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I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the 17th in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.

Hillsong insider speaks:

24 October 2015.

“Pastor Joel A’Bell’s secretary is Emma Cook. Emma’s first husband, who attended Hillsong with Emma, was having affairs behind her back with two ladies

Edit: Pastor Joel A’Bell, who was a young gun Hillsong Youth Pastor when I was last at Hillsong in 2000, is now Head Pastor of Hillsong Australia. He has a lot of power in Hillsong and is on a big pay package.

Emma Cook’s first husband is a tall dark man who is good looking in appearance.

He told me Hillsong Church played with Emma, his ex-wife’s mind, and that she changed from the person he knew, and it got hard to find time for him and her to spend time together, and so even the love making got hard. It’s all the pastors’ fault, he told me. She was crazy about Hillsong Church. It was “all Hillsong church” and they were fighting, so he saw one or two younger ladies.

After they split up, she was single.  Along came the criminal Jarod Cook who is now her husband.

Jarod Cook did 5 to 10 criminal offences in America and he’s now a Pastor at Hillsong.

Oh well, it’s “jobs for the boys” at Hillsong Church.

Emma is Pastor Joel A’Bell’s secretary and she gave him a leg up the Hillsong ladder.

What crimes did Jarod Cook do in America? We don’t know. Amateur cover ups and lies.

In America he couldn’t even hold down a job, but coming here to Australia, and he can start all over and Hillsong Church members will never know.

But the Police know how you are Mr Cook: a big criminal and you’re working with Pastor Steve McGhie and Pastor Clark Stables to get rid of older members.

We hear the chatting in the Hillsong Church offices about how you like to get rid of older volunteers so you can have more power.

Mr Jarrod Cook, walking around with your phone making reports on people to get your way to the top, just like Emma told you to, and Joel A’Bell helps out a big criminal to make his way in Hillsong church and to be looking good.

Liars Liars. Were are all the older people shunted out the door so no one can see the real you?

The wolf is in the door now…”

And some more thoughts later from the Hillsong insider:

“Just letting you know what I heard tonight, at a meeting with Hillsong leaders at dinner.

They were chatting about the underlying leadership of Hillsong pastors trying to get rid of older members from serving, or being volunteers for Hillsong church.

The point being that young people who have an income are easier, and have personal freedom, and are much easier to handle.

Whereas the older more experienced people become more direct in their interaction with the pastors.

The younger staff can’t handle having older people stand up to them.

When Hillsong staff are talking down to them younger people can submit, but older people like to express their opinions and they have experience, which the young staff members do not, so the youngster gets upset and deliberately gets rid of the older people.

This is why there are no older people on the music DVDs and on the preaching videos. Most people have been moved on to make most of Hillsong Church look younger, so all of the older members have been moved out or have moved on”.

My comments from 24 October 2017:


The writer Donald Elley. Left Hillsong City Church when Brian Houston swept out all the good stuff


Hillsong Church never showed me out the door.

I went of my own volition, happily whistling all the way down Danks Street, Waterloo, to my brand new Porche 911. It was Lapis Blue and the Porche dealer at Rushcutters Bay put a Porche bag with a bottle of champagne in it in the boot, which is in the front of Porche 911s, when I first picked it up.

happy as Pooh Bear when I walked out the Hillsong door

Happy as Pooh Bear when I walked out the Hillsong door

They say that hitting a golf ball 220 metres straight down a fairway is better than sex, but driving around Sydney in a Porche 911 was alright too.

I never experienced Hillsong under Brian Houston. I could see what was coming and chose to walk out the Hillsong door and never return.

Brian Houston never told us, the congregation of CLC Sydney, why he was taking over from his dad Frank. He made out Frank was retiring. But in reality he’d been sacked for child abuse. Lack of honesty and transparency are character traits of Brian Houston. Some would call it lying and deception. But then he’s a Christian pastor, but that hasn’t stopped Brian being the greatest Christian pastor liar, by far, that I’ve ever come across.

I never experienced Hillsong under Brian Houston.

