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Phil Pringle blog extract of 13 October 2016:

“Christianity has always been the great ‘in spite of’ religion. Even though we are in prison, we will sing hymns, when we’re persecuted we will rejoice. This has always been best shown through singing. Paul and Silas show clearly we should never underestimate the power of praise. God means more to us than our harvests and fortunes and favorable circumstances. Even though nothing is working like it should. Even though I’ve lost everything, I’m still going to connect with the Lord. Anytime you connect with Him you are going to have joy bubble up from within. Smiling, dancing and joy are irresistible to the person who has met with God. Our salvation means far more than anything else, even more than any of the blessings the father can bring us. How would it be if God actually meant more to you than anything else?”

Dr Phil writes, “Even though we are in prison, we will sing hymns, when we’re persecuted we will rejoice”

I think it must be starting to cut in Phil Pringle’s ebullient heart- that is, Phil Pringle’s realisation of the predicament he has placed Kong Hee in.

After all he had everything to do with Kong Hee’s current predicament as his spiritual father, guide and mentor so it’s understandable that Kong Hee’s plight would play on Dr Phil’s mind and soul.

Mind you it’s a large step from advising Kong Hee to rejoice and sing hymns in jail to admitting that you personally took him to Changi Prison Hell-Hole.

What a lot of horrid stress the ebullient Dr Phil has put Kong Hee and his family through.

And Kong Hee has now been languishing in the notorious Changi Prison Hell-Hole for crimes Dr Phil Pringle encouraged, mentored and empowered him to do. After all, Kong Hee regards Dr Phil as his guide, mentor and spiritual father. Although Kong Hee also says David Yonggi Cho is his spiritual father. I guess you can have as many spiritual fathers as you want…or need. Bad choices those two spiritual fathers  though.


Kong Hee- in Changi Prison Hell-Hole three months now


Dr Phil writes, “This has always been best shown through singing”

I’ve shared in previous articles on this site how Changi Prison Hell-Hole crowds eight prisoners into a cell, so if Kong currently has seven cell-mates he’d better take care not to sing too loud, or he’ll definitely be persecuted for his faith.

Dr Phil writes, “God means more to us than our harvests and fortunes and favorable circumstances”

This is true Dr Phil, but these unfavourable circumstances Kong Hee and by proxy Dr Phil have found themselves in could quite easily have been avoided.

Dr Phil writes, “Even though nothing is working like it should”

Dr Phil:

Dr Phil: “The Singapore Courts are agents of Satan”.

It’s very easy to blame the poor ole devil for everything but what about human responsibility, Dr Phil?

Dr Phil

Dr Phil “lying” (in his bed). Doctor Phil: “Lucifer you really are a bad ole devil possessing the whole of the Singaporean legal system and those horrid Singaporean judges who sentenced my dear spiritual son Kong Hee 3.5 years in Changi Prison Hell-Hole. Poor Kong Hee is there for 3.5 years, maybe eight years if the Singapore Prosecution is successful in next week’s appeal.  But tell me Lucifer, when did you learn to sing and play music as bad a Kong Hee’s wife Sun Yeow Ho? And please can you stop playing that fiddle so loud. I’m suffering from one of my severe migraines and that screeching sound your making is sending me to hell”

Dr Phil writes, “Even though I’ve lost everything…”

It’s not Dr Phil who has loose everything. His freedom. His reputation. His wife lying by his side at night. Dr Phil is old and hasn’t got a little son like Dayan, Kong Hee’s son, who needs his daddy around in his formative years.


Dr Phil writes, “I’m still going to connect with the Lord”

It’s possible away from the influence of Dr Phil in Changi Prison Complex and alone with the Lord in that humid sweaty cell with seven other felons that Kong Hee might actually find the Lord.

It’s possible he may connect with some non-Prosperity Gospel Christians or visiting prison pastors who are sound solid New Testament Christians who aren’t obsessed with wealth, money and prosperity like Dr Phil, Brian Houston, Dr David Yongghi Cho and all the other Prosperity Gospel pastors Kong Hee has been hanging about with for decades.

Dr Phil writes, “Anytime you connect with Him you are going to have joy bubble up from within”

This will be hard for Kong Hee. To have and experience the joy of the Lord in Changi Prison Complex.

Of course Dr Phil and Kong Hee feel that Kong Hee is being persecuted for his faith in their gold-laden, diamond studded Prosperity Gospel jesus.

While Kong Hee continues to think this and not understand he did wrong deceiving his congregants and blowing all the church building cash to the wall on his princess wife Sun Yeow Ho’s pop-princess career, he’s never going to find salvation and in salvation some peace.

Singapore and Sydney. The tale of two cities. A Singaporean spiritual son going to jail and a Sydney spiritual father who put him there.

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Dr Phil:

Dr Phil: “The Singapore Courts are agents of Satan“.

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“Doctor Phil” Pringle leading “Pastor” Kong Hee to jail