The writer Donald Elley

Donald Elley- the writer of all articles on this site.

I’m Donald Elley and this is my personal blog-site.

Today the number of people who have read this site is 285,000.

The number of views is now 600,000.

I never set out six years ago in 2011, when I started this site, to break any records. In fact, I thought my travels and interests might interest a very modest crowd. I wasn’t considering numbers, and I didn’t even know what a blog-site is.

In 2011 my daughter Rebeccah, a journalist with a Bachelor of Media and Communications Degree from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, said to me, “dad you’re doing some interesting travels and other things- why don’t you write some blogs about your travels”.

Rebeccah was reminding me of this recently when I was sharing about some of the accomplishments of this site. Rebeccah reminded me that she was the initiator of my blog-site, and that when she suggested that I write some blogs about my travels, my reply was “what’s a blog?”

I’m not a dinosaur with communication and IT, like some folks mainly in the generation a decade older than me. In fact, I’ve been computer savvy since the 1980s, even before Windows and the Net.

I used to run my building company using primitive versions of Word, Excel and software called O2, which was a fore-runner to Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel.

I had a young man working for me in the late 1980s and 1990s who was clever with computers and software. I always seem to have someone who can help me with the more technical aspects of these things.

The young man designed a really great pricing system even prior to Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel, and then moved it across to Windows. I had it for decades and made a lot of money using it.

I thought of selling my self-made estimating package to other building companies, but the intellectual property of the system gave me a marked advantage over my competitors in Sydney.

It might have worked to sell it Australia-wide and globally, but that would have taken a lot of work and outlay. I was happy working within certain parameters because I had many other interests and passions outside work, including my Christian faith, family, various sports and art. It’s all about time and priorities. A work-life balance, in modern parlance.

The current level of views of this blog-site is over 23,000- 24,000 per month. Last December there were 39,000 views. Maybe people had more time for the Net in their holidays in late December.

The greatest achievement of this site has been to help bring Hillsong, and in particular Brian Houston to the Royal Commission, and expose their corrupt ways to the world.

Hillsong is truly one of the great End-time Apostacies and Heresies. and Brian Houston is a total scamming crook. Shameless in the way he wont help the boy victims of his pedophile father Frank Houston, in any way, and shameless in the way Brian scams and milks Christians for the money. A total deviant crook. His time will come.

Brian Houston has been found guilty of pedophile protection crimes by the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, so it’s just a matter of time before he is charged by the NSW Police for these offences.

This blog-site is one of the major sources for the Royal Commission on Hillsong’s founder Frank Houston’s boy sex victims. Without this blog-site’s information it is unlikely Brian Houston, Hillsong and top Australian Christian Churches (ACC) movement leaders would have been hauled by subpoena before the Royal Commission in October 2014.

The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) was formerly called the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG). The AOG is by far the largest Pentecostal denomination globally. The ACC is not a Pentecostal movement any more but a Prosperity Gospel, Word of Faith and Hyper-Grace movement. These are all heresies. I’ve written many articles on this site explaining these things in detail and will elaborate further as time goes by.

This blog-site has given the boy sexual abuse victims of Frank Houston, Hillsong’s founder, and the child and teen victims of other predators in Pentecostal, and particularly AOG/ ACC circles, a forum in which to share their testimony of abuse confidentially and anonymously. This is very healing for victims. One of the problems of victims of any kind of abuse is that they’re disempowered, and they are the forgotten ones on earth.

I’m a Donald Trump supporter, in general terms so long as he behaves himself and doesn’t act corruptly or misuse power.

What is happening in America is very exciting from a Christian point of view because Christian ethics and moral values are being restored by Donald Trump and his administration in liaison with the US Republican party, who have a large percentage of Christians in their ranks. Many of these are ‘evangelicals’ which broadly speaking means conservative Bible-believing Protestant Christians. This includes Baptists who have a strong voice in  America, conservative Anglicans, Presbyterians, Methodists and Lutherans.

There have been massive arguments and splits in these later four denominations globally, in the fight between the Leftwing Liberal Christians and evangelicals and conservative Bible-believing Christians world-wide. This fight has been going on since the 1960s.

My father Rev Reuben Donald Elley, a leading New Zealand evangelical  Presbyterian minister and a highly educated and learned man, in association with other evangelical clergy, led the fight to have the heretical Presbyterian theologian Professor Lloyd Geering removed from the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand in the late 1960s.

A decade or two earlier, Geering would have been out on his ear, but times had changed by the late 1960s, and the New Zealand Presbyterian Church lacked the collective will to remove him.

The New Zealand Presbyterian church was founded between the 1840s and 1900 by Scottish clergy and strong Christian lay people. My forebears were among them, including Mrs Elizabeth Brown who hosted the first Presbyterian church in her home in Akaroa, near Christchurch in her home. The old white timber house still stands there today and is a home of historic significance.

My maternal grandmother Madge Brooker was a leading Presbyterian church lay leader and led the Wellington Presbyterian woman’s movement in the 1950s. My mother Valerie Jean Elley was a Presbyterian woman’s clergy.

So I come from very good and godly stock. Very ethical people. Very moral people. Very good and godly Christians.