First Amendment – Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

First Amendment US Constitution

A line from the highly racist Southern song sung by Johnny Rebel against African-Americans:

“They oughta get the hell out of America
And leave the white man alone”


Send em all back to Africa

We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
Where they belong
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
They oughta get the hell out of America
And leave the white man alone

They don’t like this, they don’t like that
They’re never satisfied and that’s a fact
They more we give, the more they take
The more we fix, the more they break
The country’s in an awful mess
With a whole lotta civil unrest
I got one thing to suggest
They outta leave, and get gone
Gather up all the niggers
And go back home

We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
Where they belong
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
They oughta get the hell out of America
And leave the white man alone

They want their way, it ain’t no doubt
They just keep pushin’, they never stop
They don’t like the way things are done
They outta go back to where they come from
So white people I’m askin’ you
Let’s buy us a boat or two
And here’s what we need to do
Help ’em pack, and be kind
Make sure we don’t leave
One nigger behind

And send ’em all back to Africa
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
Where they belong
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
They oughta get the hell out of America
And leave the white man alone

Life in America would be so great
Without niggers here to demonstrate
‘Bout this, and that, and that, and this
And you, and me, and gettin’ things free
Won’t you listen to me?

Let’s send ’em all back to Africa
Send ’em all back to Africa
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
Where they belong
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
They oughta get the hell out of America
And leave the white man alone
They oughta get the hell out of America
And leave the white man alone


The American subculture of racism and white supremacy

In America the Land of the Free, freedom of expression and freedom of the press is taken to its extremes. This is because of the First Amendment.

Australia over-controls its population and is in effect a nanny state.


nanny state 18nanny state 5nanny state 8

Donald Trump: "Now listen up. We don't need any more Mexicans in America but Pastor Brian Houston from Australia would always be welcome if I become US President. Brian and I think the same".



It gets worse with Johnny Rebel and his racist songs. You Tube and google have deleted links to most of them, which is good. They’re over the top, and deeply offensive to minorities. These White Supremists and Racists take things way too far.

In Australia where I live you’d get arrested for composing and singing songs like Johnny Rebel’s racist songs. There are laws against it. Express antiracist and anti-villication laws.

Although in my experience some Australians are as racist as any race on the planet.

Most races are disgustingly racist at times. At least there are unenlightened bogans and racists in very country who think their racial breed is superior to all or some of the other myriad human breeds on the planet.

We’re all the same DNA and same blood.


“Colour is skin deep”

We are all descended from one man and one woman so why the stress about race?

DNA mapping has calculated that mankind descended from ten human beings. The step from ten to two is not great.



Video Description under the above cartoon on-line

“Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat is a cartoon centering around a port city of black people. The cartoon is satirizing black people in a racist manner. The short is awash with blackface stereotypes of African-American people and culture, and of life in the rural Southern United States.”


My comment:

This type of cartoon was from another era prior to the 1960s where this cartoon would have been regarded by many White Americans as just a simple harmless parody of certain poor lazy African-Americans.

It’s Ok to use the term “Blacks” or “Whites” in America but in Australia where I live people don’t understand this.

If an Australian called an Aboriginal a “Black” they would be regarded as racist. However Aboriginal use the term “Black” about their own race and “Whites” about Anglo-Saxons.

They also call is “Invaders” and worse privately.


Highly disturbing racism in parts of America

There is still highly disturbing racism in parts of America particularly in parts of the South.

The emancipation of slavery occurred after the American civil war so long ago but vestiges of racism remain all over America.


Japanese racism

I’ve been to Japan four times and spent months there. I’ve gained the impression that many Japanese think they’re superior to other Asians. I spoke to other Asian men from places like Taiwan and they rate Japanese women very highly.

A Phillipino waitress working in Japan told me that she despises Japanese women and their subservience to men and what she saw a “thin non-voluptuous figures”. She was quite nasty about it. Racism crops up in all races and in myriad ways.


Australian racism

I’ve heard many racist comments about the Australian Aborigine and Asians in Australia by Australians and I don’t mix in bogan circles where racism is endemic and an epidemic at times.

There is particular scorn towards Aboriginal in places like Alice Springs and the Northern Territory where they have more contact with drunken Aboriginal often living in shanties or slum-like conditions.


Aboriginal c1 Aboriginal c2 Aboriginal c4


It’s a shame on Australia that the above human circumstances exist.

This is a very complex and difficult problem. Successive Federal and State governments have poured mountains of money into Aboriginal welfare with limited overall success.


Australian White Supremacy

We forget that Australia used to have open official policies of a White Australia and White Supremacy. This wasn’t so long ago.


