Pastor Frank Houston. Misused God’s gifts.

John G Lake. holy and true man of God

Kathryn Kulmann. The real deal, Served God faithfully. Powerful miracles and words of knowledge.

Pastor Frank Houston was a very bad man. Crimes against innocent children rank amongst the most serious crimes in society. Crimes against innocent children while a man is a minister of the gospel put a man into a whole different and very dangerous category.

For at least four decades Pastor Frank Houston was engaged in pedophile and homosexual activity while he was a Christian  pastor. And not just the average joe pastor. Pastor Frank Houston was the head of the Assemblies of God (AOG) denomination in New Zealand until the mid 70s and then in a prominent AOG leader in Australia in the 80s.

Pastor Frank Houston was the most successful Christian AOG pastor in Australia and the Hillsong organisation was founded by him. Pastor Frank then handed the baton to his son Pastor Brian Houston who has run Hillsong and the Australian AOG since the 90s.

One day in 1983 Pastor Frank Houston called me into his office on level 10, 166 Goulburn Street, Darlinghurst. When I sat down opposite him, Pastor Frank looked at me across his desk and said he had a word of knowledge from God for me. Pastor Frank said that God had showed him that I had been sexually assaulted when I was a boy.

I replied that I couldn’t recall any such incident.

This word of knowledge about me being assaulted in a pedophile way as a lad was spoken to me by Pastor Frank Houston at the time he was involved in homosexual and homo-erotic activity with his favourite young man at the time, Peter Laughton. Peter was Pastor Frank’s worship leader and was conveniently lodging with Pastor Frank and his wife Hazel at their apartment overlooking the Lane Cove River in Lane Cove, Sydney.


The Bishop and his boy. Rev William Francis “Frank” Houston with his secret homosexual lover Peter Laughton at Christian Life Centre  (CLC) Darlinghurst in 1983 celebrating Frank’s 61st birthday. Peter was Frank’s Worship Pastor.