I never experienced Hillsong under Brian Houston.

I left in 2000 when Brian Houston took over Christian Life Centre (CLC) Sydney. This is the third name for Hillsong. The first name was CLC Darlinghurst. The second name was CLC Waterloo. The third name was CLC Sydney. The fourth name was Hillsong City Church. The fifth and current name is Hillsong City Campus.

The original Hillsong location was in the Sydney City precinct, and the Western Sydney HQ in Baulkham Hills was just a lonely Hillsong Outpost in 1983 when I built Brian’s first office. It was called Christian Life Centre (CLC) Baulkham Hills until Brian Houston renamed it “Hillsong”, a name coined by Geoff Bullock, Brian’s first worship leader.

CLC Baulkham Hills first met in Greystanes Public School, not in a Baulkham Hills warehouse like Brian has said in his latest book. What’s the difference between Greystanes Public School and a Baulkham Hills warehouse. Nothing. if you’re Brian Houston.

Hillsong under Frank Houston turned out to be bad enough. After all, Frank Houston turned out to be a secret lifelong pedophile.

How much worse could it get?

Walking out of Hillsong these days would be like walking out of Hades.

It’s a cult like all the other Mega Prosperity Gospel churches. The Prosperity Gospel churches are all a deception from the pits of hell. ‘Another gospel’ as the mighty Apostle Paul called heresies like Hillsong.

“Heresies like Hillsong”. The phrase has a ring to it.

“Heresies like the Houstons”. Still ringing.

“Heresies like the Houstons and Hillsong”. Ringing louder.

“Heresies like the Houstons, Hillsong, and Harvest Church Singapore”. Getting even better…

Harvest Church Singapore

I’m going to write a blog about Harvest Church Singapore soon. Pastor Kong Hee has just been convicted of fraud and misuse of church funds. Over $50US million dollars. Kong Hee facing a prison sentence of possible 8-10 years and he has just made his wife a pastor to run Harvest Church Singapore while he’s doing time inside. Sound familiar?

In fairness, Kong Hee’s conviction has a lot to do with the laws in Singapore. Brian Houston constantly does the same kinds of misappropriation of church funds by stealing from Hillsong Church funds on a daily basis, but doesn’t get prosecuted due to the vagaries of Australian corporate laws.

Pastor David Yonghi Cho, formerly Paul Yonghi Cho, the founding pastor of the largest single congregation in the world, Yoido Full Gospel Church in South Korea, was convicted of embezzling $20 million from his own church. His life is ending in disgrace.

The same thing may happen to Pastors Bobbie and Brian Houston if they’re both charged with not reporting and sheltering a pedophile, Brian’s old pedophile dad Frank Houston. The Australian Authorities are more likely to target Brian Houston and charge him alone, but it’s possible the net may be cast wider to include George Aghajanian, Hillsong’s Business Manager, Bobbie Houston, Brian’s wife, and Keith Ainge, the General Secretary of the Australian Assemblies of God (AoG) in 1998/99 to 2004 when Frank Houston was protected.

Kong Hee of Harvest Church Singapore disgraced and fallen, Paul Yonghi Cho of Yoida Church Seoul, Korea disgraced and fallen, and now perhaps it’s Brian Houston of Hillsong Sydney’s turn. It’s a matter of time. it’s going to happen, don’t worry. brian is living on borrowed time for certain. he’s not going to get away with any of it.


Brian Houston’s take over of CLC Sydney and how he threw the things of Pentecost out of the Hillsong door:

When Brian Houston announced that he was taking over CLC Sydney from his old dad he didn’t explain his dad was a dirty corrupt life-long pedophile.

As always with Brian it’s all smoke and mirrors. Lies, half-truths and spin. This is the verbal currency of Brian Houston the gospel salesman.

When Brian announced he was taking over I could tell he was going to radically change CLC Sydney.

Brian said he was going to change the name of CLC Sydney to Hillsong but I knew much more than a name change was coming.


