Psalm 23 was my paternal grandmother Georgina’s favourite scripture.

A picture of my paternal grandmother and grandfather’s tombstone is below. They were buried in the same grave. The first person to die goes in first and the second person is buried above them. So my grandfather is on top.

They are buried at Papakura Cemetery in South Auckland.

My maternal great grandfather is buried in Karori Cemetery in Wellington. His first wife is buried on the bottom. He is on the next level and his second wife is on top. My mother called this arrangement ‘a hamburger’.


My paternal grandparent’s tombstone at Papakura Cemetery. Georgina Elley 1896 to 1972 and James William George Elley 1887 to 1981. My father wants his ashes to be buried near them with a plaque. My mother who is still alive and has advanced dementia, wants to be buried with my father who died in August 2012.