Brian Houston of Hillsong: “I believe in gay marriage at Hillsong…whatever makes you happy”


Since Australia is about to hold a postal vote on gay marriage, I thought I’d republish some of my articles about Hillsong and the gays.

I wrote the article below in early 2016 before Hillsong leading gay celebrities based in New York City, Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly, split up. They split up in March 2016.

I don’t know if Reed is still in Hillsong and still involved in Christianity. I suspect he’s hitting it hard back in the NYC, LA and other gay scenes wherever he’s hanging out. I haven’t heard if there was a third party (another young gay man or men) involved in the split.

Josh Canfield has publicly said he was very hurt by the split, which suggests he was cheated on.

Josh said last year, despite his hurt and his dream of gay marriage with Reed falling off the rails, he’s still got a dream of gay marriage, and he’s looking around at Hillsong for a new man.


Josh Canfield (left) the Hillsong New York City worship leader with his former partner Josh Canfield. They were engaged and split up.


American celebrity Reed Kelly. Hillsong NYC open gay choir member and former fiance of Hillsong NYC worship leader Josh Canfield. Dumped Josh and partying hard with his gay New York bros.


Blog article of 14 February 2016


Open male homosexuals part of Hillsong New York City worship team.

Celebrity New York gays Josh Canfield and his partner Reed. Open male homosexual couple. Part of Hillsong New York City worship team and lead a Hillsong bible study in their apartment. Josh has been a worship leader for five years at Hillsong New York City. Reed supports him on the Hillsong worship team. Plan to marry this year at Hillsong.


Recently Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong told Sydney Channel Nine television channel’s ‘Inside Story’ program host Leila McKinnon, in an extra to the recent ‘Inside Story’ program about Hillsong Church, “…I believe in gay marriage…Whatever makes people happy”.

The extra Channel Nine interview on gay marriage is entitled, ‘Inside Story 2016 True Believers: Brian Houston on gay marriage’.

Here is the link to this interview with Brian about the subject of the place of gays in Hillsong churches everywhere.


The main ‘Inside Story’ program about Hillsong and a few other extra interviews that weren’t broadcast last Thursday night are on the Channel Nine ‘Inside Story’ website.


Leila Gygnell. Hoodwinked by Hillsong.

Leila Gygnell co-host of ‘Inside Story’. Hoodwinked by Hillsong.


In this Channel Nine ‘Inside Story’ interview extra segment, Pastor Brian Houston told Leila Gygnell that he personally believes in the union of a man and a woman in holy matrimony but society is changing and “we at Hillsong are adapting to that”.

Brian says he personally believes “what the Apostle Paul says about homosexuality being a sin but Hillsong has lots of gays in its churches all over the world. If it makes people happy to be gay we are accepting of it at Hillsong. Gays are welcome”.

It’s commendable that Brian has made his positive accepting position clear about homosexuality and homosexual marriage in Hillsong church everywhere.

It clarifies things now that Brian has shared openly about how gay people are welcome at Hillsong and are free to continue their gayness and partake in the holy union of gay matrimony there.


Sir Cliff Richard, pictured with friend John McEllyn, centre in Portugal has strenuously denied allegations that he assaulted a 15-year-old boy in Sheffield in 1985 during a Billy Graham rally

Sir Cliff Richard, the British celebrity pop star, who professes Christianity and is an advocate of Christian gay marriage. Pictured with homosexual partner, the ex Roman priest, John McEllyn. Sir Cliff and his (unmarried) partner John are welcome at Hillsong London when they’re in the UK.  However Sir Cliff is rather busy at the moment at his holiday homes, trying to escape the stress of impending probable pedophile charges. He’s currently at these holiday mansions in Portugal and Barbardos talking franticly to his lawyers and defending and strenuously denying allegations that he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old boy in Sheffield in 1985 during a Billy Graham rally, and another male teen at a recording studio. I wonder what the cleaning pipe accessory is for in John’s hand?


Hillaong. Demonic. Void of the Blessed Holy spirit. To be avoided and shunned. Burn and destroy it's product. Don't ever buy anything from Hillsong. It's like buying occult material.

Hillsong worship team members Josh and Reed of Hillsong NewYork City. Part of a large gay and celebrity contingent there at Hillsong NYC. Planning their holy gay marital union at Hillsong church this year. It’s not clear if they will be married at Hillsong NYC or Hillsong LA. Josh has said that although they share an apartment and hold Hillsong bible studies there with other Hillsong gays (in their bedroom?), they haven’t yet consummated their relationship- whatever that means. P.S. Josh- And we don’t want to know more. Either about the consummation or the bible study.

