Sun Ho (Kong Hee’s wife) likes African-American rappers. Sun Ho: “Kong, Kong, please hurry back home as soon as you finish your long jail sentence. I’m having trouble with some temptations”.

Kong Hee now over three months into his 3.5 year sentence. It’s possible the original sentence of 8 years may be reinitiated after the new third Hearing last week. The results will be known probably later this year. The wheels of justice turn slowly.


“You will be stressed and your loved ones will be constantly on your mind especially in the early part of your sentence. When your sentence is ending, you will start to think about your loved ones and your future when you are released.

Serving time is not the biggest issue, its the mental torture of losing one’s freedom and thinking of your loved ones and the unchartered journey ahead upon one’s release.”

(Extract from part 4 of a Chinese Changi prisoners account)


Phil Pringle of C3 Church led his spiritual son Kong Hee to Changi Prison Hell-Hole. Part 4. What were “Pastor” Kong Hee’s second and third days in Changi Prison like?

Kong Hee has been in the notorious Changi Prison Hell-Hole in Singapore for over three months now.

Changi Prison is notorious as a World War II hell hole where the Japanese locked up Allied prisoners during WWII after occupying Singapore. Changi Prison was already a hell-hole before the Japanese took it to a new inhumane level.

“Pastor” Kong Hee has been sentenced to 3.5  years in Changi Prison for breaching Singapore Church Trust laws by secretly siphoning over USD $30 million from the Harvest Church building fund and using it to finance and promote his wife Ho Yeouw Sun’s pop-star career. She is also known as Sun Ho and her pop-star name is “Geisha”. Asians particularly men have this fantasy about Japanese Geishas.

“Pastor” Kong Hee is also convicted of multiple fraud charges because him and the five other Harvest Church leaders concealed information from and lied to the Singapore investigators. They spent another $20 million doing dodgy deals to cover their tracks and try to hide what they did from investigating Authorities.

Since the mid-1990s, Australian Phil Pringle head pastor of C3 Church based in Sydney, with over 1000 churches in it’s network internationally, has been “Pastor” Kong Hee’s mentor.


phil pringle a12

Phil Pringle. CEO of C3 International. Now a doctor. Regarded the pedophile Frank Houston as his spiritual father.

Throughout the pop-star career of Sun Ho, “Doctor Phil” Pringle was encouraging, empowering and prophesying over “Pastor” Kong Hee and Sun Ho and saying God was with them in everything to do with her pop-star career and that it will be “a great witness for Jesus” and stuff like that.

By any assessment “Doctor Phil” Pringle is responsible for this next dark passage in “Pastor” Kong Hee’s life.

“Pastor ” Kong Hee

I looked on-line for a prisoner’s description of life in Changi Prison and found the following account of a young Singaporean who spent two months there.

Below is the fourth episode of this prisoner’s story- a diarised type account of the second and third day in lock-up, which is the first stage of prison life. It sounds like its designed to soften the prisoners up and make them compliant. The Asians know how to treat their felons.

Please note there can be up to four prisoners in a small cell with no windows and no air-conditioning in sub-tropical Singapore in the first phase of prison in Changi Prison Hell-Hole.

“A cell-room at B2 contains a maximum of 4 inmates (Prisoners are addressed as “inmates”). There is 1 “doorless” toilet and shower tap in every cellroom, Room size about 120 sqf. No fans nor aircon provided. No windows but only small tiny holes through the wall that only enable you to see whether if it’s day or night time.”

One doorless toilet and a shower. So all four inmates see the other three going to the toilet and showering.

This is what “Doctor Phil” Pringle of C3 mega-church has done to “Pastor” Kong Hee.

I have corrected misspellings and added edits as required.

English is spoken in Singapore as the official language but as a second language by Chinese Singaporeans whose main language is Mandarin.

Chapter 2.4: My last 2 days of lock-up at Cluster B2

“The lights from our ceiling are switched on at 5am and the water supply is on again.

Water supply are off during mustercheck and lights off 9pm – 5am

A new day has arrived and as usual we wake up and do whatever we need to do. Mustercheck at 7am, breakfast served after mustercheck, cleaning of the floor in our cell room, walking around for warm-up and digestion in our cell room. Soon after the muster check at 9am there are announcements from the intel system next to our cell door and within minutes our cell door is opened suddenly and we were ordered to come out from our cell room.

Finally I step out of my cellroom that has trapped me for the past 40+ hours. We are not alone. All other inmates from all cell rooms on the same storey come out as well. Officers and cookies (my edit: coolies?). We were then gathered by the officers and cookies, ordering us to sit down on the floor in rows of five at the open space located just outside our cell room. A head count was made by the cookies and a briefing was done by one of the officer informing us of going for our haircut at Yard room.

Escorted by our officer-in-charge we head to the yard room (which is just nearby our dayroom) in a single line, with our hands at our backs while we are walking. Before we enter the yard entrance we are to stripe ourself turn by turn in front of a officer, with our hands on the air, mouth opened wide with our tongue out, make a squat-down and up, then turn our body with our back facing the officer and squat-down and up again before we are allowed to wear back our clothes.

