Pastor Brian Houston, Pastor Frank's son and successor.Brian:should compensate and help victims of his dad's abuse

Pastor Brian Houston, Pastor Frank’s son and successor. Brian should compensate and help victims of his father’s abuse but has constantly refused to do so. Not a Christian pastor but a fraud and a charlatan


Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong. Lifelong secret pedophile.


I published the article below written by me on 9 December 2012. All the articles in this series were written between September and December 2012.

At the time I didn’t know the following:

1. About boy victim AHA who testified for a day at the Australian Royal Commssion into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse in October 2014.

2. That there are at least four South Australian boy victims.

3. About boy victim WNZ1 from a suburb of Wellington New Zealand.

4. About boy victim ANZ1 from Auckland, New Zealand, who suicided as a direct result of Frank Houston’s abuse.

On 9 December 2012 I knew about the following boy and teen victims:

1.  Six boy victims while Frank Houston was pastor of Lower Hutt Assemblies of God in New Zealand in the 1960s.

2. Two South Australian boy victims.

3. Teen victim Peter Fowler who was sexually abused at Lower Hutt AOG in the 1970s.

The total of known boy and teen victims is 14.

Frank Houston admitted to being highly active as a pedophile in the 1960s and 1970s.

The average pedophile abuses 250 children in their lifetime.

Frank Houston, by conjecture, who said he was very active during his sexually most virile and confident years, in his 40s and 50s, in the 1960s and 1970s, is likely to have sexually abused 100s of little boys and teens. Maybe over four hundred. Many victims will have “forgotten” Frank Houston’s abuse of them almost immediately due to psychological defence mechanisms.

Even Brian Houston said publicly after his appearance at the Royal Commission, “We may never know the number of my father’s victims”.


Blog article 9 December 2012

There have been various attempts by Hillsong and associated entities to try to sanitise and even honour the memory of Hillsong’s founder Pastor Frank Houston.

My personal opinion is that Pastor Frank Houston should not be honoured on this earth in any way. These are the reasons why.

In early August 2007, Peter Laughton, Pastor Frank’s former Worship Director in the early 1980s, told the Sydney Morning Herald: “My counselling sessions (with Frank Houston) were nothing more than sexual abuse disguised in the form of the need for a father’s love and discipline. Through my naivety, I endured naked beatings, the eternal bum caresses and masturbating into bottles, amongst other things. I look back on it now and think,”God, I was really naive to fall for that””.

On the grounds of these offences alone of committing homosexual acts with his young Worship Director, Peter Lawton, while Pastor Frank Houston was a prominent Assemblies of God pastor, he should loose his place of honour anywhere.


Frank Houston pictured with his young secret homosexual lover Peter Laughton who was his Worship Pastor. Beverly Houston, Frank Houston’s daughter commented about her father Frank and his secret homosexual affair with his young worship leader on this site in 2014. Beverley: “..and just want to remind you Peter Lawton was a consenting adult.. different than peodophilia.. I’m a witness to the fact that’s what he wanted yuk!!”


And it gets worse.

I have already detailed Pastor Frank Houston’s established record as a serial pedophile. Some folks, including Hillsong, have stated that Pastor Frank “only sexually molested one minor 30 years ago”. I prefer to say “child” than “minor”.

I have so far counted 8 boy victims, plus Peter Fowler, a teen from Lower Hutt AOG, plus Peter Lawton who was a vulnerable young man in his 20s at the time he was sexually abused by Frank. Frank Houston was in his late 50s at the time.

There were 6 boy victims in Lower Hutt, New Zealand in the 1960s. Plus there were 2 boy victims at Christian youth camps in South Australia in the 1970s.

In addition there was Peter Fowler who was a victim of Pastor Frank’s sexual abuse at age 15 in 1972 in Lower Hutt Assemblies of God church. There are emails of Peter Fowlers published at his request on “The Christian Witness” website. Peter Fowler received a settlement from the New Zealand Assemblies of God church in respect to his abuse by Pastor Frank Houston.

After careful consideration of the facts I have come to the conclusion that Pastor Frank’s sexual abuse of children and teenagers, plus Peter Lawton who was in his 20s, amount to such extremely serious offences while being a prominent Christian pastor that no place of honour should be given to Pastor Frank Houston.

Where Pastor Frank Houston’s name is rightly lodged is on a very different list which is posted on line. That is, the “Clergy Sexual Offender List”. This is a list someone has posted on-line of hundreds of names of clergy who have been convicted or been found guilty by church or other authorities of sexual abuse offences. Pastor Frank Houston has found his name on this infamous list posthumously.

This is Pastor Frank Houston’s entry:

“Houston, Frank (c80) AOG Pastor- year 2000 Internal church investigation confirmed “serious moral failure” while Houston was a pastor in New Zealand. Houston was sacked by the church he helped to found (Hillsong Sydney). The AOG National Executive Vice-president John Lewis, who conducted the Frank Houston investigation, said the offences were so serious that Mr Houston senior, then in his 80s, was not given the option of quietly retiring. Subsequent (2003) investigation by the Sydney Morning Herald and contact with a victim established the offence was sexual abuse of under-age boys. Houston died in Nov 2004″.