Smith-Wigglesworth. Delivered big-time re miracles.

John G Lake: the real deal. One of the greatest miracle workers since Christ

Pastor Frank Houston: liar, con-artist re miracles, secret homosexual and pedophile

This is the sixth in a series of blog articles about Pastor Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia.

If you know only Hillsong say from their music CDs or their big annual conference, then it may be a real shock to hear that the founder of Hillsong, Frank Houston was a life-long secret pedophile and homosexual. If you google “Pastor Frank Houston” or “Frank Houston abuse” you’ll find plenty of verification. Information supplied by one of his victims Peter Lawton is particularly informative.

In this blog I’m going to share about another aspect of Pastor Frank Houston.

Frank Houston always made out to everyone that he had immense swing with God and that he was a great miracle worker. In my decade with Frank I can report that I watched carefully but I never saw one miracle. Not one.

After many years under Frank’s leadership as a key lay pastor, I began to think that maybe it only happened overseas. In typical Frank-speak, Frank often used to accuse his congregation that they lacked faith and this was why he was shooting blanks in regard to miracles.

In 1990 I accepted an invitation to accompany Frank Houston and his wife Hazel to Chile in South America to a miracle crusade. Frank had said many times from the pulpit that in places like Chile he’d had big-time success with miracles.

Before this trip Frank told his congregation that he was going to Chile for a miracle crusade and like previous overseas jaunts including to Chile, he was going to do heaps of miracles and come back and tell us all about it.

So off went Frank, his wife Hazel and me on the plane to Chile.

Our host was Pastor Gary Leven, a New Zealander and former assistant to Pastor Neville Johnson in Queen Street Assemblies of God in Queen Street, the main street in central Auckland, New Zealand.


Pastor Gary Levens. Hosted Frank and Hazel Houston and me in Chile in 1990. Now pastoring in Queensland Australia.


Queen Street AOG was New Zealand’s biggest Assemblies of God church by far with a congregation numbering about 3000 in 1978.

Gary had come to Australia after Pastor Neville Johnson got shamed and kicked out of ministry after he was exposed having oral sex with a series of three church secretaries. Incidentally Pastor Frank Houston and Pastor Neville Johnson didn’t get on. After Pastor Neville Johnson’s demise, Gary had left Auckland for Brisbane and then on a missionary stint to Chile. In 1993 Gary returned to Queensland and has pastored there since.


“Pastor” Neville Johnson. Liked blow jobs (oral sex) from young female church secretaries.

Pastor Neville Johnson today. Runs a hyper-spiritual ministry called Academy of Light based in Queensland Australia. A false prophet. Please stay clear of him or anything Neville is involved with. Has ripped off Christians in Ponzi Schemes. A true charlatan.


Gary Levens and I clicked and after Frank and Hazel flew home we spent few days together by doing a road trip over the Andes to the wine growing district of Mendoza in West Argentina.

Gary had done well with the Spanish language and cross-cultural socialisation. It’s very different from Australia and Gary and his family did well there.

Pastor Frank did a week of miracle meetings. I watched carefully and can report a zero score on the miracle front. The cripples were led back to their seats still crippled. Those on wheel chairs were wheeled out a little sadder in their wheel chairs.

When Frank returned to Sydney I could not believe it when he got up in front of is all at Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst and began to boast about all the miracles he had done on Chile. Then he berated the congregation for their lack of faith in limiting his miracle-working prowess.

At this point I realised that Pastor Frank Houston was an absolute fraud.

In 1990 I found out from a reliable source in Auckland, New Zealand that Pastor Frank Houston had molested at least 6 boys aged about 10 in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. I realised then why Pastor Frank Houston had no swing with God and was shooting blanks with miracles. He had a dark past and I didn’t realise then that he continued his secret homosexual and predatory sexual activities into the 1980s and 1990s.