Josh Canfield Hillsong NYC gay worship leader with gay live-in partner Reed.

Josh Canfield Hillsong NYC gay worship leader with gay live-in partner Reed. Unmarried and unholy, and unconsummated,

"Pastor" Carl Lentz, the gay-loving co-pastor of Hillsong NYC.

“Pastor” Carl Lentz, the gay-loving and celebrity-loving unholy co-pastor of Hillsong NYC.

Frank Houston celebrating his birthday with Christian Life Centre staff in the early 1980s. Peter Laughton, who Frank Houston was having a homosexual affair with his the young man to the left of Frank's wife Hazel.

Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong aged 60 celebrating his birthday with Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst (First name for Hillsong) staff in the early 1980s. Peter Laughton, aged 20, who Frank Houston was having a secret homosexual affair with, is the young man to the left of Frank with his hand raised. Frank was aged 60 and Peter was aged 20, and Peter told the Sydney Morning Herald that the self-confessed 60 year old pedophile Frank took advantage of his naivety, innocence and youth. Peter said that he was looking for father love. Peter told the SMH he was abused. Frank and Peter were using accessories like Coke bottles. I’m glad Peter survived the ordeal and is now happy in his gayness.


Peter Laughton- happy standing near his lover and father figure Frank.

Peter Laughton- happy standing near his gay lover and father figure Frank. The secret pedophile Frank standing next to Peter bizarrely holding a knife like a killer. The secret lifelong pedophile and homosexual Frank Houston. The origins of Hillsong’s gayness. I’m not sure if Frank Houston was a gay pedophile or a bisexual pedophile. Perhaps Brian could clarify this with me. Also if Frank Houston was still alive and repented of his lifelong child raping, would he be able to take a gay or bisexual lover and be accepted at Hillsong and marry? So many hypotheticals once you welcome gays, bisexuals and transgenders into the Christian church.

Peter Laughton on left. Had a homosexual tryst with Frank Houston for four years from 1980,

Peter Laughton today. On left. Married (a woman) after his affair with Frank. Later returned to his old gay ways. Now happy with his gayness. Likes big men. Father figures. Although Frank Houston was a little man. Peter had a homosexual affair with the pedophile and secret homosexual Pastor Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong, for four years from 1980.

frank houston1117_spook

Elton John and his husband David. Also welcome at Hillsong London when they're in town.

Elton John and his husband David Furnish. And one of two darling babies of theirs. Also welcome at Hillsong London when they’re in town. Could take their children to the creche and even be on the child care roster at Hillsong London.


Elton. Gay and happy. Happy and gay. Gayly happy. Happily gay. Pastor Brian Houston says: “Whatever makes you happy”. I can’t remember where that is in the Holy Bible.

Elton John 10Elton John 14

Elton. Gayness welcome at Hillsong.

Elton. His Gayness is welcome at Hillsong

Elton. Love children. Happily gay like Brian like them.

Elton. Loves children. Happily gay like Brian likes them to be.

Elton out with a transexual. Welcome at all Hillsong churches. Can camp there.

Elton out with a transexual. All Welcome at all Hillsong churches. Can camp out there.

"Pastor" Brian Houston. Gay lover. The world's most famous gay-loving Pentecostal pastor.

“Pastor” Brian Houston. Gay lover. The world’s most famous gay-loving Pentecostal pastor. Happy.

brian houston115b_eltonbrian houston115a_elton-1

Happy married couple welcome at Hillsong

Pastor Brian Houston says, “Whatever makes you happy”- Husband and Husband- Elton and David. All married couples are welcome at Hillsong of whatever their sexual orientation including married bisexuals? and married transgender couples? Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong International- The Final Word of the Gay Lord Brian Houston of Hillsong International about gays in Hillsong: “We have plenty of gays at our churches all over the world. Although we prefer them to be heterosexual, if they’re gay that’s OK too. Whatever makes you happy”.

brian houston131f_bishop

Pastor Brian Houston: the gay-loving clergy of Hillsong Church- feeling gay today.

George Michael 4

Gay British pop-star George Michael- welcome at Hillsong London.

BH Liberace

Pastor Brian Houston. The gay lord of Hillsong and the Prosperity Gospel. Armarni suits, new Harley’s. Latest Audi A6 with all the trimmings and extras. A collection of expensive designer watches . Latest iPhones, iPads, gizmos. Plastic surgery. Hair transplants. Grand McMansion, overseas luxury holidays- all with Hillsong cash.