Rev Frank Houston founder of Hillsong. Secret homosexual and pedophile for over 70 years. Confessed to many decades of child sexual abuse. Secret child rapist. Liked sexually abusing little boys.


I first wrote this article in October 2012. I have edited it and added new insights.

When I reflect on Pastor Frank Houston I can’t help thinking of his conservative former Salvation Army wife Hazel and how Frank Houston did all this stuff with children and men behind her back for over sixty years.


Hazel and Frank. He did homosexual and pedophile activities behind his wife’s back all their married life together.


A former Hillsong insider who was very close to the Houston’s told me that Hazel knew Frank liked sexually abusing little boys, and covered for him. Hazel said, “Frank has a thing for boys”.


The Bishop and his boy. Rev William Francis “Frank” Houston with Peter Laughton at the time of their secret homosexual affair from 1980 to 1984. There are possibly over 400 boy victims of Frank Houston’s pedophilia. Self-confessed pedophile. Lifelong secret pedophile of young boys, preteens and teenagers. But mainly young boys aged 7 to 11. The worst Pentecostal pastor since the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. Son of Lucifer.


Peter Laughton

Peter Laughton has chronicled extensive homosexual and homoerotic activities that he undertook with Pastor Frank Houston while he was a lodger at Pastor Frank and Hazel’s digs at their apartment overlooking the Lane Cove River in Lane Cove Sydney in the early eighties. This secret homosexual affair was from 1980 to 1984. Peter was 20 and Frank was 58 when this liaison began.

Peter was Frank’s Worship Pastor.


Peter Laughton on left. Rev Frank Houston’s worship leader (recent picture). Now likes big men. Had a homosexual affair with Frank Houston (small wiry man) for four years from 1980 to 1984. Frank Houston was 58 and Peter was 20. He felt Frank Houston abused him and took advantage of him. Peter feels Frank Houston should have come out as a gay,


Peter wasn’t the first young man to attract Pastor Houston’s patronage in the late 70s and early 80s in Darlinghurst. Frank used to like to appreciate and share the company of a number of young men during this time.

Another of his favourites was Steve Coleman. Steve was a handsome sensitive artistic young man. I don’t know if there was ever any homosexual contact between Pastor Frank and Steve. However Steve was later convicted of pedophile activities involving under-age girls.

For Frank Houston, if he couldn’t touch, feel and masturbate with young men, he was happy with their company, affection and adoration. Pastor Frank also encouraged young men to massage him on the shoulders. This was another masked homosexual contact for Frank.

Frank liked the company of young men. He’d take them on ministry trips. Steve Coleman went on many. If they could play the guitar and sing nicely like Steve, no one would ever think anything bad about it. For Frank these ‘innocent’ opportunities were opportunities to fill his desires and needs for young male company.

When his desires spilled out and could not be controlled then sagas like the Peter Lawton episode transpired. I have outlined the basic facts about Peter Lawton and Frank in part one of this series.

Although Pastor Frank was found out and called out by the Australian Assemblies of God as a pedophile in 1999, Pastor Frank also indulged as a homosexual with adult young men in their early 20s.

Frank’s homosexuality was also projected in his talk from the pulpit and his sermons. Frank liked to frequently talk about the “handsome muscular young men” in his congregation. Frank used these phrases on almost every opportunity in the 80s. I never realised the homo-erotic nature of these phrases until I found out the truth about Frank’s homo-erotic activities, pedophilia and fantasies.

A friend of mine once shared how he had been to see Pastor Frank for a one-on-one counselling session. Frank talked to my friend and then said he’d like to ‘impart the anointing’ to my friend. Pastor Frank did this by praying and rubbing his hands vigorously back and forth along my friend’s thighs. When he found out about Frank’s homosexuality he realised that this rubbing of the thighs was extremely dodgy- a masked homosexual contact.

How dodgy was Pastor Frank Houston? The answer is “super-dodgy”.

Pastor Frank Houston. Unclean hands

Pastor Frank Houston. Unclean hands

Pastor Frank would like to tell the stories of his evangelistic successes in back-country New Zealand in the 1960s. Frank would recall the story of how in one of his “amazing” revival meetings two men came forward on the altar call. Suddenly the two men started rolling on the floor in a homosexual embrace. Frank said that they both had homosexual spirits and under God’s power the spirits gravitated towards each other and caused the men to embrace. God help us. Let’s picture homosexually empowered Pastor Frank helping two young men get delivered  from their homosexuality. There is no greater example of the blind leading the blind in all human history than this.

Given Pastor Frank was a Pentecostal pastor of high reputation and credentials, his homosexuality and pedophile nature and activities took a heavy toll on him. By the mid 90s Pastor Frank was taking a lot of time off work and spending all his time alone with Hazel at his church-funded home in Gordon, North Shore, Sydney. On reflection I think Frank’s sexual duality had gotten the better of him. Frank by this stage was in mental and emotional torment from decades of pedophile and homosexual activity behind the cloak of a holy and righteous Pentecostal pastor. He was being strongly pursued by Pastor Philip Powell, a former Australian National Assemblies of God (AOG) leader, who was being relentless in his efforts to expose Frank Houston as a pedophile. I have written elsewhere on this site in more detail about Philip Powell in this context.

I have written previously the following:

“By the time Frank Houston died in a Northern Beaches Rest Home, Frank Houston had totally lost his mind and suffered from deep dementia. The years of sexual duality, hypocrisy and inner anguish had taken their toll. Pastor Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong was reduced to a shuffling pathetic tormented man”.

A Hillsong insider, who knew the Houstons and Frank Houston until his death, and used to visit him at the rest home told me recently that what I wrote above is untrue. He said Frank Houston retained his mind to the end, although he was very worried about his fate in the Hereafter.

After all, Frank Houston is the worst Pentecostal pastor anywhere in the world over the past almost 2000 years since the Day of Pentecost. I know of no worse Pentecostal pastor. There have been many worse Roman Catholic priests who have done unspeakable things to little children, but Frank Houston is the worst Pentecostal pastor.


Frank Houston as an old man. He was very rightly very worried about his fate in the Here After.