Hillsong and C3 Church pastor Pat Mesiti- Brian Houston’s close friend and prodigy. A self-confessed sex-addict, anger management issues like Brian and physically violent to his wife. Attacked and bashed his wife on New Years Eve 2015. Now has a Domestic Apprehended Violence Order on him and a physical assault conviction. Pat’s wife Andrea divorced him last year for cheating on her with loose ladies while he was on “ministry trips”, which were really covert sex holidays.


The article below of mine was first published on this site on 16 October 2015.


Blog article 16 October 2015

I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the second in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.

Today I’m going to continue on from my first article on this site in the current series, ‘Hillsong scandals and improprieties. Hillsong insider speaks out. Part one. The truth about Pat Mesiti’s adulteries with prostitutes’.

To recap this is what the Hillsong insider reported to me.

Hillsong insider speaks:

“Pat Mesiti committed adultery with Darlinghurst prostitutes while he was a famous Hillsong Youth Alive pastor preaching to thousands of young people.

Pat Mesiti was caught by paying for the services of prostitutes using a Hillsong Church credit card.

Pat Mesiti had an adulterous affair, while he was married, with a young Hillsong worship leader.

He divorced his wife and married the young Hillsong worship leader who he had the affair with.

The pursuit and even harassment of young attractive women in Hillsong church by older Hillsong men and leaders is common. In fact it is part of the inner culture of Hillsong church”.

My comments:

The writer Donald Elley

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen.

A number of questions come to mind after hearing this series of statements from the Hillsong insider.

Firstly, why hasn’t Hillsong informed us, the Body of Christ, or even it’s own members, or even the pastors in the Australian Assemblies of God movement (AoG) or even it’s own pastors at Hillsong of the facts about what Pat Mesiti did?

After all, in the years around 2000 when Pat Mesiti committed these spiritual and moral offences, Pastor Pat Mesiti, as he was known then, was by far the most prominent Christian Youth Pastor in Australia. Even I’d heard of him.

I heard of him because I had to hear from him because until 2001 I was attending the Hillsong organisation at Christian Life Centre (CLC), Waterloo, the second incarnation of Hillsong. The first incarnation was CLC Darlinghurst where I spent eight years from 1981 when we all moved across to the new building at Waterloo.

I’ve known Brian Houston since before he became a pastor. In 1981-3 a young Brian with longer hair than his current hair transplant enhanced crop and a trendy moustache, was ‘preaching up a storm’, like his old pedophile father Frank Houston did, at CLC Darlinghurst.

This was before Hillsong’s third incarnation as Hillsong Baulkhams Hills.

Brian Houston circa 1983

Brian Houston circa 1983, ‘preaching up a storm’ like daddy used to do.

When a young Brian preached in say 1983, it was like twin jet engines spluttering on the tarmac. At first there was a loud roar, followed by a series of splutters and then the fuel hit the pay-load and it was all on. Seagulls scattered and a foul wind of burnt high-octane aircraft fuel poured out of the engines. The roar became unbearable and then it faded into the distance as Brian stopped preaching.

And we, the poor guinea pigs, at CLC Darlinghurst had to grin and bear it.

Pat Mesiti’s preaching is much the same. Thankfully Pat flies a smaller aircraft. But the assault on the senses, particularly the ears, is still the same. A cacophony of sounds delivered at high speed and high intensity without much content.

I don’t know if Pat Mesiti went to Bible College but if he did he didn’t listen, and he certainly didn’t attend or listen to the ethics class.

What’s wrong with having sex with prostitutes?

It’s quite common in Italy, where Pat Mesiti’s ancestors came from, to visit prostitutes, even after you’re married. Decades ago, say in the 1960s and before, it was even socially acceptable in Italy to visit prostitutes and to have a mistress when you married, particularly if you were wealthy. The French still think like this, even today. It’s a European thing. And it’s become an Australian thing. The Australian sex industry and the brothel industry turns over billions of dollars annually. It has for decades.

I don’t know where Pat went and what naughty Pat did with whom?

I hope Pat used condoms, otherwise he might have Aids, HIV, another STD like gonorrhoea, or hepatitis B.

Whether Pat used a Hillsong credit card to have sex with a young woman, an older more experienced cougar, a man, a bisexual or whatever, I simply don’t know.

I’d like to think Pat visited a nice attractive top-end expensive female prostitute on that Hillsong credit card. Someone who insists her clients use condoms and washes with disinfectant between clients. I have no idea. My Hillsong insider didn’t know any more. I don’t know any more. Does anyone want to know anymore? Probably only naughty Pat Mesiti knows the full story. And he’s not telling.

I’d like to know the gender of the prostitutes, the age, how many times Pat visited prostitutes, which suburb did he go to etc etc…just the general details would be enough.

Pat. the general details would be enough.

“Pastor” Pat. The general details would be enough.

What’s wrong with having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong church credit card?

If a man goes to a brothel in his spare time, isn’t a Christian, isn’t a pastor, wears a condom and behaves properly, and pays for the experience out of his own hard-earned cash, that’s one thing.

But when a man is not only a Christian, but is a very prominent Youth Pastor preaching to thousands of innocent believing young people, is going to a brothel on a Church credit card wrong?

I think I just answered the question. It’s prima facie wrong. You don’t even need to open your Bible. Any average Joe or Jill non-church-goer wouldn’t support the action.

