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Phil Pringle head pastor of C3 Global Church. White clothed. Pure Holy Robed Pseudo-Saviour of mankind.


This is the third article in this series on Phil Pringle the founder of C3 Global Church.

Phil Pringle founded C3 Global Church, as its called now, in Sydney in 1979. It’s former name was Christian City Church.


Humble beginnings of C3

From humble beginnings in a humble old 60s style wind, salt and sun-battered warehouse on Sydney’s Northern Beaches Phil Pringle has grown a smart and highly sophisticated global super-church called C3 Global Church.

You can’t get much bigger than global although “Doctor Phil” Pringle is highly talented.

A New Zealander, by origin and upbringing like his close friend Brian Houston the head pastor of Hillsong Global Church, Super Phil can lead a global mega-church, swim under water, sail his large smart yacht atop Pittwater very smartly, paint pretty abstract pictures and even fly.


Super Phil. "Doctor" Phil Pringle, CEO of C3 International Pty Ltd: "I'm glad you asked me that question. I was personally assigned the task of restoring the errant Pasquale Mesiti to the holy ministry of both Hillsong and C3 Church. I'll have to do some more reformation on young Pasquale. It's clear i forgot to tell him something".

Super Phil.


Water-boy Phil

Water-boy Phil


Phil the abstract painter

Phil the great abstract painter


Possibly a whale?

Possibly a whale? No, on closer inspection I think its a cross. A lot of blood and fluid and a big nail. The nails in those days weren’t bought in Bunnings or Walmart but after all it is a modern picture. And there’s the poor Saviour of Mankind. I wonder if Phil is becoming Catholic with this bloodied up Christ on a bloodied battered Cross?


Phil the Enabler. Sending Kong Hee straight to hell.

Phil the Enabler. Sending Kong Hee straight to hell.


The confident Phil (the normal Phil)

The super-confident Phil (the normal Phil). Nice army haircut and trendy chin stubble. Looks like a happy sergeant-major  in civies on R & R.


A loved up Phil

A sun-kissed loved up happy Phil


Super anointed Phil

Super anointed Phil. I hope Chrissie washed Phil’s trousers before sending them to the winner.


Padre Pasquale Mesiti- amazingly "restored" by Pastor Brian Houston and "Doctor" Phil Pringle.

Pat Mesiti- One of Phil’s disciples.


Phil Pringle. CEO of C3 International. Now a doctor. Regarded the pedophile Frank Houston as his spiritual father.

Oh Ahhh…Doctor Phil in full medical rig looking very dangerous


"Doctor Phil". Used to hand out pizzas.

“Medicational Dr Phil”. Used to hand out pizzas.


I don’t really know “Doctor Phil” Pringle even though I was on his Building Fund Committee for a year.

I know “Pastor” Brian Houston better because we were all young guys together at Christian Life Centre (CLC) Darlinghurst in the early 1980s.

CLC Darlo, as we used to call it, was the second name and second location for Hillsong mega-church.

In 1981 when I first attended CLC Darlo, Brian wasn’t yet a pastor. It was very obvious that’s what he wanted. What Brian wants Brian gets.


Donald Elley of Bellingen: "Queen Bobbie of Hillsong mega-church, what's it like to be married to Corpus Copulator II, formerly Brian Houston?"

Brian Houston. The Donald Trump of Christendom. Gets things done.


Brian Houston. Spiritual mountaineer.

Brian Houston. Spiritual mountaineer. Drapes Hillsong churches in darkness like a satanic prince.


I recall “Doctor Phil” Pringle coming to those meetings of the C3 Building Fund Committee and sharing with great vision and great faith about what he felt God had shown him He was going to do at C3 in respect to church growth and the buildings to house all the people that he saw in faith were coming.


phil pringle c4


In many ways “Doctor Phil” Pringle is a refined and suave version of the bumbling fumbling “Pastor” Brian Houston who can’t even speak properly and mashes sentences like scrambled eggs.


brian houston tt1

Brian. A sentence masher.


Neither “Doctor Phil” Pringle or Brian are well-educated, learned, widely read or highly intelligent in the academic sense. There are many forms of intelligence on God’s fair earth. For example, wolves, foxes and snakes are highly cunning and intelligent. Did you know that snakes are quite blind but they have small hairs and sonar to sense things. Snakes flick out their tongues to sense things and have no eyelids. Just saying.


red bellied black snake

Australian red-bellied black: world’s no 22 most deadly. I have these pretty little creatures on my farms.


fox 3

I have foxes on my farms but I rarely sight them. Foxes are nocturnal and highly intelligent and cunning.



The only wolves we have in Australia are the mafia, The Triad gangs, Bikie drug dealing gangs and Hillsong and Australian Christian Churches (formerly Australian Assemblies of God) top leaders. I’m not sure if “Doctor Phil” Pringle is a wolf or a fox or a snake. Brian Houston is all three and more.


frank houston1122_vision b


“Doctor Phil” Pringle is very well-dressed and has a much better sense of style and pride in his appearance than the ebullient Brian.


