“Pastor” Brian Houston the Head Pastor of Hillsong Global Church. Brian Houston has no time or heart for the boy sexual abuse victims of his father Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Global Church.


Hillsong Global Church 

Hillsong Global Church was founded by the lifelong secret pedophile Rev Frank Houston in Double Bay, Sydney in 1977.

Rev Frank Houston is the current head pastor Brian Houston’s father.


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The pedophile Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Global Church


Hillsong’s corruption and amorality

This article like many articles on this site explains in detail exactly what is wrong with Hillsong Global Church and why people shouldn’t go there or attend anything it does anywhere in the world.

Hillsong is one of the great End-Time Apostate churches mentioned in the Holy Bible.


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Pastor Brian Houston and the Royal Commission

The article below was published on this site on 10 October 2014 at the time the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse met in Sydney to examine child sexual abuse in respect to the Houstons, Hillsong and the Australian Assemblies of God.

The Australian Assemblies of God was renamed the Australian Christian Churches in 2007.

The Royal Commission accused Pastor Brian Houston of changing the Australian AOG organisation’s name and legal entity to the Australian Christian Churches to try to avoid paying compensation to the victims of the founder of Hillsong Church Frank Houston.


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The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse


Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong and Pastor Brian Houston’s father confessed to being a lifelong secret child rapist at age 77 near the end of his lifetime

Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Global Church confessed to his son Brian to being a lifelong secret child rapist at age 77 near the end of his lifetime.


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“Pastor” Frank Houston the child rapist who founded Hillsong Global Church. Frank Houston sexually abused over four hundred little boys in his lifetime. Brian says he knows of six victims now. He’s lying because he knows there are far more. I’ve evidence of 14 so far and counting.


Blog article of 10 October 2014

The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse spent time on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 October 2014 with its star Hillsong witness, Pastor Brian Houston.

Brian is the head pastor of Hillsong Church at Baulkham Hills in Sydney’s North-West. It is by far the biggest Pentecostal Church in Australia.

Brian was head of the Australian Assemblies of God, now named Australian Christian Churches, for 12 years until 2009.


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Boy victim AHA

On Tuesday the Royal Commission heard from witness AHA, now aged 52, who was repeatedly abused by Pastor Frank Houston in the late 1960s and early 1970s when he was the tender innocent young age of 7 to 12.

In fact AHA recalled that the day the abuse started was one day before Pastor Frank Houston signed his mother’s Bible when AHA was aged 7 at AHA’s families two bedroom flat in Coogee Beach, two beaches south of Brian’s preferred Beach, Bondi.


Frank Houston. Serial Pedophile. Dad from hell

Frank Houston. Serial Pedophile. Dad from hell


In those days Pastor Frank Houston had been a very prominent Assemblies of God (AOG) pastor in New Zealand and was the AOG Superintendent there and later a prominent leader in Australia. He was something of a Christian super-star.

I reference Bondi Beach because the Houston family like relaxing there and have been collecting apartments around the corner from each other over the past ten or so years. They use a Church investment company for this purpose.

With the Houstons its really jobs for the boys.


Pastor Brian Houston having lunch at a break in the Commission.

Pastor Brian Houston. Likes coke. Having lunch at a break in the Royal Commission.


Its really been a hard day for Brian and he hasn’t had a lot of time to think about Bondi Beach.

In fact he told the Royal Commission unsolicited that he’s been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, like the war vets, as a result of dealing with all the Frank Houston stuff. To me this is just a cynical sympathy vote. If Brian won’t face up to the facts about how rotten his dad was and doesn’t help the victims, he’s going to get stressed out.

Watching Pastor Brian all day from 10am to 4pm, I noticed that he looked a bit under the weather. When he came into the hot seat his hands were shaking and he looked tired and pale like he hadn’t slept all night.

Brian took the Holy Bible in his hands and swore an oath to tell the truth. He did Ok but the doctor needs to reduce the meds as he almost fell asleep a few times when he was talking and frequently had to have the question read to him again or he was losing focus and didn’t answer the question or sometimes even recognise that the question was a question.

When I said he did Ok, I mean he didn’t fall asleep or anything or offer to really care for the victims and pay them a big compensation and wish them well for their lives. If he’d done that then we’d really have known he was unwell.


Pastor Brian Houston. Under the pump.

Pastor Brian Houston. Under the pump today. Heartless towards the victims of Hillsong’s founder’s sexual abuse as little children.


