Hillsong views Aboriginal as a problem too hard to solve.

Aboriginal Nation once proud and free. Hillsong views Aboriginal poverty and domestic violence as a nuisance and a problem far too hard to get involved in even though the Redfern Aboriginal live very close to Hillsong City Church which is located near Redfern, Sydney.


I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the 36th in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.


Hillsong insider speaks:


“Hillsong Insider’s diary extract from Friday 13 October 2006:

Dear Donald

“On Friday 13 October 2006 a young Aboriginal mother drove her car into the car park of Hillsong City Church to attend a Hillsong women’s meeting.

Hillsong City Church is located in Danks Street Waterloo near the suburb of Redfern.

A lot of Aboriginal live in mainly NSW government housing commission apartments in the suburbs of Waterloo and Redfern.

This Hillsong womens’ meeting is held on Fridays.

Bobbie Houston was preaching that day.

Donald’s edit: Bobbie Houston is Hillsong Global Head Pastor Brian Houston’s wife. Bobbie is co-Head Pastor of Hillsong Global. They are a ‘power couple’.

The Aboriginal lady had a slight smell of urine on her and her young kids were in her car.

Hillsong Security parked the car for her.

She asked the pastors for help as she was out of food and money and had been kicked out of her home by her husband.

She was told that there was no help for her at Hillsong after the service where Bobbie Houston was preaching. The place was overflowing with women and pastors.

The lady came into the foyer and went into the toilets were she removed all her clothing and washed herself in the basin and did so with her child of three who had poo right up the back of the child from sitting a long-time in her car seat.

A lady came to Hillsong Security complaining that she had seen this mother in the toilets. She told Security that she was naked and was cleaning herself and the child asking for help.

The Aboriginal lady looked like she had bean beaten up.

The lady told Security her story. She smelt bad like urine and the child was in the basin covered in pooh. She was cleaning the mess.

The lady who complained to Security said that it is so disgusting the Aboriginal lady is at Hillsong and that those types of people shouldn’t be at Hillsong. She said that this type of Aboriginal person is not the right type of person for Hillsong and that she will see the pastors about it.

The Aboriginal lady and her child were removed and the Bible College student volunteers helping were told to get her car out of the car park.

The students doing this got in the car complained of the seat smelling of urine.

The lady and the child were talking to pastors in the carpark.

One of these pastors was Head Pastor Bobbie Houston.

Several other pastors explained to the Aboriginal lady that they had to quickly help her, and that she would have to leave. They told them, “we are not equipped to help you for food and money”.

The Aboriginal lady said that she had been abused by her husband and that she was a Christian and attends Hillsong Church and her child was being abused as well. She said she spent all night in the car.

She once again was told that they couldn’t help her and she was given a card with an external counsellor’s name on it and told she should go and see that lady.

The Aboriginal lady was removed from the building.

Witnesses of this event are myself, a Hillsong Bible college student who was staying in the apartment above the carpark called Neville, Eddie, a Hillsong Bible college student from the USA- Clive Stables, a Bible college student, and now the property manager of Danks Street, a young lady named Gretchen- a Bible College student from Canada, and several other male and female Bible College students who were volunteering at the time.

These witnesses were all standing in the car park as the lady was asked to leave with her child in the car. She was crying and upset. There were dozens of women there including Bobbie Houston.

Where is the love? Nowhere here at Hillsong.”


My comments:

It’s great the Hillsong Insider kept a diary so they could accurately notate the many scandals and dysfunctions at Hillsong.

Hillsong City Church doesn’t appear to be equipped to handle these types of Aboriginal people, the poverty-stricken and the down and outs who live in the less well-heeled parts of Redfern and Waterloo.

It’s the same thing at C3 City Church in Darlinghurst who are basically an irrelevant yuppie ingrown self-centred anomaly in a sea of need.

As for Bobbie Houston. There is probably not a female pastor in history who has her nose higher in the air and tickets so plastered on her plastic surgery enhanced, Botoxed up self, that all Bobbie Houston wants to do when she sees a problem is hop into her brand new Audi and signal to her chauffeur to drive her back to her mansion at high=speed or to breeze to a nearby high-end Eastern suburbs restaurant with her Prosperity Gospel lady friends or swing by a plush Double Bay exclusive series of boutiques as quickly as possible for some shopping therapy- all paid for by Hillsong cash and tithes on Bobbie’s Hillsong credit card.

Since Hillsong “pastor” Pat Mesiti lost his credit card for being caught using it to pay for sex with prostitutes there’s been plenty of other takers at Hillsong to abuse their Hillsong credit cards in almost every way known to mankind.


pat mesiti1114b_pro


There’s nothing like a large glass of champagne to nullify the effects on the human heart and soul of seeing some pesky annoying human need in the car park or lobby of your church, when all you’re trying to do is to get the hell out of church as quickly as possible and move on to more stimulating and interesting things.

After all the Salvos and Wesley Mission have all those shelters and hand-out centres for the poor black fella. Why should a Hillsong princess womans head pastor bother?


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