Pastor Frank Houston. Lifelong self-confessed pedophile. Homosexual, misogynistic and sadomasochistic

I wrote this article on 5 November 2012, two years before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse examined by subpoena the Houstons, including the deceased  Frank Houston’s pedophile crimes, Brian Houston and his pedophile protection crimes, and the Australian Assemblies of God. This movement is now called the Australian Christian Churches (ACC).

This blog site and Frank Houston boy victim AHA’s testimony against Frank Houston, Brian Houston and Hillsong are the two prime factors in the Royal Commission examine the Houstons, Hillsong and the ACC movement in respect to Frank Houston’s pedophile crimes over seven decades spanning from the 1940s to the 1990s, when he was in his 70s.


Blog of 5 November 2012:

I was sitting in a church in my home town in Bellingen last Sunday. An Assemblies of God lay leader mentioned in his sermon that he believes there are five great men of God who we all owe a debt to for laying the foundations of the Assemblies of God  Church in Australia. I was shocked as he listed Pastor Frank Houston as one of these five greats.

Surely this lay leader is not aware of the extent and gravity of Pastor Frank Houston’s pedophile and homosexual activities. And certainly he has not read my previous five blog articles about Pastor Frank Houston on this blog site.

Like the American cyclist Lance Armstrong, who has been exposed as a secret drug doper, Pastor Frank Houston was stripped of all his hard-earned honours in the late 1990s. The Australian and NZ Assemblies of God (AOG) denomination banned Pastor Frank Houston for life from ever ministering again. Pastor Frank Houston should have no place of honour anywhere. He was a truly evil man- a secret child rapist with hundreds of boy victims.

Frank’s son, Pastor Brian Houston, the former head of the Australian AOG is to blame for this. The Australian AOG is now called the Australian Christian Churches.

Brian Houston has done a big publicity job over the past decade, trying to sanitise the memory of Pastor Frank Houston. However, no amount of sanitation is capable of controlling the strange and distasteful odours that continue to rise from Pastor Frank Houston’s memory and legacy. Pastor Frank Houston was an extremely evil man. Bad to the bone. I will now further explain why.

As my previous five blog articles on Pastor Frank Houston have outlined, Pastor Frank Houston not only was a covert pedophile, a covert homosexual and dear I say it, a married man to Hazel, his wife of over sixty years. He also had sadomasochistic tendencies.

These sadomasochistic tendencies were expressed in his daily use of power and intimidation to his leaders and occasionally in doing massive hatchet jobs on his key leaders. If they erred or he simply didn’t like them, Frank could be very brutal in his response. There was a saying at the time amongst people who knew Frank well or had experienced his wrath: “woe to the person that falls foul of Frank Houston”.

By far the biggest hatchet job I witnessed Pastor Frank Houston do was on his Music Director, his American import, Pastor David Johnson. I will deal with this in a future blog article. When a man or woman repeatedly falls out with people, after a time questions must be asked about that person’s contribution to their societal problems.

There was another hatchet job on a key leader that is worth recalling. The victim in this case was none other than his own son-in-law, Pastor Ian Carlisle. Ian was married to Frank’s daughter Maureen. Maureen was a quiet and reserved woman in her late 30s at the time of this incident in about 1984.

Pastor Ian Carlisle was Pastor Frank’s right hand man. Along with Maureen and their four children he’d come across from Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand to Sydney to help Frank fulfill his vision for a church in Australia. As an aside, it is ironic that the pedophile, homosexual Pastor Frank chose the Southern Hemisphere gay capital of inner city Sydney as his base. In reality, it’s a very very bad case of the blind leading the blind.

Frank may also have been trying to escape his pedophile past in New Zealand, which by the late 70s was starting to catch up with him. One of the many young boys Frank had molested, Peter Fowler, had complained to police and the NZ Assemblies of God and Lower Hutt AOG, of which Frank was the head of both organisations, had made a pay-out. It was all very hush-hush but Pandora’s Box was threatening to open. And it was about to look real ugly one day.

