Seven West Media is still grappling with the relationship between CEO Tim Worner and a young female staff member Amber Harrison, which involved misuse of Seven Media funds and the use of cocaine during work time. Yet Seven Media have done nothing about it, and let Tim Worner stay on as CEO, as if nothing was ever wrong. Great family company. Great example in the community.

“A spokesman for Seven West Media said: “We’re ready to go in court on Monday.

“Counsel is fully briefed and we’re ready to go.””

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This is just yet another case of a large corporation, this time Seven West Media, bullying an individual into submission.

This time it is Seven Media but Corporations, especially the Big Four Australian Banks do it to individuals every day, when they have a major grievance. Or when a big bank mercilessly and unreasonably pulls the carpet from under people going through trials and financial issues.

In fact, the National Australia Bank is the most complained about institution in Australia, in any sector, to business watch and regulation authorities and groups.

So Amber Harrison, one young broke woman, has fought the good fight and retired exhausted. And worse she is agreeing to a permanent gag order so she has lost her voice.

But in another sense, everyone in Australia knows that Tim Worner is an errant Lothario, who has bedded many young women at Seven West Media in a predatory manner, including while high on cocaine in work time, according to SMS messages from his own  guilty fingers. Everybody knows. And Tim Worner and his cohorts, predatory bosses at Seven and elsewhere, will probably keep on doing it, even behind their wives backs.


“Family man” Tim Worner with his wife. Tim Worner met Amber Harrison in late 2012 and the pair began sleeping together soon after. His wife only found out when the whole sordid saga made it to the Australian media.


So Seven Wests media were…”ready to go in court on Monday.

“Counsel is fully briefed and we’re ready to go.”

You see, these errant bullying large corporations have large in-house legal teams and budgets for almost unlimited barristers and legal teams to take down any dissenter to their ways, any time they wish.

Or to tie up complainers and litigators like Amber Harrison in court for years, even a decade, and bleed them try, until they go home crying, wondering why they tried in the first place.

I remember in the late 1980s Concrete Constructions, who have since gone broke, raped a painter so bad and bullied him so bad, that he left his paint and rollers on site, and boarded a plane back to Croatia, never to return to Australia.

Sydney Morning Herald

Amber Harrison walks away from battle with Seven West Media

Michaela Whitbourn

  • Michaela Whitbourn

Amber Harrison has walked away from her legal battle with Seven West Media and will agree to a permanent gag order preventing her speaking about the company and her affair with chief executive Tim Worner.

Ms Harrison, a former executive assistant at Seven, has been at the centre of a public row with the media company after she went public in December last year with embarrassing details of her affair with Mr Worner.

The parties were due to fight it out at a three-day hearing in the Supreme Court from Monday as Seven sought a permanent order restraining her speaking publicly about the company.

In a shock development, Ms Harrison told Fairfax Media late on Friday she would consent to the orders and would not appear in court.

“I will have the orders awarded against me on Monday, no question,” Ms Harrison said.

“I just couldn’t do it to me or the people who supported to me,” Ms Harrison said.

 A spokesman for Seven West Media said: “We’re ready to go in court on Monday.

“Counsel is fully briefed and we’re ready to go.”

Ms Harrison had lodged a separate claim against Seven in the Federal Court in Melbourne, claiming the company had breached the Fair Work Act and her employment contract.

That claim has also been abandoned.

Seven applied for, and was granted, an urgent injunction in February restraining Ms Harrison speaking publicly about the company after she set up a Twitter account to air her grievances.

The temporary gag order was extended pending the outcome of the final hearing in the Supreme Court.

Ms Harrison left Seven West Media in November 2014 after her 18-month affair with Mr Worner soured.

The former executive assistant signed two deeds which provided for a series of payments totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars to be made to her on the basis she did not speak publicly about the company or the relationship.

The court has heard Seven halted the payments to Ms Harrison in early 2015, when 10 instalments totalling almost $243,000 were yet to be paid, because she did not comply with an obligation to hand over her electronic devices and records.