Hillsong NYC. Open gays leading the choir

Hillsong New York City allows gays in leadership positions. Open gay Josh Canfield leading the choir. Pictured with his former soul-mate and live-in partner Reed. Josh: “Our relationship isn’t yet consummated”. Whatever that means…Thank for sharing that with the world Josh. Josh also hosts a Hillsong NYC Bible study group in his apartment. Josh says he’s looking for a new man to marry amongst the “Christian gays” at Hillsong.

Hillsong's gospel of greed and avarice.

Hillsong’s gospel of greed and avarice. Hillsong and Bobbie and Brian Houston: Shaking under the power of the mighty dollar.

I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the 13th in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.

Today I’m going to take extracts from each of the first five articles in this series, and then make overall comments about them.

Five Extracts:

Part one: ‘Pat Mesiti’s adultery with a young Hillsong worship leader and with prostitutes’.

Pastor Pat Mesiti of Hillsong Church – a self-confessed sex addict”

Pat Mesiti confesses: “I was a sex addict”.

Hillsong Insider speaks:

“Pat Mesiti committed adultery with Darlinghurst prostitutes while he was a famous Hillsong Youth Alive pastor preaching to thousands of young people.

Pat Mesiti was caught by paying for the services of prostitutes using a Hillsong Church credit card.

Pat Mesiti had an adulterous affair, while he was married, with a young Hillsong worship leader.

He divorced his wife and married the young Hillsong worship leader who he had the affair with.

The pursuit and even harassment of young attractive women in Hillsong church by older Hillsong men and leaders is common. In fact it is part of the inner culture of Hillsong church”.


Part two: ‘My questions to do with Pat Mesiti’s adultery with a young Hillsong worship leader and with prostitutes’.

My comments on Pat Mesiti’s adulteries with prostitutes and a young worship leader, his former second wife no 2, who he cheated on too with prostitutes and loose women:

My questions raised in part two of this series of articles asking various questions about the above information from the Hillsong insider about Pat Mesiti.

Firstly, why hasn’t Hillsong informed us, the Body of Christ, or even its own members, or even the pastors in the Australian Assemblies of God movement (AoG) or even its own pastors at Hillsong of the facts about what Pat Mesiti did?”

What’s wrong with having sex with prostitutes?

What’s wrong with having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong church credit card?

When a man is not only a Christian, but a very prominent Australian Assemblies of God youth pastor preaching to thousands of innocent believing young people, like Pat Mesiti was when he got caught, is going to a brothel on a Hillsong Church credit card wrong?

What’s wrong with having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong church credit card when you’re a famous trusted Christian Youth evangelist preaching to thousands of innocent believing young people, including Donald Elley of Bellingen’s older children?”

So what should have happened to Pat Mesiti when he got caught having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong credit card, and cheated on his wife with a young Hillsong worship leader, at the same time? An unholy mess. And should he have been “restored” by Pastor Phil Pringle, the head pastor of C3 Global Church, which has it’s headquarters on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, to do his “friend” Brian Houston a favour?

Firstly, what should have happened to Pat Mesiti when he got caught having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong credit card, and also cheating on so wife with a young attractive female worship leader?”

What does the New Testament in the Holy Bible say about famous pastors who do very public sexual sins like Pat did?

Part three: ‘The day a lesbian was roughed up by Hillsong pastors and thrown out the Hillsong door’.


Lesbians: Should Hillsong Church Pastors rough up lesbians and toss them out the Hillsong door?

Hillsong Insider speaks:

“In 2005 Hillsong City pastors, Pastor Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren, manhandled and abused a young lady at Hillsong City Church, who was gay. She was told, “your type is not needed here at Hillsong”.

She was sitting on the floor of the Hillsong City Church front foyer, with her back to the wall. This incident took place as the church sermon was going on. Pastor Brian Houston was preaching. It was at the 5pm service.

Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren spoke to her, and in her defence, after being told “a lesbian is gay and not needed here at Hillsong”, they went to grab her and manhandle her to the front door.

The lady at this time was sitting on the floor. As the pastors tried to get hold of her, by extreme rough handling, she said, “Please stop, you are hurting me”.

Pastor Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren were saying, “It’s time to go lady lover”.

She slapped the pastor so hard that the crack was heard inside the auditorium.

The two pastors gave this women no rights of removal under the act, and twisting her limbs behind her back, they pulled her up. She was yelling abuse at the pastors. She was taken outside and then thrown to the ground outside the door. By this stage she was a crying mess and she was bleeding a little. She would have gotten bruising after all this rough handling. I didn’t see her return.

This was one incident where the reports were shredded or never made. This lady was acting in self-defence. Yes the lady was gay, but this was plain bullying and rough handling, whatever you like to call it.

I saw this all happen and did not a thing. I was told by Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren, “It’s not your place, we will handle it”.

The security team can be very rough, and they can be very aggressive, doing pay-back and stuff like that. They can be very aggressive in protecting Hillsong and throwing out dissenters like this poor lesbian who got shown the door. They also spy on people and track them. For example Tanya Levin, the Hillsong watch lady”.

Part four. Extract one. ‘The Hillsong culture: Bullying, intimidation, fear and cult-like activities’.

Pastor Steve McGhie

Pastor Steve McGhie. Great White Hunter. Bully. No Christian heart of compassion. Tough guy. Hates Australian Aborigines and tosses them out the Hillsong door. Also tosses gays out the Hillsong door. I have some more Steve McGhie stories…watch this space.

Hillsong Insider speaks:

“All Hillsong leaders and Hillsong security have photographs of Tanya Levin. Hillsong can’t stand Tanya Levin.

Whenever Hillsong leaders or Hillsong security spot Tanya Levin near a Hillsong event or a Hillsong church, Hillsong security goes into overdrive. Photographs of her and what she is wearing go out to every Hillsong Security staff member and to every Hillsong church leader in Australia.

