Asian jails are normally overcrowded hell-holes.

Some of Australia’s Bali Nine heroin smugglers have life sentences in a crowded Bali jail in Indonesia, The two Australian ring-leaders were executed last year by firing squad. Granted they were both Asian by descent but they were Australian citizens.

Changi Prison Singapore is clean, like everything else in Singapore, and there is some attempt at rehabilitation, unlike most Australian jails, but there is still that dark punishment rattan caning.

If you have the stomach to see what this punishment is like, please check out the link below. Please be warned the video is extremely graphic and there is torn flesh and blood.


Pastor Kong Hee of Christian Harvest Church Singapore and his leaders and staff in prison aren’t scheduled for any rattan caning.

“Singaporean law allows caning to be ordered for over 30 offences, including hostage-taking, robbery, gang robbery with murder, drug use, vandalism, and rioting. Caning is also a mandatory punishment for certain offences such as rape, drug trafficking, illegal money-lending, and for visiting foreigners who overstay their visa by more than 90 days, a measure designed to deter illegal immigrant workers.

Caning is in practice always ordered in addition to a jail sentence and never as a punishment by itself. It is administered in an enclosed area in the prison, out of view of the public and other inmates. Those present are limited to the inmate, prison wardens, medical officers, the caning officer and sometimes high-ranking prison officials to witness the punishment.

An inmate sentenced to caning receives no advance warning as to when he will be caned, and is notified only on the day of his caning”



Singapore like most Asian countries, executes felons for crimes like murder, extreme violent rape and drug trafficking.