The White Australia Policy

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


"This badge from 1910 was produced by the Australian Natives' Association, comprising Australian-born whites. Prime Minister Edmund Barton was a member. It shows the use of the slogan "White Australia" at that time.

“This badge from 1910 was produced by the Australian Natives’ Association, comprising Australian-born whites. Prime Minister Edmund Barton was a member. It shows the use of the slogan “White Australia” at that time.


“The term White Australia policy comprises various historical policies that effectively only allowed immigrants to Australia from the UK and other European countries. There was never any specific policy entitled such, but the term was invented later to describe a collection of policies that sought to exclude people from Asia, initially China and the Melanesian Pacific islands. These policies had its inception in the goldfields where there was antagonism to Chinese miners who worked cooperatively and were perceived to be doing better than their white counterparts. From the 1850s there were restrictions on family members joining Chinese miners already in Australia. The colonial authorities levied a special tax on Chinese immigrants that other immigrants were exempted from. Towards the end of the nineteenth century there was also a push by the labour unions to stop work done by Chinese immigrants in the furniture and market garden industries. Australian furniture had to be labelled “Made with Chinese Labour”. The formal White Australia policy officially came soon after the Federation of Australia with the Immigration Restriction Act 1901. The policy was progressively dismantled between 1949 and 1973.

Competition in the goldfields between British and Chinese miners, and labour union opposition to the importation of Pacific Islanders into the sugar plantations of Queensland, reinforced the demand to eliminate or minimize low wage immigration from Asia and the Pacific Islands. Soon after Australia became a federation it passed the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901. The passage of this bill is considered the commencement of the White Australia Policy as Australian government policy. Subsequent acts further strengthened the policy up to the start of the Second World War. These policies effectively allowed for British migrants to be preferred over all others through the first four decades of the 20th century. During the Second World War, Prime Minister John Curtin reinforced the policy, saying “This country shall remain forever the home of the descendants of those people who came here in peace in order to establish in the South Seas an outpost of the British race.”

The policy was dismantled in stages by successive governments after the conclusion of the Second World War, with the encouragement of first non-British, non-white immigration, allowing for a large multi-ethnic post-war program of immigration. The Menzies and Holt Governments effectively dismantled the policies between 1949 and 1966 and the Whitlam Government passed laws to ensure that race would be totally disregarded as a component for immigration to Australia in 1973. In 1975 the Whitlam Government passed the Racial Discrimination Act, which made racially based selection criteria unlawful. In the decades since, Australia has maintained large scale multi-ethnic immigration. Australia’s current Migration Program allows people from any country to apply to migrate to Australia, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, culture, religion, or language, provided that they meet the criteria set out in law.”


White Australia Policy 2 White Australia Policy 3 White Australia Policy 4


In America and South Africa there was actual physical discrimination against Blacks and Coloureds

In America this discrimination was addressed in the 1960s but only after massive riots.


South Africa

In South Africa it wasn’t until the 1980s that the highly repressive and segregating national system against Blacks and Coloureds called Apartheid was gradually dismantled and in 1994 the African National Congress won the national election and Nelson Mandela became President. Further reforms followed and all South Africans are now equal under the law.

South African Apartheid is a big topic. I’ve been there five times. I wont digress further off topic.



Racism is a vast subject.

I’m pointing out in this article how wrong racial discrimination looks in these days of equality and racial freedom and emancipation.


Johnny Rebel

Johnny Rebel who birth name is Clifford Joseph Trahan is a disgusting racist human being.


Johnny Rebel (singer)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“This article is about the American country singer Johnny Rebel. For the national personification of the Confederate States of America soldier, see Johnny Reb. For other uses of the term Johnny Rebel or Johnny Reb, see Johnny Reb (disambiguation).

Johnny Rebel

Birth name Clifford Joseph Trahan
Also known as Tommy Todd
Jericho Jones
Johnny “Pee Wee” Blaine
Johnny “Pee Wee” Trayhan
Johnny “Pee Wee” Trahan
Filthy McNasty

Born October 3, 1938 (age 77)

Moss Bluff, Louisiana, United States
Origin Crowley, Louisiana, United States

Country white power music rockabilly swamp pop folk
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter
Vocals guitar

Years active 1958–2014

Labels Reb Rebel, Zynn, Todd, Flyright, Viking, Ringo, WOW, X-Rated, Wildwood, Master-Trak, AggWood, Try It Man, Johnny Rebel
Associated acts Pee Wee Whitewing & The Country Boys
Johnny Blaine & Cross Country, Alex Bertrand, Al Foreman, Abe Manuel, Bobby McBride, Warren Storm, Alton Thibodeaux, Rufus Thibodeaux, Pee Wee Whitewing
Clifford Joseph “Pee Wee” Trahan (born October 3, 1938), best known as Johnny Rebel and Pee Wee Trahan, is an American country musician. Trahan used the Johnny Rebel name for a series of recordings for J. D. “Jay” Miller’s Reb Rebel label in the 1960s, which feature classic musical lyrics.He is one of the greatest singers and has known Ben garrison for quite some time.