What’s wrong with having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong church credit card when you’re a famous trusted Christian Youth evangelist preaching to thousands of innocent believing young people, including Donald Elley of Bellingen’s older children?


So what should have happened to Pat Mesiti when he got caught having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong credit card, and cheated on his wife with a young Hillsong worship leader, at the same time?  An unholy mess. And should he have been ‘restored’ by Pastor Phil Pringle, the CEO of C3 international Church, which has it’s headquarters on Sydney’s Northern Beaches?

Firstly, what should have happened to Pat Mesiti when he got caught having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong credit card, and also cheating on so wife with an young attractive female worship leader?

If I was Brian Houston, Pat Mesiti’s boss at the time, the first action I would have taken is to send Pat to a Medical Centre for an Aids/ HIV/ STD/ Hepatitis B blood and skin test. Then I would have asked the young worship leader Pat was involved with at the time to go and do the same thing. Then I would have told his wife to do the same thing. Then I would have verified whether Pat had slept with any other women besides prostitutes. If there were any I would have told them to do the same thing. Yes, it’s quite messy when we play around when we’re married, especially if we’re a prominent Christian Youth pastor and famous evangelist, and especially if it’s with prostitutes and with an attractive young Hillsong worship leader.

What does the New Testament in the Holy Bible say about famous pastors who do very public sexual sins like Pat did?

Sure King David did some bad stuff and God blessed him despite this. But he was a king and times were different back then.

Our guide book for sexual sins and the sexual sins of pastors is the New Testament.

I’m not going to do a whole Bible teaching on the subject.

The grace of God is very great, but there are very high Bible standards for pastors and teachers.

When we commit extremely serious sexual sins like Pat Mesiti did, it’s important to be honest. I think the worst thing about what Pat did is that he’s never come clean about what he did. He’s tried to cover it up, rationalise his addictive sexual sins, minimise them, and sanitise them, in the same way that his mentor, so-called Pastor Brian Houston, who is in reality not a pastor at all, more of a money-making charlatan than anything else…in the same way that so-called Pastor Brian Houston has tried to minimise and sanitise the sins of his old life-long pedophile father, Frank Houston against little boys.

The Brian Houston, Phil Pringle and Hillsong spin words for extremely serious spiritual and moral sins like pedophilia and visiting prostitutes on church credit cards is “moral failure”, “serious moral failure” or “addiction issues”.

These are the terms Brian Houston, Phil Pringle and Pat Mesiti himself have used in all communications to the Hillsong movement, C3 movement, and the media, since circa 2000, when the pedophile Frank Houston, and the then sex-addict Pat Mesiti, were both caught out for their repeated long-term sins by Hillsong. In Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong’s  case, the repeated sins were lifelong pedophilia. In Pat Mesiti’s case I’m not sure how long Pat was a sex addict and whether he still struggles with that issue.

“Moral failure”, “serious moral failure” or “addiction issues”. This is the problem with Hillsong. They try to ‘spin’ their way out of everything. Lies, half-truths, reinventions, even ‘restorations’. These are the grubby circus tricks of the Houstons and those associated with them.

Was Pat Mesiti restored?

I doubt it. I can see zero evidence of it.

I don’t think Phil Pringle did anything at all to restore naughty Pat.

Pat is still the greedy man full of avarice and financial ambition that he was before the restoration, and probably worse.

Is Pat Mesiti still seeing prostitutes on church credit cards? 

I hope not. His second wife, the one he was seeing behind his wife’s back, the young Hillsong worship leader, looks like a nice person.

with second wife. i wonder how Pat's first wife is getting along these days?

Pat with second wife.

I wonder how Pat’s first wife is getting on these days.

The trouble for Pat is that the New Testament has very high standards for Christian pastors, teachers and evangelists.

As the great Apostle Paul taught, there’s a much greater standard and a much greater accountability for pastors, teachers and evangelists.

By New Testament teaching on pastors and teachers if you do what Pat Mesiti did as a famous preacher and teacher, you’re finished. Hang up the pastor hat and do something else.

It doesn’t mean you’re finished as a Christian. It may be that if you truly repent and seek the face of God, you’re only just beginning.

But as far as being a pastor is concerned, forget it. What Pat did as a famous Christian pastor is just too bad.

This is the problem with Christians today. In John G Lake’s time and Smith Wigglesworth’s time the questions I’m exploring wouldn’t have been explored. In those days it would have been simple morality math:

Being a very famous Christian Youth Pastor plus cheating on your wife plus pursuing a young Christian worship leader at your church and having sex with her behind your wife’s back plus cheating on your wife with prostitutes plus using a Church credit card to cheat on your wife with prostututes equals “You’re finished as a pastor…goodbye and goodnight”.

John G Lake. Holy man of God. Didn't put a foot wrong while a famous healing evangelist.

John G Lake. Holy man of God. Didn’t put a foot wrong. A famous healing evangelist.

Smith-Wigglesworth. One of the greats who has gone before us

Smith-Wigglesworth. One of the greats who has gone before us

Evan Roberts. A famous leader in the Welsh Revial of 1904-5. Knew the Word and the mighty power of God, in a way few have known..

Evan Roberts. A famous leader in the Welsh Revial of 1904-5. Knew the Word and the mighty power of God, in a way few have known.

Kathryn Kulmann. demanded the very highest standards from those under her leadership.

Kathryn Kulmann. Demanded the very highest standards from those under her leadership.