"Doctor Phil" Pringle at his wedding

“Doctor Phil” Pringle at his wedding


One thing not widely known about “Doctor Phil” Pringle is that he suffers from very bad migraines. One of his young pastors told me all about it. He probably shouldn’t have told me but I was on the outer part of the inner circle.

Even junior pastors at C3 Church in the 1990s to 2000s weren’t invited to the little private parties “Doctor Phil” Pringle hosts before and after every church service. Don’t think these pastors are fasting and praying before and after services. No they’re eating and drinking and making merry. Same at Hillsong mega-church. At every Hillsong Church there is a banquet in “the pastor’s lounge” for all the fine pastors, their wives, top leaders and privileged members of the Hillsong inner circle. These are normally big players who are very wealthy and give big bucks to Hillsong. The reward is being pampered big time at these kind of functions and given the places of honour and kudos everywhere.

Pretty young ladies and pretty boys often from the Hillsong Bible College serve the lusting flirting pastors, top leaders and wealthy donors and insiders, and their equally lustful grasping flirting wives.

At Hillsong they even serve alcohol in the pastor’s lounge. Well, after all Jesus turned water into wine.

One junior pastor at C3 and his wife told me that they were quite put out not to be invited to these little feasts. I think the junior pastor was too short and ugly and the wife was too fat frumpy and not manicured and slender enough for the cool kid C3 pastor’s lounge cool-scene before and after church party. Sad.

Even at Hillsong City Church in the late 1990s the room traditionally used for counselling repenting sinners was converted to an exclusive room for pastors and key leaders to sup up in before and after the service.

The sinners were left in the big impersonal foyer with all the other plebs to make friends.

roman extravagances 7 roman extravagances 9 roman extravagances 10 roman extravagances 11


No grapes for the punters.

I saw all these things at C3 and Hillsong in the 1990s to early 2000s and began to feel quite rapidly that these types of churches were heading for the bin. I was right. Sometimes its a slow build up of iniquity and indolence that causes the dam of corruption to burst its banks.

In the space of fourteen years from 2002 to 2016 I can see that “Doctor Phil” Pringle has really “lost it”. Lost the precious Holy Spirit anointing, drowned in his own great ego and become a deluded false prophet.

As for Brian Houston believe me he was “off” from the start. In 1982 I heard Brian preach for the first time.


A young Brian and Bobbie Houston with their children. Circa 1985.

A young Brian and Bobbie Houston with their children. Circa 1985. Brian’s self-confessed secret lifelong pedophile father Frank Houston the Great Evangelist the founder of Hillsong mega-church in Sydney in 1977 probably molested these little children. Brian was almost certainly molested too. As was his brother Graeme who refuses to go to church anywhere to this day. The little girl Laura may have been spared. Creepy Grandfather Francis liked little boys.


frank houston1117_spook-1

Creepy Pedophile Gay Frank


frank houston bb1

The Pedophile Pastor Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong. Brian’s father and Phil’s spiritual father.


Hearing Brian preach at CLC Darlo in 1982 for the very first time was quite an experience.

Brian hit the skids at full pelt and virtually shouted the whole time.

I had to walk out in the foyer and have a yarn with whoever was out there every time Brian preached. As a well-educated man with a Philosophy, Political Studies and Economics  degree with two years of law, listening to players like Brian in Pentecostal circles is quite hard.

I still can’t bear to listen to Brian preach. Its so appalling. I listened to one sermon a couple of years ago after the Royal Commission and wrote a psychological study blog article about it. Brian likes to share his inner soul and try to work out the mutated and convoluted complexities of his Brian mind and tortured Brian soul from the pulpit- an ABC lesson of what not to do as a pastor is to try to work it out publicly the things an eminent psychologist would struggle with.

In comparison “Doctor Phil” Pringle is not highly educated, not theologically trained in any way, not politically that informed, but far more eloquent than Brian.

However I would say that his best is long gone. Too much time around sycophants saying to the Great “Doctor Phil” Pringle, “How Great Thou Art” has really gone to his big head.

What started out as a mild case of narcissism have morphed into a full-blown case of errant pathological delusional narcissism.


Dr Phil_03


What Phil and Brian have in common is ego. And in massive doses.

They both also have errant sycophants all around them, worshipping their very move. In this sense, Hillsong and C3 Church are both cults.


The Hillsong cult

The Hillsong and C3 cult

cult 2


Maybe you think I’m being a little harsh.

I think any Hillsong or C3 folks who accidentally or from curiosity found this site will have gone back to listening to a Darlene Zscech worship CD, Hillsong band or the C3 band belting out some tunes long before now.

So here’s the deal…(gloves off completely now)

Speaking honestly, succinctly and directly to you now:

The words of Donald…

“”Pastor” Brian Houston never has had anything worth listening to and “Doctor Phil” Pringle has lost it and is now not worth listening to.

In fact, worse…both these men are false prophets and false teachers and should be shunned and avoided”.


Donald Trump v2

Watch out, here comes The Great Brian Houston


brian houston y4


Donald Trump wall 8


phil pringle b2


brian houston y5


pat mesiti sp1


kong hee 16



phil pringle st1

Super Phil


To be continued…