In the world today there is a severe shortage of love and truth.

Truth is in short supply and compromise is rampant.

In 1 Samuel in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible there is an account the life of a Jewish priest Eli, who was the mentor of the famous Jewish prophet Samuel.

Hannah, Samuel’s mother was barren. Hannah desperately wanted a son. She would come with her husband Elkanah annually from their village in the Mountains of Ephraim to the temple in Jerusalem. At the temple, Hannah would weep and pray about this desire. She would not eat due to her desire for a son and distress.

Such was Hannah’s distress and pleading in prayer that Eli the High Priest thought she was drunk. Eli asked her how long she would be drunk and to put the wine away from her.

Hannah replied (see 1 Samuel 1:15). “No my lord, I am a woman of sorrowful spirit. I have not drunk wine or intoxicating drink, but have poured out my soul before the Lord”.

In those days it was the woman’s primary aim to bear a son for her husband because in those tribal days of war and peace, the leadership, warrior status and inheritance was on the male side. Hannah wanted to bless her husband with a son and also to make her husband great and proud of her. It was a great honour and pleasure for a man to have a son, as it still is today.

Hannah made a pledge to God. Her pledge was that if Almighty God would give her a son, then Hannah would dedicate her son to God for all his life. God blessed her with a son and he was named Samuel.

When Samuel was weaned he was taken to the Temple and delivered to the priest Eli. Hannah and her husband Elkanah went home. Samuel stayed with Eli. “But the child ministered to the Lord before Eli the priest’.

As Samuel grew older God began to give him prophetic messages. One of them was quite disturbing. Eli knew God had been speaking to Samuel. Eli asked Samuel to share the messages in their entirety without fear.

The disturbing message was that Eli was to be judged for the sin of compromise because he hadn’t kept his two sons Hophni and Phinehas under control. This might sound harsh. However the sanctity and success of Israel depended on good strong leadership. If Eli’s sons were dishonourable, they were not fit to lead Israel spiritually. Eli was responsible for this. And so in time his sons were slain in battle and a seriously overweight Eli fell off his seat and died on hearing this news.

In recent blog articles I have canvassed the sins of Pastor Frank Houston. Frank’s sins were homo-erotic activities, pedophile activities, anger and personal attacks and degradation of others. All Frank’s sins were sins of compromise from God’s Laws and Holy Word. They were committed while Frank was a leading AOG (Assemblies of God) pastor in first New Zealand and then in Australia. It is one thing to sin. It is another very serious thing to sin while a Christian pastor or when ministering in church. It is another awful, unmentionably horrid act to sin against a child. It is another indescribable, incredibly dangerous thing before Almighty God to sin against a child while a prominent Christian pastor.

It is the grace of God that Pastor Brian Houston, Frank’s son and Head of the Hillsong Movement was allowed to be a prominent Christian Pastor when he father had been so horrid. In God’s eyes, Pastor Brian Houston was not brought to task by God for his father’s many sins.

Another example of compromise was canvassed in my recent blog article on the Roman Catholic Charismatic Movement. We compromise when we fellowship with those who don’t obey the truth of God’s Word. The Catholic Charismatic Movement is a compromise between bible truth, the Holy Spirit and the doctrines and mythology of the Church of Rome.

So many people live in the shadows of deception, lies and half-truths. Compromise is the grey cloak of evil. It is the shadowy apparel the leads to darkness and the destruction of human joy.