Frank’s son-in-law, Pastor Ian Carlisle, was a very funny and talented man. Ian was the perfect side-kick to the charismatic often intense visionary Frank Houston. While Frank could be intense, Ian was laconic and good-natured. Things were going along truckingly with Frank and Ian until the wheels fell off the cart when Ian’s marriage to Maureen, Frank’s beloved daughter hit trouble.

This marriage collapse was embarassing for Pastor Frank Houston and his wife Hazel, As Hazel confided in me one day, “Yes, it (the marriage collapse) is embarassing and difficult for Frank and I. You can raise children but you can’t control their lives after they leave the nest”.

Maureen had an affair with Brad, a rather smooth businessman in the church. I’m not privy to the exact nature of Maureen or the intimate details of the relationship before the break-up or what Brad’s contribution to the marriage collapse was.

Needless to say, Ian was replaced by a new man on the pew, Brad, when Maureen brought her four children to church. They wisely kept a low profile.

As a consequence of the marital collapse, Pastor Ian Carlisle was demoted from his position as Frank’s right hand man. Ian was a bit of a lost soul without his wife and children, as separated and divorced men often are. Frank quietly side-lined Ian on overseas missions as Missions Director.

Ian’s jaunts overseas quickly deteriorated into ‘Overseas missionary parties’. Ian was caught out partying with some free-wheeling American AOG female missionaries and also misusing a Church credit card to buy alcohol and cigarettes.

Instead of quietly dealing with the derailed Ian, who had already lost his marriage and children by his side, Pastor Frank Houston gave in to his nasty sadomasochistic side and paraded Ian out in front of his leaders for a public execution.

I was one of his leaders and present there. It was a sham and very sickening.

As was his style, all Pastor Frank’s leaders were summoned to a special meeting in the Darlinghurst church auditorium an a Tuesday night in 1983. Ian was paraded before the assembled crowd of about 70 mainly young leaders in their 20s and 30’s. At this time, Pastor Frank Houston was in his early 60s and a powerful and convincing little man. Pastor Frank Houston ruled his kingdom with an iron fist and Pastor Ian Carlisle was about to pay for his sins.

Like a despotic Oriental Mandarin, Frank Houston solemnly and dramatically, read out Ian’s long list of mainly very minor sins. Part of this exercise for Frank was to show up Ian as a real bad husband to his beloved innocent daughter Maureen to somehow justify Maureen dumping Ian very publicly for another man- the philanderer Brad. Please spare a thought for the fact that at this time Frank was having a four year secret homosexual relationship with his young Worship pastor, Peter Laughton, who was handily lodging with Frank and Hazel. This homosexual relationship ran from 1980 to 1984. Peter Laughton publicly share about it to David Marr a journalist from the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007.

Pastor Frank Houston was a very unworthy judge of Ian’s sins.  Frank’s sins were a thousand times greater. But this did not deter Frank Houston. There was a sadomasochistic hatchet job to be done on Ian and Frank was going to do it thoroughly. Ian was lucky it was not medieval times. The execution was public, the sword was psychological and emotional. But it still humiliated and hurt Ian to the core.

Ian was made to publicly confess his long list of petty, and quite understandable sins, before all his fellow leaders. Frank Houston had berated Ian privately and Ian was a mess. Ian was shattered man and tearful and crying. Ian had lost his wife. He’d lost his children by his side and now he was loosing his ministry and credibility. Maureen was coming out smelling like roses and Frank was revelling in this sadomasochistic drama.

It all was way too much for me. In hindsight this display by Pastor Frank Houston and his treatment of poor Ian was the beginning of the end for me. It took another 5 years for me to part ways with CLC Darlinghurst and Hillsong but almost a decade with Pastor Frank Houston proved to be a decade way too long.

Any good deeds of Frank Houston are more than cancelled out by his secret pedophile sins against innocent boys and young male teens, his secret homosexual acts and his foul temper and foul treatment of leaders who he didn’t like or who opposed or challenged him in any way.