"Pastor " Kong Hee

“Pastor ” Kong Hee now in Changi Prison Hell-Hole for over three months

"Doctor Phil" Pringle- another crook. Empowering the errant "Pastor" Kong Hee of Harvest Church Singapore who has been sentenced to eight years in prison for gross fraud and deceiving and ripping off his congregants of tens of millions. Over $50 million.

Australian false prophet and Prosperity Gospel heresy preacher Phil Pringle of C3 Church in Sydney. Phil Pringle has ripped off thousands with his religious pyramid hierarchy scams with himself as chief beneficiary at the very top of his “holy Prosperity Gospel” dung-pile. Phil Pringle empowered, encouraged and prophesied over his spiritual son Kong Hee head pastor of City Harvest Church (CHC) Singapore, leading him to 3.5 years or more (maybe eight) in Changi Prison Hell-Hole.


“Every single cellroom which consists of 2 ‘doorless’ toilets, size about 250 sq ft (double the size of my cellroom at B2), can lockup max. up to 8 inmates! Sadly to say, I was separated from my 3 roomates. Together with other inmates whom had been assigned to the same cellroom as me (total 8 inmates), we to proceed cellroom No:629.”

(Extract from part 5 of a Chinese Changi prisoner’s account below)


Phil Pringle of C3 Church led his spiritual son Kong Hee to Changi Prison Hell-Hole. Part 5. The ‘Uncle’ and the eight man cell room at B4

Changi Prison is notorious as a World War II hell-hole where the Japanese locked up Allied prisoners during WWII after occupying Singapore. Changi Prison was already a hell-hole before the Japanese took it to a new inhumane level.

“Pastor” Kong Hee has been sentenced to 3.5 years in Changi Prison for breaching Singapore Church Trust laws by secretly siphoning over USD $35 million from the City Harvest Church building fund and using it to finance and promote his wife Ho Yeouw Sun’s pop-star career. She is also known as Sun Ho and her pop-star name is “Geisha”. Asians particularly men have this fantasy about Japanese Geishas.

Kong Hee is also convicted of fraud charges because him and the five other Harvest Church leaders concealed information from, and lied to, the Singapore investigators.

Singapore Prosecution appealed the reduced sentence of 3.5 years on 1 August, a few days ago. They want Kong Hee’s original eight year sentence reinstated.

Since the mid-1990s Australian false prophet Phil Pringle, head pastor of C3 Global Church, has been “Pastor” Kong Hee’s mentor.


phil pringle a12

Phil Pringle. CEO of C3 International. Now a doctor. Regarded the pedophile Frank Houston as his spiritual father.


Throughout the pop-star career of Sun Ho, Phil Pringle was encouraging, empowering and prophesying over “Pastor” Kong Hee and Sun Ho and saying God was with them in everything to do with her pop-star career and that it will be “a great witness for Jesus” and stuff like that.

By any assessment Phil Pringle is responsible for the current dark passage in “Pastor” Kong Hee’s life.


"Pastor " Kong Hee

“Pastor ” Kong Hee


I looked on line for a prisoner’s description of life in Changi Prison and found the following account of a young Chinese Singaporean who spent two months there.

Below is the fifth episode of this prisoner’s story- a diarised type account of the first stage of prison life. The Asians know how to treat their felons.


This is what Phil Pringle of C3 Global Church has done to his spiritual son Kong Hee.

I have corrected misspellings and added edits as required.

English is spoken in Singapore as the official language but as a second language by Chinese Singaporeans whose main language is Mandarin.


Chapter 3.1: The ‘Uncle’ & The 8-Men Cellroom at B4

“While walking from B2 to B4 my mind recalled back to an inmate who I met and chatted with earlier on in the Yard room while we were waiting for our haircuts. I addressed him as ‘uncle’. Aged about late 70s, he is a first time offender. He was sentenced for a 2 weeks jail term for not paying fines accumulating up to $6000. He lives with his wife and they have no children. His wife is only few years younger than him but is not as healthy as him. ‘Uncle’ is a Hokkien speaking inmate whom can’t communicate in English. Due to his poor background and the health condition of his wife, he still has to work for survival despite his old age.

He was fined for operating and selling fruits without a license in public areas such as MRT Stations & Bus Interchange Stations. Needless to say, he was being caught again and again and received his summon tickets (fine up to $300 per ticket). Dragged in by the police and unable to pay, he was called up to attend court and was sentenced to jail in default of his fines.

Even now I can remember what he told me: “I will still go back to my same trade again after my release although the judge had warned me not to commit this again. But what can I do and who is going to support me and my wife’s health expenses if I don’t work?”

So did he really have a choice?

Even if there are communities which can assist his problem, what concerns me is can he assist till what limit?

Beside fines and jail, aren’t there any other solutions that are able to solve this issue?

I really hope I can have a chance to meet ‘Uncle’ again and have a coffee with him!

There are about 40+ of us (Inmates that were being locked up in the same storey of B2) whom have transferred to Cluster B4. We were later brought to HU3 (Housing Unit 3 located at level 5 & 6 of Cluster B4). We proceeded to the Yard room of H3, collecting our new set of belongings (the same type of items which we have previously returned to B2). A briefing of the house rules was also conducted by the cookies followed by the officer-in charge at the Yard room. There are a total of 3 dayrooms (divisions) in HU3 and a huge group of inmates including me were assigned to Dayroom 3. Inside Dayroom 3, there are a total of 10 cell rooms at level 5 and another 10 cell rooms at level 6. Every single cellroom which consists of 2 ‘doorless’ toilets, size about 250 sq feet (double the size of my cellroom at B2), can lockup max. up to 8 inmates! Sadly to say, I was separated from my 3 roomates. Together with other inmates whom had been assigned to the same cellroom as me (total 8 inmates), we proceeded to cellroom No:629.”