Roger Elley-Brown. Likes cycling


My father Rev Reuben Donald Elley said, “When Roger came into the family, a dark cloud came into the family”.

Dad wasn’t given to saying things like that about people, and it was after decades of back-stabbing, put-downs and similar verbal pull-down behaviour by Roger and Margaret towards mum and dad that dad got thoroughly sick of Roger and Margaret’s behaviour.

Dad did nothing and said nothing to Roger and Margaret, but both mum and dad complained to me about Roger and Margaret’s approach to life and lack of love and care towards family members, including my brother Fergus, who has been estranged and rejected by Margaret and Roger for many decades.


My dad. A man of the cloth. Wise, witty and generous. Died five years ago.


Roger Elley-Brown married my sister Margaret in 1981, so I’ve known Roger a long time. I met Roger in 1977 when he was attending Kapiti Christian Centre in Raumati on the Kapiti Coast, 40 minutes drive north of New Zealand’s capital Wellington..

In 1978, Roger decided to study theology at New Zealand Bible College (now called Laidlaw College) in Auckland, where my father was a Professor lecturing in pastoral care, missions and evangelism. Dad’s lectures were very popular with the students.

Roger somehow managed to obtain a contract painting job on mum and dad’s weather-board home in Te Atatu South, in West Auckland. Roger told me later that his motive in taking on this painting job was to be able to spend time with my sister Margaret, who is 18 months my junior, who he’d developed a romantic attraction to.

After completing a Bachelor of Divinity (BD) at New Zealand Bible College, Roger went to New Zealand Baptist College and qualified as a Baptist pastor. Prior to the BD, Roger obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Victoria University. Arts degrees in disciplines like Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Political Studies, Religious Studies and Philosophy were common in those days. My BA is a major in philosophy.

Academically and intellectually, Roger is more a journey-man and a plodder, by his own confession, than a scholar. Roger is intelligent to a certain level without being brilliant.

Roger qualified as a Baptist pastor and obtained a posting at Napier Baptist Church in New Zealand’s North Island.

Unfortunately for Roger and Margaret, who married in 1981, and spent about seven years in the Baptist ministry, the Deacons at Napier Baptist Church decided Roger wasn’t for them, and they removed him and Margaret from their posting.

In the Baptist Church, the Deacons, who are like Presbyterian Elders, but with more power, can remove a pastor. They appoint their congregation’s pastor and have the power to remove their pastor.

Whatever the politics, Roger and Margaret were removed and this event was a major watershed in their lives.

Roger, who was deeply hurt, understandably, decided that the Baptist Ministry wasn’t for him. He felt he’d become a Baptist pastor to please his father, who was a hard-core Baptist Deacon and respected national Baptist lay leader. Roger did not like, respect or get on with his father, and Roger has no brothers which may account for his inability to love my younger brother who has suffered from a medically diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome illness for over thirty years.

Roger and Margaret told my brother over twenty years ago that his Chronic Fatigue Syndrome illness is imaginary and “in his head”. They hold this view to this day, constantly vilify Fergus to whoever will listen, have brain-washed their children against Fergus, are very cruel constantly towards Fergus, and have ostracised and demonised Fergus constantly.


My brother Fergus- badly treated by our sister Margaret and her husband Roger Elley-Brown of Epsom, Auckland,


After Roger’s removal by the Deacons at Napier Baptist Church, he had a personal watershed experience and decided he’d made a mistake in becoming a Baptist pastor, that he did it to please his father, and that his true calling in God was to be a Christian counsellor. So Roger studied for two more years, obtained a Diploma in Counselling, and became a Christian counsellor.

From the mid 1970s when Roger converted to Evangelical Protestant Christianity, until the early 1990s, Roger and Margaret were Evangelical Christians. Roger used to like reading Christian literature like the sermons of Charles Spurgeon, an iconic English Baptist pastor of yester-year.

Although Margaret and Roger had exposure to the Charismatic Renewal, they never really embraced it. For 10-15 years they were Evangelical Christians and ‘born again’. Neither of them received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and they never received any deliverance from evil spirits. In fact, Roger and Margaret are now very much against the gifts and workings of the Holy Spirit. Very anti-Pentecostal- which is a dangerous spirit position. There is not much distance between despising the workings of the Holy Spirit and the workings of Pentecost, and seriously offending the Spirit of Jesus.

They now practice a Holy Spirit-less libertarian Christianity, in which gays are accepted, morality is flexible, all religions are embraced as pathways to God and liberal left-wing values including transgender acceptance and so on are embraced and tolerated. So they have essentially drifted away and forsaken their Evangelical Protestant Christian faith.

I have heard Margaret read out Hindu holy scriptures in an Auckland Protestant Church and posit they have value to Christians. So the faith of their forefathers has been forsaken,

The above insights are particularly pertinent to Roger’s business, Elley-Brown Consultants, because Roger markets himself as a Christian, when he is not a true Christian.

Roger is a prominent member of New Zealand Christian Counsellors and has been a lead speaker at their annual convention. So Roger is a senior member of this organisation. Do they realise what type of liberal Christian that Roger is? Or is this now acceptable in New Zealand to say you’re a Christian when you really are similar in many ways to Lloyd Geering and the Liberal Theologians.

Nor, in my experience, is Roger a true Christian in his actions.

Roger and Margaret have attacked, mocked, slandered, slighted, defamed and generally diminished and put-down my brother Fergus for many decades. They have similarly attacked other members of my family, generally behind their backs, including my mother, father and maternal grandmother.

Margaret and Roger are not the good people they make themselves out to be.

Members of our family, including my mother, my father, my grandmother, and others and even me, have not been willing to take them on and correct them, because they are a formidable power couple, who are passive aggressive and who have very nasty tongues.

I would strongly recommend against any one going to see Roger Elley-Brown for counselling or similar purposes.


My father Rev Reuben Donald Elley, a leading evangelical New Zealand Presbyterian clergy, once said, “When Roger came into the family, a dark cloud came into the family”.