This series is my contribution to honouring the Holy Spirit, “the forgotten” and “neglected” member of the Holy Trinity.

One of the many functions of the Holy Spirit is to help Christians worship Almighty God through the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit should not be worshipped.

The Holy Spirit should not be worshipped

The Holy Spirit’s function is to honour God the Father and to honour His Son Christ.

I see well-meaning Christians, and often very spiritual Christians, worshipping and lauding the Holy Spirit, but this is not correct spiritual practice, and should not be done.

The Holy Spirit Himself does not like being worshipped, and on this ground alone we should respect His wishes and not worship Him.

Angels must not be worshipped, prayed to, communicated with like they are our friends or similar practices

Angels must not be worshipped, prayed to, communicated with like they are our friends or similar practices.

Angels are the Lord’s servants and do not wish to talk to mankind, unless the Lord sends them to do so with a specific instruction.

Counterfeit Christian-based religions 

Many counterfeit religions have been birthed by communication with so-called angels of the Lord including Mormonism, founded by Joseph Smith and the Steiner movement, founded by Rudolph Steiner.

Rudolph Steiner and Joseph Smith both received revelations from “angels”.

The Jehovah’s Witness similarly have a history of false Divine and angelic revelations. Many times Jehovah’s Witnesses have sold all their possessions and gone to places like mountain tops in expectation of the return of Christ, in response to “Divine and angelic revelations” of the imminence of Christ’s return.

Bethel Church and similar “Charismatic” churches and angels

Bill and Beni Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, California and similar modern Charismatic churches are into various forms of mysticism, communication with angels and weird spiritual experiences – pseudo Holy Spirit experiences.

Bethel Church and similar churches are extremely damaging to true Biblical New Testament Christianity and should be shunned and avoided.

Talking to the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is our gentle and loving friend once we’re born again, and should be talked to, and more importantly, listened to.

Listening to the Holy Spirit

God the Holy Spirit is immeasurably wise, good and pure, so it’s important to wait on Him and listen to Him.

If we don’t listen to the Holy Spirit, in time He’ll give on trying to guide us and lt us learn the hard way.

Having said that, He is incredibly patient and forgiving and redemptive, so He’ll always give us a second chance, right up to the day we die.

The Holy Spirit’s role in lifting up God the Father and Jesus

The Holy Spirit lifts up God the father and the Lord Jesus, rather than Himself.

The Holy Spirit should be highly honoured but not worshipped.