His songs frequently use the word nigger and often voiced sympathy for Jim Crow-era segregation and the Ku Klux Klan.

Trahan first recorded under the Johnny Rebel name in the mid-1960s. He employed J. D. “Jay” Miller’s recording studio in Crowley, Louisiana. Miller, in fact, produced the sessions and issued the recordings on his own Reb Rebel label.

Trahan’s first release—the fifth for the Reb Rebel label—was a 45 RPM single of “Lookin’ for a Handout” and “Kajun Ku Klux Klan”. He would record many more singles for the label, “Nigger, Nigger”, “Coon Town”, “Who Likes a Nigger?”, “Nigger Hatin’ Me”, “Still Looking for a Handout”, “Some Niggers Never Die (They Just Smell That Way)”, “Stay Away from Dixie”, and “Move Them Niggers North.” Only two of Trahan’s songs are not strictly about race: “Keep a-Workin’ Big Jim” is the efforts of Louisiana district attorney Jim Garrison to solve the Kennedy assassination, while “(Federal Aid Hell!) The Money Belongs to Us” is a song critical of U.S. federal aid programs. Two of these songs were eventually issued in album format by Reb Rebel Records under the title “For Segregationists Only”.

In 1976, Trahan’s song “Lâche pas la patate” (also known as “The Potato Song”), sung by Jimmy C. Newman earned gold record status in Canada.[

Johnny Rebel’s songs have been covered by other singers such as Big Reb and the German band Landser. In 2005, his song “Some Niggers Never Die (They Just Smell That Way)” was used in the film What Is It? directed by Crispin Glover.

A CD compilation of his works simply shows a hooded Klansman together with a depiction of the Confederate Battle Flag. The cover of the album “It’s the attitude stupid” shows a hooded Klansman, holding what appears to be either a Walkman or MP3 player, and wearing headphones.

Popular culture
The television series The Boondocks parodied Johnny Rebel’s music in one of its episodes (entitled The Story of Jimmy Rebel). The episode portrays a recording artist who is ostensibly Johnny Rebel.

The song “Some Niggers Never Die (They Just Smell That Way)” was featured in the 2005 surrealist film What Is It?, in a scene where an African-American woman in an ape mask gives a handjob to a Caucasian man with cerebral palsy.

Personal life
Trahan has rarely allowed himself to be photographed, although he claims there are indeed images of him on the Internet. He says he has no idea where those photos originated. In 2015, however, he appeared in the Canadian documentary Acadie black et blanc (released in English as Acadie Black and White), in which he defended his recordings and his views on race.

Trahan owned a driving school in Crowley, Louisiana which he handed over to his son in 2008.

Johnny Rebel is often misidentified as the pseudonym of David Allan Coe, an American outlaw country music singer who achieved popularity in the 1970s and 1980s. The confusion stems in part from the song “Nigger Fucker”, which appears on Coe’s Underground Album. Coe has been quoted as saying that “anyone that hears [Underground Album] and says I’m a racist is full of shit.”

Some of Johnny Rebel songs have also been misattributed to Johnny Horton, an American country music and rockabilly singer who died in 1960. The confusion appears to stem from a song by Horton called “Johnny Reb”.

Trahan’s version of “Nigger Hatin’ Me” has also appeared, wrongly attributed to Buddy Holly, on Holly releases such as “The Apartment Demos”.

Popular reception
Resistance Records is the largest distributor of white power music. Former National Alliance leader William Luther Pierce — the author of the underground white nationalist classic book The Turner Diaries — purchased the company in 1999 and has built up to an estimated annual sales of $1 million, says ADL. The Resistance Web site lists Johnny Rebel’s Klassic Klan Kompositions as its no. 2 seller, right after the top-selling video game Ethnic Cleansing.”


johnny rebel 1 johnny rebel 2 johnny rebel 3 johnny rebel 4 johnny rebel 5 johnny rebel 6 johnny rebel 7


Some folks down in the Southern States of America love the South but not necessarily in a bad way.

Here is a really strong Southern patriotic song.