Jonathan R Wain – a student at Dilworth School, Auckland New Zealand in the early 1970s- now a barrister in Brisbane, Australia. Pictured as I knew Jonathan in the 1970s, before he was corrupted and lost his Christian character

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I knew Jonathan R Wain, Chairman of Dilworth School, Auckland, New Zealand and now a barrister in Brisbane, Australia, in the 1970s in Te Atatu in Auckland, New Zealand.

I write with sadness what I’m about to write, because 20 years ago Jonathan Wain behaviour led me to terminate a very close friendship. I have no regrets in cutting my friendship and ties with Jonathan. In 1997, I decided he is capricious, dishonest, unfaithful, an adulterer and not honest with money.

I have had no contact with Jonathan since 1997, except briefly at my son Joseph’s wedding 3.5 years ago, and cannot speak for his character, honesty or loyalty to friends since 1997.

In 1979, Jonathan R Wain was my best man at my first wedding and soon after I was Jonathan’s best man at his wedding to Kaylene, his long-time wife.

I met Jonathan R Wain in 1974 at Rutherford High School in Te Atatu, Auckland, New Zealand. I was only at the oppressive, bland, boring Rutherford High School for one year. The best thing about Rutherford High School was leaving it in December 1974.

Jonathan R Wain dated my sister Margaret Elley-Brown of Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand. In fact, Jonathan R Wain took my sister Margaret Elley-Brown’s virginity in a car in the carpark on top of Mt Eden, Auckland – a fact I was not very happy about. My parents, Rev Reuben Donald Elley and Valerie Jean Elley, never knew this salacious information. Margaret and Jonathan were very keen on each other, and perhaps should have married.

In 1975, aged 19, I became a Spirit-filled Christian, and led Jonathan R Wain to Christ. We became “besties” (best friends) and were almost inseparable. People used to call Jonathan “my shadow”. I was a year older and had a strong influence on Jonathan. I was like an older brother to him, a guide and a confidante.

So we were friends for twenty years, and were each others best man, and there was a certain mount of pain in not being friends for a few years after I cut the friendship. However, Jonathan did several things in the mid-90s, 23 years into our friendship, that I couldn’t handle, which I considered, and still consider, lacked honesty, integrity and good character.

One of the several things that led me to terminate my friendship with Jonathan was his constant penchant for other young women outside his marriage. I recall he had an affair with an attractive young dancer he met in a lift a work, but there were other adulterous liaisons. I’m not aware if he got on top of this little problem. I’m surprised his wife Kaylene, a good, polite and nice lady stuck by him.

From 1974 for 23 years, Jonathan and I were very close, and “there for each other”. Ours was like a Biblical “David and Jonathan” type closeness and friendship – We never seemed to get sick of each other and were extremely comfortable in each others company.

I’ve had many friendships in my lifetime of this nature with men and women. Tess Oliver (Mate) of Bellingen, Northern Rivers, Australia and I were platonic friends of this nature for over thirty years, until I had a major fall-out with her husband Colin Mate and their friends Pastor John and Laurel Woolhouse of Dorrigo Life Springs. These things happen. I was very close friends with Robbie Gale of Bellingen, perhaps closer than I was to Jonathan Wain. That friendship went down with the blue with the Woolhouses. It was a case of alliances in small-town Bellingen. Again, sh.t happens.

I’d rather retain friendships than lose them, however “life is like a merry-go-around”, and I have lots of friends, some very old and some new. I like the new ones as much as the old ones.

I’ll continue this true story soon…