Pastor Brian Houston

Pastor Brian Houston head pastor of Hillsong- a real potato-head pastor


Hillsong founder Pastor Frank Houston: lifelong self-confessed secret pedophile. Total deviate. Highly evil. A Jackyl and Hyde persona.


I wrote and published the article below on this site on 17 March 2013.

I was very kind towards Hillsong. At the time, I knew far less about how Hillsong is these days, and I hadn’t realised how Hillsong is highly corrupt, ethically, morally and spiritually. I did not know how Hillsong is one of the great heretical End-time Apostate churches.


Blog article 17 March 2013 

An anonymous person posted a comment on one of my articles about Pastor Frank Houston yesterday. The comment was simply “f*** Hillsong”. The email address the anonymous writer was using was f***@……

There is a wide variance of opinion in the Sydney and wider Australian community about the Hillsong Church. The Hillsong Church is led by Pastor Brian Houston and his wife Bobbie. The founder of Hillsong was Pastor Brian’s father, Pastor Frank Houston, a lifelong secret pedophile, who I have written about quite extensively on this site.

Pastor Brian Houston and his associates at the time coined the Hillsong name and developed the many ministries of the Hillsong Church. There is also the annual mid-year Hillsong Convention at Olympic Park, Homebush, Sydney.

I used to attend Hillsong Waterloo. I’ve visited the massive Hillsong in Windsor in the Western Suburbs a long time ago.

I used to know Brian Houston personally. Although I haven’t seen Brian for more than a decade. I was there when, as a young man, Pastor Brian was appointed a pastor by his dad at Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst in 1981. By 1983 Pastor Brian was on his way out West with 90 others who had volunteered to go with him to establish a Christian Life Centre branch in Western Sydney.

Due to Brian’s roots in working class Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, Brian was most comfortable amongst this demograph.

Hillsong’s first western Sydney location was Greystanes Public School. At Brian’s request I fitted out Brian’s first church office in the Baulkham Hills Shopping Centre in 1983 with humble full height demountable partitions to demarcate his office. Brian proudly showed me his first home purchased up the road in Baulkham Hills. Savvy Brian pointed out that his humble bungalow was “the worst house in the best street”. No doubt Brian has graduated to more exclusive real estate. But this was the beginnings and exciting for Brian at the time.

Before long, reports were coming back that Brian had moved his church to a large warehouse in Windsor and that there was tremendous growth. Like Pastor Phil Pringle in Wakehurst Parkway on Sydney’s North Shore, Pastor Brian’s church was growing a cracking pace.

It’s a big subject and my outline above is simply a thumbnail sketch. It’s a shame that there have been casualties from Hillsong. It may have something to do with people’s expectations. In a mega-church it’s impossible for Pastor Brian and Bobbie to relate and care for too many people. Ultimately in a church of thousands it’s going to come down to your ability to slot in to a sub-group of some sort in the church where one can find friendship, care and significance. Otherwise a big church can be a very lonely place.

It’s good also to bear in mind that a big church is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some folks feel more comfortable in a smaller church.

There are other limitations with a larger church. For example, the gifts of the Holy Spirit cannot operate so freely. It’s a logistics and control problem. The only prophecies that might occur would have to come from a person with a live microphone. From a control point of view if someone started prophesying from the congregation with no microphone they would probably not be well-heard and also the leadership might not know who the person was and if their messages were ok.

In my next blog on Hillsong I’m going to describe what happened at Christian Life Centre Waterloo in respect to the gifts of the Spirit, prayer meetings and street evangelism when Pastor Brian took over control of the city church which his father Frank stood down.