"Pastor" Hee

“Pastor” Kong Hee of City Harvest Church Singapore. Now in Changi Prison Hell-Hole for 3.5 years, maybe eight years or more for multiple frauds and multiple breaches of Church Trust laws. A disciple of Phil Pringle. Like Phil Pringle, Kong Hee is a lover of money, fame and the boastful pride of life.

Tim Lowe. Disciple of Phil.

“Pastor” Tim Lowe Senior pastor of C3 City Church in Darlinghurst. A disciple of Dr Phil. A lover of money.



Dr Phil. A lover of money and possessions. A Prosperity Gospel “pastor” who has fleeced his flock for decades and is sending many sons and daughters of his to Prosperity Gospel hell.


There are two disciples of the ebullient Phil Pringle who have disturbed me the most.

These two are Kong Hee and Tim Lowe.


Tim Lowe

Kong Hee is well-known to readers of this site. But who is Tim Lowe?

I helped Tim Lowe for a year in 2002 getting C3 City Campus off the ground.

When I met Tim Lowe, C3 City Church, an outreach of C3 Global Church based in Oxford Falls on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, were meeting in a pub of all places. They were meeting on a top level of a small Darlinghurst pub not far from their current premise.



C3 City's leased old church

C3 City’s leased old church



In 2002 I was 45 and although 14 years later I have even more construction and life experience, in 2002 I was at the top of my game and one of the most experienced head contractors in the Sydney fit-out and building refurbishment industry.

I was a bachelor having been divorced in 1997 after my first wife sexually transgressed big-time. This is the only scriptural ground for divorce.

Please don’t feel condemned if you have been divorced for other reasons. This is a big subject and the Lord is gracious. The Pope thankfully didn’t write the Holy Bible.


Tim Lowe and his love of money

Tim Lowe is still the pastor at C3 City Church or C3 City Campus as C3 also call it.

Basically Tim Lowe used me to get his church started. I was aware of this at the time. That he was a user like his master Phil Pringle. But I’d been used before in a world full of users and I was there for the Lord, not for Tim.

The Holy Bible talks about a false prophet and/or false teacher making their disciples twice the sons of hell and in regards to money and the Prosperity Gospel, even in 2002 Tim Lowe was a very greedy money hungry man like his master Phil Pringle.


phil pringle b2

DR PHIL CAN SWIM UNDER WATER BUT HE CAN’T WALK THE TALK. Dr Phil: “The Singapore Courts and Authorities are agents of satan”


All Tim talks about is money money money

Yes Tim Lowe worships money or Mammon and to me I’ve always found this sickening and sad. I’m not sure why God put me there for a year in Darlinghurst, just like I’m not sure why God had me at Hillsong for almost two decades and at C3 Oxford Falls for many years.

I certainly seem to have drawn the short straws with churches.


Tim Lowe is very racist


aboriginal 1

This racist cartoon depicts Aboriginal people as bad role models, a community leader says. (The Australian: Bill Leak)


Tim Lowe comes from the glitzy bogan millionaire row suburb of Sylvannia Waters in Southern Sydney so he probably can’t help his love of money, love of talking about money, garish design and aesthetic sensibilities and full-on racism.

Tim Lowe always looked down and talked down to the black and coloured people at C3 City.

For someone like me reading racism is easy, but I was unprepared when Tim Lowe said to me one day the following.

We were in the old church building and I had started renovating. There wasn’t good lighting in the old church and I’d installed a walk-way high up in the old rafters so the church could install and access lighting, spotlights and a projector system.

A polynesian man was up high on the walkway in the darkness and I called out “Jack” (not real name) where are you?

Tim Lowe said to me, “You can’t see him because he’s a darkie, a coconut”.

My mouth dropped open. I was appalled. I don’t like racism. Tim was laughing.

I thought, “Oh well, he’s such a racist. Typical Sylvannia Waters dressed up bogan”.


C3 emphasis on money


hillsong bible college 1

Brian Houston of Hillsong’s crass book about Money. Dr Phil Pringle, Kong Hee and Tim Lowe preach the same Prosperity Gospel message.


C3 Global Church, Hillsong Global Church, Kong Hee’s City Harvest Church Singapore and all the Prosperity Gospel Churches world-wide have a very strong emphasis on giving and money.

This is reflective of Sydney, Singapore and every Western city in the world pursuit of the mighty dollar.

Sydney is getting bigger and bigger and people there are becoming greedier and greedier.

Sydney is also a very expensive city to live in. Real estate is very expensive, even on a world scale.


The Christian gospel is not “all about money”

In 2002 I felt Tim Lowe was obsessed with money and I imagine he still is.

The Christian gospel is not “all about money”.