Yard room is the indoor area where inmates exercise. Unlike what you seen on movies and drama, yardroom in CPC (Changi Prison Complex) is located indoors within the same building with only 1 entrance/ exit and fully surronded by solid walls with tiny rectangle holes through the walls.

As usual, we can hardly view the outside world through those tiny holes.

In the yard room, turn by turn we will get out hair cut done by the cookies!

Inmate serving sentence more than 1 month will cut botak (Trimmer No.1)

Inmate serving sentence less than 1 month will only need to trim short (Trimmer No.3)

After we are done on haircut, we have to stripe ourselves for checking again before we head back to our cellroom. We were back to our cellroom about 11am (estimated). We shower and get ready for the mustercheck at 12pm. Lunch are served thereafter. Lunch for that day: Fried mee hoon with a full pcs of fishcake

We are out from our cell room again soon after our lunch. This time we are to head to officer’s office for interviews/ declaration and photo-taking of our tattoos/ family & personnal problems faced outside. As usual, we are to strip ourselves for checking once we reach the other destination.

Everything’s completed and we are back to our cell room about 4pm. Soon dinner is served to us at 5pm. Food served: Plain rice, sardines and side mixed vegetables. Neverless to say, we did everything same again, after dinner, cleaning, then walk around in the cellroom and shower after the

7pm muster check. Lights off at 9pm.

End of my 2nd day stay in CPC.

Another new day has arrived, as usual, we woke up at 5am, mustercheck 7am then breakfast. Soon after the 9am mustercheck, we were inform by the intel system to pack our belonging and get ready for transfer. Our cell door was opened thereafter and all the inmates from the same storey were gathered, headcount by cookies before we proceed. Stepping out of our dayroom, we returned all our belonging (which were issued to us when we first came in) back to the cookies. We were strip later for checking and proceed to another destination escorted by officers. This time is different, we went through numbers of sercuity doors and staircases. No keys are used by the officers for opening doors, its operated through their electronic security system by the Ops Room

That short journey is a eye-opener for me. It’s like a maze in CPC and and no inmates are able to escape through their tight sercuity system!

We walk through a underground tunnel later on and our walking journey took us about 20 minutes to reach the next destination < Cluster B4 >

Thoughout my soul searching and encounters for the few days lock-up at B2, I would like to share with you readers:

a) Get mentally prepared to strip for checking whenever you leave from your cell room to another destination

b) Cluster B2 (Inmates assume as former Queenstown Prison Remand Center), is a ‘Transit Terminal’ for remand inmates and new comers (Will get transfered to another cluster within a few days once ready).

c) No yard nor dayroom activities for the new-comers before transfer

d) For those who are facing court case and expecting to go CPC soon. Do not be too afraid. Just follow the rules:

1. Do not commit any crimes inside prison.

2. Do not get into fight

3. Do not smoke if other cell mate managed to smuggle cigarettes into prison

4. Respect each other in the cell. do not be afraid of those with tattoos.

Those with tatoos are usually not 1st timer. They are the ones who “know how to sit” in jail. Usually, they are very considerate and corporative. Sometimes, those 1st timer are the inconsiderate ones inside the small cell

e) Blame no one, those incarcerated are responsible for their actions. Every adult is responsible to themselves and to those who depend on them. It is all water already flowed across the bridge and now it is too late to regret. The best course of action is to plan for the future and not look back as what had been done cannot be undone.

If you think you are suffering, remember that there are always people worse off. Don’t pity yourselves for being where you are or had to go through but take the courage to pick up your lives and start again. You need to be positive for everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

The sun always shines after the rain. I wish you well and hope you succeed in life.

f) If you intend to go and experience prison life, I can assured you that its not gonna be a pleasant experience even thought its for a day or a week and even without a record but for sheer experience.

You will be stressed and your loved ones will be constantly on your mind especially in the early part of your sentence. When your sentence is ending, you will start to think about your loved ones and your future when you are released.

Serving time is not the biggest issue, its the mental torture of losing one’s freedom and thinking of your loved ones and the unchartered journey ahead upon one’s release.

If you want to experienced prison life for curiosity, you can do it at home.

Locked yourself in your room for a couple of days, no TV, internet, aircon, communication with the outside World. Cover all your windows with curtains, sleep on the hard floor, etc.”

The following is a transcript of  a prophecy Phil Pringle prophesied over his spiritual son Kong Hee in 2015. False Prophet Goose Pastor Phil Pringle speaketh in God’s name: “For the first time in eight months, God – I heard Him crying. And He said, “My son, Kong, thank you! Thank you for going through this. I need you to go through this alone so that you and City Harvest Church can be the man and the ministry I call it to be. I’m so sorry. But you need to go through with this by yourself, to bring a change to your generation”.
Oh come on! Give the Lord a big hand tonight!
I hear God saying for the first time in eight months, “I love you! I love you! I love you!” Waves upon waves of God’s love- the love of the Father, just, saturated me. All I could say was, “Abba! Abba!! AABBAAAA!!! Daddy! ABBA!!!” And I knew, everything was going to be, alright.
Everything was going to be alright.”


Prosperity Gospel angel named PHIL PRINGLE- protecting his spiritual son Kong Hee and sending him straight to Changi Prison Hell-Hole