The Australian Royal Commission was told Australian Cardinal George Pell ‘failed to care’ for young abuse victims.


At the end of the day, the Australian Courts will get to the bottom of these multiple sexual abuse charges against George Pell on children and teens. I understand all the charges are allegations of sex assaults by George Pell against male children and teens.

The Australian Justice System is one of the best in the world.

There is no question that George Pell will receive a fair trial.

However, the bad news for George Pell is that the Australian Justice System and Authorities, which like England, didn’t used to believe child and teen victims of sexual abuse, but now they give victims complete respect, and a voice, and the Australian Justice System has facilities and professional court and police government employees available to empower, protect and nurture victims through the process of testifying against perpetrators of sexual assaults.

It appears that to some extent England is still somewhat in the dark ages in this respect and not very adept at nailing perpetrators of sexual assault. The second and third Rolf Harris trials and the Cliff Richard saga, which I don’t think is finished, are examples of this ineptitude of the British justice system in dealing with pedophiles and alleged pedophiles.

In England, Operation Yew was supposed to nail all the key celebrity and top establishment pedophiles, but it has been more notable for its fails than its successes- a bit like the British Isles Lions rugby team in their current tour of my country of origin, New Zealand.

The Australian Justice System is generally highly sophisticated, methodical, patient, fair and determined to discover the truth.

In Australia, where I’ve lived for 36 years since 1981, pedophiles rarely get off the hook. Child and teen sexual abuse victims are generally believed and empowered.

If George Pell is guilty, there is almost zero chance of him escaping conviction and jail.

Yes, the Australians will jail George Pell for sex crimes if he is found guilty in court.

It is unlikely he will be granted leave to return to Rome until all the trials are over.

Whether George Pell will fly the white flag after his first trial, and not appeal, if found guilty, remains to be seen.

Whatever the case, I hope the Victorian magistrate who hears his first appearance in court orders George Pell surrender his passport.

It is very important George Pell is present in Australia at all times during his trial, and that no excuses, such as his health, are discovered or invented to prevent him returning to Australia.

George Pell still has time to feign a heart attack or some other serious malady and thereby find reason for the Vatican doctors to certify his health prevents him from returning to Australia. Let us hope and pray this does not happen.