floor as he did at the time of the Reformation.


A message was preached about the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our midst, and about the great grace of God which we are all dependent.

My comment:

Sorry Darlene it wasn’t the power of the Holy Spirit at work there. What you were experiencing was religious soul-power, false doctrines and the spiritual marriage of idolatry and Roman creed.

I’m going to review the great Chinese evangelist Watchman Nee’s book, “The Latent Power of the Soul’


Pope Francis asked the crowd to declare loudly,’Jesus is Lord’ three times and each time it grew in confidence and intention. Worship was lifted up which had the many thousands of people who attended all singing in free-flowing moments which to be honest, was reminiscent of a time I sang on a John Wimber crusade in New Zealand many years ago.

My comment:

It just goes to show how sucked in by satan Darlene was to bow down and pay sacrilege to Pope Francis and his ways.


There is much I could say in this blog. I will say that it is sad when Christians beat up other Christians with words, and somehow think that it ok to do so. I will say that it is sad when we retreat to immature responses rather than being people of diligent prayer for ALL sectors of the church. The truth is that there are parts of every denomination that struggle with historical injustices, and I cannot even fathom some of the abuses and subsequent heartbreak endured due as a result of these actions.

My comments:

I’ve already canvassed why Darlene is naive in not realising how offensive to Protestant Christians and true believers anywhere that it is to see her fellowshipping with papists in this way.

The Roman Catholic church is part of the Great Whore of Babylon. No true believer should fellowship with her (The Whore of Babylon).


But I also know that the word of God says that if people truly seek after God, they will find Him.

( Jeremiah 29:13Amplified Bible (AMP)

13 Then you will seek Me, inquire for, and require Me [as a vital necessity] and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

It all comes down to a seeking heart. And a God, who is seeking us, is NOT defined or intimidated by denomination, liturgy, age or preferences… the TRUTH of our hearts toward Him is what He is after. Not controlled or manufactured, outside in expressions of lives trying to present a Holy life. Jesus, only Jesus is the answer. He takes us as He finds us. He works with us every day, from the inside out, patient and kind in His love for us and His ultimate work in our lives, leading us daily in our life’s purpose.

My comments;

The above type of talk is unbelievably naive.

It just shows Darlene has no discernment and doesn’t understand the Bible or the message of Christ.


So yes, I did meet Pope Francis. And yes, I did witness something truly miraculous.

My comment;

How far has the Pentecostal Church fallen when on of its prominent leaders write papist adoring trollop like this.


Change is happening all over the planet. There is a hunger for the truth of being a Christ follower, and so Christ followers need to be found EVERYWHERE.. that we will be a witness BY OUR LOVE.

My comment:

“Hunger for the truth of being a Christ follower”. If Darlene has any hunger for the truth she’ll search the scriptures to find out why she’s fallen into a ditch.


C’mon church. Isaiah 60 says to ARISE SHINE Thy light has come that even as the earth grows darker, Christ’s light in us shines brighter. Let’s not be dulled down by a lack of understanding, or a judgmental attitude. I had to continually remind myself that I was there to announce and declare the Kingdom of God and not to fault find but to be aware and awake to something very precious. And so on we go, hearts and hands ready for all God is calling us into.

Go into ALL the world….

My comment:

C’mon Darlene. Give us a break. It’s you that did wrong by kissing the Pope’s feet and compromising Biblical truth, not us.


Love you all so much xx Darls

My comment:

Darlene learnt this off the master’s of spin themselves, Frank and Brian Houston: “Love you all so much”, except I’ll pull up the castle bridge and dismiss without dialogue those who offer constructive criticism.



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