"Pastor " Kong Hee

“Pastor ” Kong Hee- in the clink for over three months now.  Three years and six months removed from his little son Dayan, who’ll be much bigger when Kong Hee next sees the freeways, boats and lotus flowers of Singapore. Eight years jail on the Prosecutions appeal is still possible- Thank you Australian Phil Pringle of C3 Church in Sydney- Kong Hee’s guide and mentor of two decades- you’re a legend

"Doctor Phil" Pringle- another crook. Empowering the errant "Pastor" Kong Hee of Harvest Church Singapore who has been sentenced to eight years in prison for gross fraud and deceiving and ripping off his congregants of tens of millions. Over $50 million.

Phil Pringle- another Prosperity Gospel crook. Empowering the errant “Pastor” Kong Hee of Harvest Church Singapore who is serving 3.5 years in Changi Prison Hell-Hole for gross fraud and deceiving and ripping off his congregants of tens of millions. Over USD$30 million.


“About a week of my lockup have passed in Changi Prison Complex. I missed my family members every single minute, every single day. But there were nothing much I could do. I could only wait for the day they will come to visit me. Inmates are allowed to write letters to family members but it takes more than a week to reach them.”

(Extract from part 10 of a Chinese Changi prisoner’s account below)


Phil Pringle of C3 Church led his spiritual son Kong Hee to Changi Prison Hell-Hole. Part 10. Family Visits

Changi Prison is notorious as a World War II hell hole where the Japanese locked up Allied prisoners during WWII after occupying Singapore. Changi Prison was already a hell-hole before the Japanese took it to a new inhumane level.

“Pastor” Kong Hee is currently serving 3.5 years in Changi Prison Hell-Hole for breaching Singapore Charity Trust laws by secretly siphoning over USD $30 million from the Harvest Church building fund and using it to finance and promote his wife Ho Yeouw Sun’s pop-star career. She is also known as Sun Ho and her pop-star name is “Geisha”. Asians particularly men have this fantasy about Japanese Geishas.

“Pastor” Kong Hee is also convicted of fraud charges because him and the five other Harvest Church leaders concealed information from and lied to the Singapore investigators.

Since the mid-1990s “Doctor Phil” Pringle has been “Pastor” Kong Hee’s mentor.


phil pringle a12

Phil Pringle. CEO of C3 International. Now a doctor. Regarded the pedophile Frank Houston as his spiritual father.


Throughout the pop-star career of Sun Ho, “Doctor Phil” Pringle was encouraging, empowering and prophesying over “Pastor” Kong Hee and Sun Ho and saying God was with them in everything to do with her pop-star career and that it will be “a great witness for Jesus” and stuff like that.

By any assessment “Doctor Phil” Pringle is responsible for the next dark passage in “Pastor” Kong Hee’s life.



"Pastor " Kong Hee

“Pastor ” Kong Hee


I looked on line for a prisoner’s description of life in Changi Prison and found the following account of a young Singaporean who spent two months there.

Below is the tenth episode of this prisoner’s story- a diarised type account.

This is what “Doctor Phil” Pringle of C3 mega-church has done to “Pastor” Kong Hee.

I have corrected misspelling and added edits as required.

English is spoken in Singapore as the official language but as a second language by Chinese Singaporeans whose main language is Mandarin.


Family Visits

“< Tuesday > About a week of my lockup have passed in CPC. I missed my family members in every single minute, single day. But there were nothing much I can do, I can only wait to the day they come visit me. Although inmates are allowed to write letters to family members, but it will take more than a week to reach them.

Whenever there were announcements from intelcom informing inmates to get ready for their family visit, I will somehow feel sad and disappointed whenever my ID number not being called up. Even some of my roommates who came in the same day as me, had already been visited by their family members.

Didn’t they receive the notice about my lockup in CPC? Are they too busy to come or have already disappointed in me?

Although I did told them not to come visit me as my sentences is short and it is too inconvenience for them to come from woodlands. I thought everything will be fine without seeing them only for weeks. But I was wrong, the longer I am being lockup in CPC, the more lonely I felt and the more I miss them.
Till halfway through my ‘Dayroom’ activity today, my ID number was being called up by the cookie suddenly. I responded and wondering what’s happening. “5613, standby for your family visit now!” said by the cookie. I was surprised, happy and a sudden amazing feeling which cannot be described in words. I had finally waited for this moment to come!

The front gate of Dayroom 3 opened in the next few minutes. I, the only inmate, walked out and join the other inmates from Dayroom 1 and Dayroom 2 whom also had their family visit. After headcount by a police officer, he escorted us to the ‘Visit rooms’ which are located at B2.

The journey from B4 to B2 is about 20 minutes. We were escorted to a room which was near the entrance of the ‘Visit Rooms’. We were later been briefed by the prison officer about the procedures for our family visits before we are allowed to proceed further.

I walked slowly to room 26 knowing that I have only 1 hour to communicate with my family members after the briefing. I told myself that I must treasure every single second and minute for this moment as Face-to-Face Family visit are only allowed once in every 2 weeks.

I came to Room 26, my family members are sitting in front of me. There is a wall with a transparent glass panel separating us from body contacts. I walked into the room and close the door. Now the room are only left me with my family members.

We seem to be very near to each other, yet we are very far from each other.

The moment I sat down, I can’t control my tears dropping out from my eyes even I tried to control……………….

Dear readers, I apologize that I really do not know what words are best to describe that very moment and there is nothing interesting to share in my conversation with my family members. All I can say is we treasured every single minutes communicating through the intelcom. We cry together, yet chatting with each other happily. Although it’s only been a few days for us without seeing each other, to us it is like months.

A message to all readers: All mothers in the world are the same. She will always be the one support, care, concern and standby by your side no matter what you have done and how much you have changed. Most fathers are also the great ones although on the surface they may not show much love and care to you. Till the day when you found yourself in deep trouble, you will know they will be the only ones who will support you till the very end.

So, spend some time and think again. How many sms and phone calls you have made per day to your parents compared to your friends? How much time you spend a day communicating with your parents compared to your friends? How often you hang out with your parents and accompany them compared to your friends?
Please be filial and treat your parents well. Treasure what you have now or else you will regret for life!

Information on family visit:
– Face-To-Face Visit is only allowed once in every 2 weeks and is 1 hour duration per hour. Only inmate’s parents/ siblings/ spouse are allow for Face-To-Face Visit.

– The walking distance for the visitors from CPC entrance to the ‘Visit Room’ is about 15 minute’s journey. It is better for parents whom are unable to walk long distance to go for a Tele-visit instead.
For family members who are taking public transport to CPC, there are only 2 SBS buses (Bus No. 2 and 29) that will reach CPC.

– CPC is located somewhere nearby Changi Village.