Anita Carter of the famous Carter family, American country and gospel singers, had a lot of sadness and loss in her life. She never managed to sustain a life-long relationship with a man. Anita had an affair with Johnny Cash circa 1970, behind her sister June, Johnny’s wife’s back, and she felt guilty about it the rest of her life.

Anita died from alcohol, cigarette and other addiction related causes. It was common in those days for musicians to use amphetamines to keep them “up” and keep them awake on long road-hauls crossing America to their gigs.

Johnny Cash struggled with addiction to amphetamines most of his life.

His son, John Carter Cash, has said both his father and mother were addicted to amphetamines until their deaths, although other biographies say Johnny got off them through Christianity. I think John Cater Cash, June and Johnny’s only child together, would know.