Pastor Brian Houston, head of Hillsong: needs to compensate and help all the victims of his dad's abuse.

Pastor Brian Houton, head of Hillsong- refuses to help all boy and teen victims of his father Frank’s sexual abuse.

Pastor Frank Houston- Pedophile. Lifelong secret pedophile. Sexually abused hundreds of little boys.



A reader of this blog site sent me a number of questions in the comments’ section. These are my answers to these questions.


Did the New Zealand AOG (Assemblies of God denomination) know that Pastor Frank Houston had molested 6 children?

New Zealand AOG Executive knew about Frank Houston’s pedophilia in the 1970s. This is the main reason Frank Houston came to Australia- to avoid going to jail.

The New Zealand AOG and Lower Hutt AOG both made a financial payouts. with non-disclosure clauses, to one teen victim Peter Fowler.

I am unaware of any payout to the six known boy victims at Lower Hutt Assemblies of God

If you google “Frank Houston” or “Frank Houston sexual abuse” there is an article about this payout which was organised with Pastor Philip Powell’s assistance.

In the late 1990’s a senior AOG pastor and AOG Executive member Pastor John Lewis was commissioned by Pastor Brian Houston and the Executive of the Australian AOG to do a two year investigation into a mounting flood of complaints about Pastor Frank Houston’s pedophile and homosexual activities over 4 to 5 decades. As a result of the Report, Pastor Frank Houston was barred for life from ever ministering again by the Australian and New Zealand AOG. Regretably it took 3 decades for the AOG to do something about it.


Did Pastor Frank Houston go to Australia (in the late 1970s) with people knowing about his abuse of children in New Zealand?



Did the Australian AOG know?

I don’t know what they knew. Pastor Brian Houston has blocked access to the Australian AOG Report to protect his father’s reputation.

I’ve been told “the old guard” in the Australian AOG had heard about it and didn’t want Frank Houston in Australia.

Frank Houston managed to smooth things over in time and build relationships with pastors who weren’t suspicious of him.


Did Pastor Frank Houston’s associate pastors know about his pedophile activities?

Pastor Frank Houston denied that he did pedophile acts. If you read other blog articles on Pastor Frank on this site you’ll see how willful and intimidating/ aggressive Pastor Frank could be. He would also have been very convincing and crafty in his denials.

Some of his associates and lay leaders deserted him in Lower Hutt New Zealand in the early 1970s when these allegations surfaced. Others like his then son-in-law Pastor Ian Carlisle remained loyal. Maybe they didn’t believe these allegations. After all Pastor Frank talked the talk very well and was head of the New Zealand AOG and a prominent pastor.


Did his wife Hazel Houston know about Frank’s homosexual and pedophile activities over the decades?

Hazel would have known of allegations. Frank would have denied them to her. Pedophiles are incredibly secretive, evil and lying people.

I’ve been told by a Hillsong insider that Hazel commented to them that “Frank has a problem with boys”.


Rev Frank Houston founder of Hillsong. His wife Hazel said, “Frank has a problem with boys”.


Hazel Houston wrote Frank’s biography.

The biography was written about 10 years before Pastor Frank was banned for life.

Allegations of Pastor Frank’s pedophile and homosexual activities are taboo subjects in the Houston clan. There’s no way Hazel would address this kind of stuff in a biography.