The day Brian Houston tried to shut down Pentecost

Here is a reprint of a blog I wrote on 21 October last year at the time the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse interviewed Pastor Brian Houston, Hillsong and the Australian Christian Churches:

‘Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 21. The day Brian Houston of Hillsong shut down Pentecost’.

“When the day of Pentecost had fully come, they were with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came the sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then there appeared to them tongues of fire and one sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance”. Acts 2: 1-4.

In 1999 Pastor Brian Houston took over Christian Life Centre Sydney (CLC Sydney) and renamed it Hillsong City Campus.

He took it over from his dad when the pedophilia scandal hit the fan.

The former names of Hillsong City Church are Hillsong Waterloo, CLC Sydney, CLC Waterloo, CLC Darlinghurst. Denomination: the Australia Christian Churches, former name Australian Assemblies of God.

I was sitting there listening to the announcement: “I’m taking over from dad”.

Us players in the humble flock weren’t given the heads up on the real reason for this change.

We were merely told words to the effect, “dad is retiring and I’m taking over and its going to be amazing because I’m amazing”.

I knew instantly Pentecost was over because Pastor Brian had revealed, for over a decade prior, at Baulkham Hills that he liked a slicker, more sanitised version of Christianity than the traditional Pentecostal Churches.

Brian was destined to take Pentecost out of the Pentecostal Church in Australia and the take over of Christian Life Centre Sydney was the first step.

Mind you he was taking over what he already owned because his dad had agreed for Brian to “go west young man” to prove himself as a man and a Houston, and he had. Brian had started Christian Life Centre, Baulkham Hills 16 years earlier with 90 people from Christian Life Centre (CLC) Waterloo. Then his old pedo dad, Frank, had anointed him to be his successor, everywhere.

When Pastor Brian took over CLC Sydney, he immediately did five acts.

The Acts of Brian:

1. Brian closed the Sunday night soaker services

2. Brian closed the Spirit-filled public prayer meetings

3. Brian shut down the public operation of the gifts of the Spirit

4. Brian shut down being slain in the Spirit, shaking on the floor or anywhere under the power of God, or any dramatic expression of the Holy Spirit on human flesh.

5. Brian shut down Christian Commandos, the long-standing radical street evangelism expression of CLC Sydney.

Brian shut down all the Holy Spirit expressions in CLC Sydney and, in effect, put the Holy Spirit in a box: the box of very controlled worship.

Hillsong has metamorphosed into an organisation which isn’t Pentecostal in any way.

Rather than being Pentecostal in the truest biblical sense, its more of a very watered down evangelical expression of the Christian faith married with positive lifestyle affirmations and happy-clappy singing to the accompaniment of loud rock bands.

A kind of vaguely Christian lifestyle hedonism with rock-off singing about very light-weight Christian themes accompanied by lasers and CGI light displays, state of the art audio-visuals and all the latest tricks and gimmicks rock concerts and music talent quests on television use.

My comments of today:

To leave Hillsong might be hard for many, but people should do it…and in their droves.

That may happen. Even pushing the older members out the door continuously, as Pastor Brian Houston and now his cohorts have done for thirty years, may not be enough it save Hillsong.

Hillsong. A CGI sunset. No need to go outdoors for the sun at Hillsong.

Hillsong. A CGI sunset. No need to go outdoors for the sun at Hillsong.

Hillsong NYC. Open gays leading the choir

Hillsong NYC. Josh Canfield. Open gay leading the choir. With his live-in partner Reed.

Hillsong. Young people being led up the creek.

Hillsong. Enthusiastic believing young people being led up the creek.

I don't know what Nick Cave was doing at Hillsong.

I don’t know what Nick Cave was doing at Hillsong.

Hillsong Church 8 Hillsong Church 9

the laser gospel

Hillsong: the laser gospel

Hillsong. All glam, glitter, gold and gawd. No Holy Spirit phenomena. An emporium of soul-power and crowd manipulation.

Hillsong. All glam, glitter, gold and gawd. No Holy Spirit phenomena. An emporium of soul-power and crowd manipulation.