One of the great problems in Christian churches, and more particularly Charismatic and Pentecostal churches is almost complete lack of a training and preparation time prior to ministry.

This is particularly true of musicians, and this accounts for the extremely high fail rate amongst Christian musicians.

In answering this question, as in any spiritual and practical questions in the Christian life, the Holy Bible must be our guide.

A prime reason there is so much deception and heresy in the Church universal, the Blessed Body of Christ today, is that Christians don’t adhere closelt to the Holy Bible, the Blessed Word of God.


How long did Jesus prepare for his 3.5 year ministry?

Jesus prepared for His ministry on earth for thirty years. When the time was right, He unleashed a Holy Firestorm that transformed the ancient world and has transformed, guided and sustained human affairs since.


How long did the Apostle Paul prepare for his ministry?

 14 years.


How long did the twelve disciples of Jesus prepare for ministry?

 It is unknown in detail what Jesus did with His twelve disciples in terms of preparation for ministry, but we can rest assured He taught them, healed them and delivered them so they were good to go.


The relationship of Paul to Timothy

Paul spent years preparing his prodigy Timothy for Christian ministry. The letters to Timothy shed light on this mentorship and process.


Christian musicians

 The thing about musicians and public performance is ego.

It is imperative for a musician or singer to lay down their gift at the Cross of Calvary for at least a year when they first become Christians, and allow the Lord to minister to their hearts and souls.



No one, be it a musician or any leader, should minister at all in any capacity in ministry up the front of a church or in a home Bible group, for a year or more, until they’ve been sanctified (made holy) by the Holy Spirit, repented through all the sin areas in their lives and received healing and complete deliverance from the Lord.