I wrote and published the article below and the articles in this series in September to November 2012. I’m revisiting them now and editing them in view of my current views and feelings, and in line with my current knowledge of Frank Houston and events around him. I’ve gathered a lot of insights and information about Frank Houston since 2012.

A major watershed in my knowledge of Frank Houston was when I heard boy victim AHA’s live testimony at the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to child Sexual Abuse on my laptop at my farm in October 2014.

The article below is unchanged from when I originally published it. My thoughts, feelings and answers to a reader’s questions are below, and I haven’t changed a word. How I responded then is accurate to my current thoughts and insights about Frank Houston.


Blog article 16 November 2012

A reader of this series of blog articles on Pastor Frank Houston has raised a various interesting questions. Here are my answers.

Question One (to me): Are you still a Christian even after your experiences with Pastor Frank Houston?

Pastor Frank Houston never affected my faith and trust in God. My father died a few months ago. Dad was a great and holy pastor. I have known about errant pastors and other church people all my life as dad used to share stuff with me.

One day I asked my father why God allowed his message to be entrusted to errant mankind. Dad’s answer was that “God has chosen to reveal his glory and treasures in vessels of clay”.

I have known about Pastor Frank Houston’s pedophile activities in the 1960s in New Zealand since 1990. I only learnt that he had been doing this stuff into the 1980s when people like Peter Laughton his Worship Leader in the early 1980s and others went public and the investigation by Pastor John Lewis reached its conclusion.

When I first found out in 1990 I was attending a Christian City Church in Sydney. I felt a sense of shock for two years after I knew the allegations were reliable.

I have heard Pastor Phil Pringle, the founder and head of Christian City Church, or C3 as it is now called, say from the pulpit that he felt the same way.

I have read a Sydney Morning Herald interview in which Pastor Brian Houston, Frank’s son and the head of Hillsong and the Australian AOG, felt the same way and probably a lot worse.

So yes, it was a great shock to everyone when all the bad stuff about Frank Houston surfaced.

Question 2: Most people who like to publicly write this stuff (about Christian scandals) are anti-church and at least anti-charismatic?

My reason for writing on this blog site is to outline my views and insights on various subjects. I have been meaning to deal with this Frank Houston issue for a while now.

I am pro-church and believe that the Bible is where it’s at, and God likes to Presence Himself amongst gatherings of Bible-believing and Christ-honouring Christians.

I am pro-Pentecostal and pro-Charismatic so long as the bible is closely adhered to in these contexts.

Question 3: How could Pastor Frank Houston have done all the pedophile and homosexual acts over at least 4 decades but still have the support of the most respected Pentecostal and Charismatic church leaders in Australia and New Zealand?

The reality is that if such leaders had known what Pastor Frank was up to he would have been dropped like a hot brick.

Question 4: How do you keep your faith and trust intact after being involved closely with a man of God and then you find out he is a pedophile and homosexual?

The bottom-line is that my faith is in a loving and faithful God, not in often errant and unreliable humans.