Hillsong Conference 2017 starts in Sydney Australia today, 4 July 2017 and runs four days to 7 July 2017. It is an annual events that has been held for many decades.

Brian and Bobbie Houston, co-head pastors of Hillsong are Prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith exponents. They are also compromised by accepting non-repentant gays and lesbians into their congregation, even in positions of top leadership. Josh Canfield, the long-time head worship leader of Hillsong New York City and previously Hillsong London, is an example. Josh was preparing to marry his live-in boyfriend Reed Kelly until they split up in March last year.

The errant heretical Prosperity Gospel of Hillsong, Brian Houston and other Prosperity Gospel pastors is contrary to the teachings of the New Testament.

All the speakers at this years Hillsong Conference are Prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith adherents. Any speaker that speakers at a Hillsong Conference is aware of all, or many of,  Hillsong’s heresies and is part of this heretical counterfeit ‘Pentecostal’ movement world-wide. Which is not true Pentecostal at all. The leaders of the Welsh Revival, the Azusa Street Revival, John G Lake, Kathryn Kuhlmann, Smith Wigglesowrth, John Booth, John and Charles Wesley the founder of Methodism, John Knox and all the great leaders and generals of the Christian faith going back to Christ and the Early Church Fathers, would be horrified by Hillsong and it’s heresies.

The Prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith heresy are heresies created by Lucifer and sent from Hades.


The Prosperity Gospel

I prefer the term “The Prosperity and Property Gospel”.

This is a term I invented. It is an extension of the term Prosperity Gospel and it encapsulates the full emphasis of the errant false pastors, false teachers, false evangelists and false prophets who preach the Prosperity Gospel.

Recently I read an article which mentioned that the errant and highly corrupt Australian Pastor Brian Houston head pastor of Hillsong Global Global Church denies he preaches the Prosperity Gospel.

A goat is a goat and a sheep is a sheep even if they are unable to articulate their species.


From New Zealand

Like me, Pastor Brian Houston was born in New Zealand and he was raised in Wellington the capital like me. I never knew Brian before I came to spend time at Hillsong in the 1980s and 1990s. I heard his father Frank Houston preach once at Kapiti Christian Centre and I attended Lower Hutt Assemblies of God church once in the late 1970s.


The Prosperity Gospel in the 1970s

In New Zealand in the 1950s to 1970s American tele-evangelists like Benny Hinn were an unknown species.

I’d heard of Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin, both American Prosperity Gospel exponents, and they had some influence back then, but as Christians we were more influenced by men and women of God such as Derek Prince, a very learned and sound Pentecostal and Charismatic pastor and teacher, who is now long deceased, Kathryn Kuhlmann who died in the 1970s, and spiritual great Christians like George Muller, Hudson Taylor, and many others.


The Prosperity Gospel is contrary to my New Zealand and my Scottish roots

The Prosperity Gospel is contrary to my New Zealand, Scottish and Presbyterian ancestry and roots. Things were conservative back in the 1950s to 1960s when I was young and we had a suspicion of Americans and their “loudness, boasting and big talking”.

There is a conservative English and Scottish reservation about go-to, high achieving and big talking Americans like Donald Trump even to this day.

The resistance to Donald Trump’s smart golf course development in Scotland is illustrative of this.

This caution and suspicion is due to the Scottish roots of the majority of the New Zealand population prior to 1980.

These days New Zealand has become quite multi-cultural due to more relaxed immigration policies and the welcoming of refugees from all over the world.


Biblical business principles

I have been reluctant to share on this my blog-site various Biblically based business principles which I learnt a long time ago.


The Prosperity and Property Gospel

I have been reluctant to share various Biblically based business principles because the Prosperity Gospel “pastors” have been scamming and fleecing the Church, the Blessed Body of Christ for decades and I have tried to lead my readers away from any of the thinking and writings of the Prosperity and Property Gospel or anything suggestive of it.


