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Beverly Houston, Brian Houston's sister: "Donald (who ever you are) give me a call"

Beverly Houston, Brian Houston’s sister. Likes a drop or two of the housewife’s sweet remedy.


Hillsong’s cigar smoking pastor

Why would you want to go to a Hillsong Conference to hear the Head Pastor Brian Houston boasting about how great he is and how he likes to chill out on the terrace of his Glenfield mansion in Sydney by himself, look at the stars, drink a bottle of wine from McMurphy’s Drive-in, Castle Hill, spoke a big fat cigar and say to himself “O Great God in Heaven, you have truly blessed me. I am now the greatest pastor on earth”.

Yes, this Great Man is the Great Pastor Brian Houston.


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Come to Hillsong if you want to lack spirituality, holiness and godly spiritual discernment.

Come to Hillsong if you want to lack spirituality, holiness and godly spiritual discernment.


I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the 24th in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.


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Hillsong insider speaks:

26 Oct 2015

Hi Donald

“I was reminded of a sermon in which the great Brian Houston boasted about smoking a huge cigar, and smoking the whole thing.

Brian stood on the stage in front of Hillsong church of over 3000 people, and he boasted about the enjoyment of smoking and sitting on a deck-chair out the back yard of his big house, by himself, when the family was away.

Pastor Brian Houston at night outside looking at the stars getting high on wine and a big fat cigar.

Boasting of his good time by himself, thinking of how rich and blessed he was.

This sermon was in 2013.

I stood at the back of the church as there were nowhere to sit and listened to his lavish life style.

I was reminded of this incident by an old friend as we spoke of a friend that’s dying from cancer”.


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Brian. Sitting on a deck-chair out the backyard of his big house by himself, when his family was away. Looking at the stars getting high on wine and a big fat cigar. Boasting of his good time by himself. Thinking of how rich and blessed he is.


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I hope it was a big fat Cuban cigar.

Not some cheap cigar bought on impulse at McMurphy’s Drive-In Liquor in Baulkham Hills, Sydney, Australia, near where Brian and Bobbie his wife live- alone in their big mansion.


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The great Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong. Relaxing and smoking a big fat Cuban cigar.


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cigar 45 cigar 43 cigar 42 cigar 40 cigar 39 cigar 38 cigar 37                    cigar 5


Presidents smoke them


cigar 3cigar 10


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John F Kennedy smoked them


cigar 24cigar 35 cigar 36


Great British Prime Ministers smoke them


cigar 16cigar 33


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Is a woman smoking a cigar sexy?


cigar 28cigar 30cigar 41 cigar 42cigar 45


It depends on the woman


cigar 7cigar 9cigar 12cigar 13cigar 15cigar 17cigar 6cigar 423cigar 21


Is it right for a Christian pastor to smoke a cigar?


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priest smoking 1 priest smoking 2 priest smoking 3 priest smoking 4



brian houston111c_cigar


If you’re a Roman priest or naughty Roman nun it’s OK?


priest smoking 5 priest smoking 6 priest smoking 7 priest smoking 8 priest smoking 9 priest smoking 10


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If you’re a celebrity pretending to be a priest or gay, it’s OK?


priest smoking 11


If you’re a celebrity it’s OK.


cigar 52priest smoking 53 priest smoking 54 priest smoking 55 priest smoking 57 cigar 58 cigar 59


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If you’re a revolutionary its OK?


che guevara 12che guevara 11che guevara 7che guevara 6che guevara 2che guevara 1



If you’re Cuban it’s OK.


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The great tin-pot dictator of Hillsong Padre Ce Brian Che Houston. The holy comrade. Looking to start a Hillsong in Havana, Cuba- so Brian can go check out the cigars, bars, salsa, and Cuban rum.

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