Pastor Brian’s attempts at humour were met with silence but overall he was very respectful and very nervous. Like a naughty school boy in the Principal’s office.

But it really wasn’t Pastor Brian Houston that was in the spotlight alone. It was Hillsong mega-church, the AOG now ACC, it was the way we treat victims of child sexual abuse that was in the spotlight and most importantly it was our heart and love for mankind and especially the down-trod and dispossessed, in the spotlight and Brian didn’t come out looking at all good.

Pastor Brian had a lot of trouble trying to explain to the Commission why investigating your own father’s self-confessed pedophile abuses while simultaneously being CEO of  large Christian Institution that your own father is very senior in, could not be a “conflict of interest”.

Brian was more concerned about talking about his inner conflicts about the whole thing of his dad’s sexual duality and pedophile activities.

The Commission wanted to have a good look at the way Pastor Brian had not followed any of the procedures in the Australian AOG Conduct Manual.

For example the AOG Manual says that Pastors who commit child sexual abuse must be sacked and never minister again.

Pastor Brian however ran the whole show from when his father was exposed as a pedophile criminal. Brian was worried about how an old pedophile like Frank would go in the prison. So against AOG Procedure and the Australian Law he didn’t report his dad to the police. If he had his dad at 77 would have done jail-time.


Busy day for Brian

Busy day for Brian


Brian tried to make out that he was the man for the job at the time but the Commission lawyer wasn’t convinced and kept asking awkward questions.

Questions like “Why did you organise for your father Frank Houston to do a Pastor’s rehab course with a full restoration in two years, when the AOG Manual says that any pedophile pastor must be sacked and banned from the ministry for life”.

The National AOG secretary at the time, Pastor Keith Ainge also couldn’t explain why this happened.

Pastor Keith didn’t want to say it but it was evident it was Brian’s doing and Brian’s call.

In any event when a second batch of historic Frank Houston child sexual abuse cases arrived from the New Zealand AOG a year later, Pastor Brian Houston banned his father totally. But Frank Houston kept right on ministering and praying for people.

Pastor Keith Ainge tried to get crafty old pedophile Frank Houston to sign a confession but Frank Houston said he wasn’t going to sign anything because he said, “I’m retired now and there’s no point to discussing it”.

Pastor Brian Houston  explained to the Royal Commission how they’d set Frank and his mother Hazel up with a healthy retirement package. Mainly for his mum Brian clarified.

Pastor Brian Houston can always find time and money for his own, but not for the wretched annoying boy victims.

It transpired that Pastor Frank Houston never admitted to the full extent of his crimes by any means. Lying and deceiving to the end. Pedophiles are renowned for that.


Pastor Frank Houston. Devious til the end.

Pastor Frank Houston. Pedophile. Devious til the end.


The really sad part of an already sad day was when we heard Pastor Brian Houston candidly say how deeply he felt about the victims. Deeply annoying that is.

At the Royal Commission today Pastor Brian Houston said, in effect the following:

“Dear victims, I’m Pastor Brian Houston and this is how it is:

1. If you were molested by my dad in New Zealand, then you should seek recourse from the New Zealand AOG and the Lower Hutt AOG. We’re not helping you at all.

2. If you were molested by my dad in New Zealand but you live in Australia, then you should seek recourse from the New Zealand AOG and the Lower Hutt AOG. We’re not helping you at all.

3. If you were molested in Sydney or another part of Australia, we are not legally liable because in 1999 we changed our name from Christian Life Centre to Hillsong. Hillsong is a separate legal entity from Chrisitian Life Centre. Christian Life Centre doesn’t exist any more. Ha ha. Aren’t we tricky”.

This is the way Pastor Brian Houston has treated the victims for the past 14 years since he knew about his dad’s abuse and this is how he intends to treat them in the future.


Brian Houston. what have friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bare, what a privilege for all dad's victims to take it to the Lord in prayer. How i wish that I could help them. How i wish i felt the care, sorry all of you dad's victims, Bindi Beach you'll never

Pastor Brian Houston. “What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bare. What a privilege for all dad’s victims to carry their own griefs to the Lord in prayer. How I wish that I could help them. How I wish that I could care, Sorry all of you dad’s victims, Bondi Beach is O so fair. What a friend we have in Jesus. Look how the Lord has so blessed me. I’m now worth mega-millions. I pray Hillsong’s boy victims have something to wear”.