The servants of the Prosperity and Property Gospel

These errant men and women who promote, love and serve the Prosperity Gospel include Australian Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston head pastors of Hillsong Global mega-church and their fully corrupt offspring, Hillsong leaders and the leaders of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) movement (formerly called the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG)), Australian pastors “Doctor Phil” Pringle and his wife Chris Pringle of C3 Global mega-church which he claims has over 1000 affiliated churches, Pastor Kong Hee and his errant wife Sun Yeow Ho head pastors of City Harvest Church (CHC) in Singapore (Kong Hee is heading to jail for an eight plus jail term soon for Church Trust breach and fraud crimes), American tele-evangelists “Pastor” Benny Hinn, “Pastor” Paula White, “Pastor” Kenneth Copeland (a very greedy man who flaunts his great wealth of over USD$800 million) and untold other Prosperity Gospel false pastors, false teachers, false evangelists, false healers and false prophets throughout the planet.

These are the reefs in our love feasts (see the book of Jude), charlatans, wolf pastors, greedy conning scamming evangelists, Apostates, false prophets, false teachers, false pastors, hirelings, and goats and tares spoken of in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.


A big topic

This series has been in the back of my mind for a long time and it is going to take a lot of writing and episodes to get out.


My roots have prevented me from embracing any of the tenets of the Prosperity Gospel.

My reaction to the Prosperity and Property Gospel is not new for me.

My roots, upbringing, church background and knowledge of the teachings of the Lord Jesus and the New Testament have always prevented me from embracing any of the tenets of the Prosperity Gospel.

I was brought up by my father Rev Reuben Donald Elley a leading New Zealand evangelical pastor. In fact, my father was the highest qualified Protestant pastor in pastoral care, missions and evangelism in New Zealand in the 1950s after travelling to Princeton University in Atlanta, Georgia, America and completing a Master of Theology which was his fourth university degree.

Dad is one of two child prodegies I have met in my lifetime. The other is James Bellich, a New Zealand Emeritus Professor of history and one of New Zealand’s most prominent historians. I went to Khandallah School and Onslow College with Jamie and he was a friend during those years. We are still friendly if we met but not in touch. Jamie is an atheist so he’s not that smart however intellectually in terms of knowledge retention and assimilation Jamie was very bright.

My father similarly was very bright but also a very learned and well-balanced Christian. When he was a child at Hunua School in the hills of South Auckland, a poor and remote area in the 1920s to the 40s when dad was young. Dad’s teachers recognised dad was very bright and nurtured his great intellectual talents. Dad was always an “A” student. His parents recognised and supported his talents and they cashed in an insurance policy so dad could go to Auckland at age 13 and stay with old spinsters and have a good education at the best high school in Auckland in this days, Auckland Grammar.

My mother Valerie Jean Elley was a trained Presbyterian Deaconess which was the highest qualification at the New Zealand  Presbyterian training institution, Knox Theological College in Dunedin in the deep south of New Zealand.

Mum and dad met there. They feel deeply in love and mum waited for dad while he went to Princeton and then they married at Island Bay Presbyterian Church in Wellington.


New Zealand relatives in 1959: From left Grandad Jim Elley, my mother Valerie, Jim Elley dad's brother, Georgian my maternal grandma, my dad and little me.

New Zealand relatives in 1959: From left Grandad Jim Elley my paternal grandfather, my mother Valerie, Jim Elley dad’s brother, Georgina my Scottish maternal grandma, my dad and little me. My teddy which I still have today is having a nap on the concrete to the right. It has no eyes, no mouth and one ear is almost falling off but it is still the cutest teddy bear in the whole wide world.


For my parents and grandparents money was regarded more as a tool for living and doing God’s work than an end in itself.

They never talked about money.

Never boasted about what they had materially.

In fact, only if you were very close to them would they share anything to do with their personal finances.

My maternal grandfather and grandmother would never talk about money.

Nor would my mother and father.

My mother ran the family finances.

My father wasn’t interested in money or finances at all and left it to mum to manage all the family finances.

Dad never placed any emphasis on money.

He has some nice suits for his pastoral work but would never buy extras like a nice smart warm jacket. I would sometimes buy dad things like that when flew from Australia to visit my parents.

So money and the acquisition of great wealth was never a primary motivation in my family culture apart from the necessities of living.