Amber Harrison. Not happy with the fashion in which Seven TV network has treated her. Feels “boned”. Taking the blow-torch to Seven and Ian Worner. Fighting like a girl.

I get the feeling that whatever the result, even if Amber Harrison is made bankrupt by this saga, she will feel that every lost dollar has been worth it.
Look at Amber’s scalps.

Kerry Stokes Seven owner has been shown up as allowing a very poor corporate culture at Seven Media in which married senior executives are allowed to feast on young attractive female staff members with almost no restraint. Seven shares have also been affected. Free to air television is destined to die anyway with the growth of the Net and Cable programs.


Channel 7 boss Tim Worner. Shown up as a major corporate philanderer, having cheated on his wife with multiple young Seven Media female staff members, stars and celebrities, according to sworn statements of Amber Harrison.  Also alleged to like using cocaine while having sex with young Seven employees, even in work time.


Jeff Kennett on Seven Media Board and former Victorian Premier shown up as a major corporate bully. Head of depression organisation Beyond Blue yet willing to put the big corporate boot into Amber Harrison when she’s down. Went savage as a Seven Media attack dog. Probably did this to earn brownie points with Kerry Stokes, Seven Media owner.


So if Amber Harrison doesn’t give a toss about losing money, then, in her mind, she has come out on top.

It will be interesting to see if the Supreme Court judge awards damages against her, as Seven Media are requesting.

Seven Media want to silence Amber Harrison once and for all, but it is highly unlikely we’ve heard the last from Amber.


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Amber Harrison: Seven Got Everything It Wanted & They Want Me Bankrupt, Too

13 JULY, 2017

Amber Harrison: Seven Got Everything It Wanted & They Want Me Bankrupt, Too

“Amber Harrison finally got her turn in court and it appears she’s reconciled herself to her fate – a crushing victory for Seven and the real likelihood she’ll have to foot its legal bills that could run into the many hundreds of thousands.

B&T Magazine


Harrison, who had already agreed to all of Seven’s terms and a gag order, was speaking via a phone link to the NSW Supreme Court yesterday. Harrison was given the opportunity to speak on why she shouldn’t have to foot Seven’s significant legal costs.

The unemployed 39-year-old who had an ill-fated affair with Seven CEO, Tim Worner, said the bill – that commentators have put anywhere from $250,000 to $1 million – was “punitive and pointless” because she couldn’t pay it anyway.

“Seven and I have been involved in a marathon three year, brutal and unnecessarily protracted legal process,” Harrison said, her comments reported on a number of media sites.
“Seven have half a dozen lawyers in the room today. Seven are professional litigators, their pockets for litigation are deep and their appetite for it is endless.

“They are getting their injunction, their trial, their win and all the orders they seek.

“Seven seeking costs against me will drive me into bankruptcy. I am a foster parent and if I have costs against me, it will affect my family.

“I should not be punished by the court system for taking a stand,” she said.

Harrison asked the court to dismiss her claim against Seven for failing to provide an unfair workplace and dismiss Seven’s claims for costs.

However, Seven’s QC Andrew Bell said the court knew nothing of Harrison’s financial situation only that the broadcaster had paid her a $400,000 payout despite breaching the conditions of the termination – namely surrounding confidentiality and speaking to media.

“These proceedings were initiated when a former employee published on Twitter stolen documents containing confidential legal advice to the Channel Seven board about a matter which had nothing to do with the former employee,” Bell said.

“That former employee had taken images of those documents in an unauthorised way, had retained them, and published that material on the internet in February this year,” he said.

The Judge in the case, Justice John Sackar, will reportedly deliver his judgment by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, Harrison herself appears to putting on a brave face. Her Twitter account yesterday filled with a number of shiny, happy memes and motivating words of wisdom:

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