If Hillsong knows a dissenter is out and about, Hillsong security will send someone to track their every move. They do this to Tanya Levin every time.

They watch what Tanya does, who she speaks to and it all goes into a report. Hillsong pastors go and talk to anyone Tanya has spoken to, to get information on what the conversation was about, and then the Hillsong church member who spoke to Tanya gets a debrief and a warning about her.

Hillsong Security leadership teaches teams of people how to do this and how to pass on sightings and write Hillsong security reports.

The Hillsong Head of Security reports to Pastor Steve McGhie, Pastor Brian Houston’s brother-in-law, who is Brian’s fix-it man and henchman.

Part four. Extract two: Pastor Brian Houston has a bad temper.

Pastor Brian Houston

Pastor Brian Houston. Has a foul temper.

Hillsong Insider speaks:

Pastor Brian Houston has a bad temper. Once he was in a hurry, running late, and the lifts at Hillsong were too slow. Brian lost it and punched a hole in a gyprock wall adjacent the lifts.

In his mind Brian Houston acts and thinks like, “I’m the great Brian Houston”.

Part five: ‘The Marks of the Hillsong Church Culture: mate-ship, money, amorality and poor Christian moral ethics’.

Joel Houston. Spiritually corrupt. Part of a spiritually bankrupt dynasty. The grandson of a lifelong pedophile. The son of a pedophile protector. Up to his gills in Hillsong money scams. Milking the Blessed Body of Christ of every cent they can get their grubby hands on.

Joel Houston. Brian Houston’s son. Frank Houston’s grandson. Spiritually corrupt. Part of a spiritually bankrupt dynasty. The grandson of a lifelong pedophile. The son of a pedophile protector. Up to his gills in Hillsong money scams. Milking the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Body of Christ, of every cent they can get their grubby Houston hands on.

Hillsong Insider speaks:

“Pastor Steve McGhie and his wife Judith (Brian Houston’s sister) are the most corrupt people in the Hillsong church.

Steve McGhie has a hatred towards Aboriginals. He treats them badly and has rough-handled them at times, when they’ve misbehaved inside Hillsong premises at Waterloo. (Hillsong City Campus).

Pastor Joel A’Bell, formerly a Hillsong Youth Pastor, and now head of Hillsong Australia, is a snake. He’ll be nice to you and stab you in the back. Pastor Joel A’Bell has a love of power”.

It’s all ‘jobs for the boys’ at Hillsong. An “if you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” culture, where morality and ethics take a second place.

Mateship and nepotism are the currency of the Hillsong culture. This culture revolves around money and finance. Pastor Joel Houston, Pastor Bobbie and Brian Houston’s eldest son, before he became prominent in the Hillsong Youth Band, and later become co-pastor at Hillsong New York City, had a printing business. He was given all of Hillsong’s printing business which is massive. This is blatant shameless nepotism.
There was a big fallout between Darlene Zschech and Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston before Darlene and her husband Mark left Hillsong to form their own church on the Central Coast, an hour north of Sydney. Darlene didn’t want the high rock and roll Hillsong was getting into under its Hillsong Alive band run by Pastor Joel Houston. Darlene wanted worship to be more worshipful and she wanted to be there for the people. Pastor Brian Houston is led by money not love for people. Pastor Brian Houston, his wife Bobbie and his son Joel wanted the high rock and roll. Now Hillsong has to beg and scrap to Darlene if they want her to sing, because they want to trade on her name still in their promotions by having her sing occasionally for them.

In respect to Bobbie Houston, Pastor Brian Houston’s wife, I don’t know how Brian puts up with her. She’s just a nag. Bobbie is a princess who can do whatever she wants. In fact at one Colour Conference she said, “This is my conference and I’ll do whatever I like”. Who pays for Bobbie’s cosmetic surgery? Hillsong does.

Hillsong is just corporate now. It’s about business, business, business. It’s a job for the full-time staff rather than a Christian ministry of heart-felt service, like the Lord Jesus Christ wanted the Church of Jesus to be.

Joel Houston is a bit of a fool. Joel’s best mate made out he had terminal cancer and achieved fame throughout Australia for it. His name is Michael Guglielmucci. Then he was found out to have lied about it.

Joel is out for fame. I knew Brian’s kids in the pram. All the Houston kids are power-mad. All their spouses married into money.

Joel Houston has an immense sense of entitlement. Joel’s attitude is “I’m in Hillsong. I’m Brian Houston’s son”.

All the young Hillsong City church pastors have homes and apartments in the beach-side Eastern Suburbs of Sydney bought with Hillsong church financial assistance. If they need money to buy an apartment, cash gets put into their account to help them get the loan, and then it is moved out once the loan is approved. All the young pastors at the Hillsong City Church get helped in ways like this. It’s “jobs for the boys”. Hillsong Bible College teaching is all about the Hillsong business and about milking the system.

Brian Houston has a very bad temper. His overall attitude is “I’m the great Brian Houston”. Bobbie and Brian Houston live a life of luxury and excess.

“Hillsong keeps records on members, just like a cult”.

My comments:

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen. Got a Hillsong headache. Can’t believe what a bunch of loonies and amateurs Hillsong are. And not Christians at all. Hillsong is a heretical counterfeit cult. The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen (and Bondi).

These extracts from the first five articles in this series demonstrate that “The spirit that is on Hillsong isn’t the Holy Spirit”.

In the late 1990s I returned to Hillsong City Campus. It was called Christian Life Centre (CLC) Sydney in those days, which is the third name for Hillsong. The first name was Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst, known as CLC Darlinghurst or CLC Darlo for short. Australian’s shorten many words. ‘Darlo’ for Darlinghurst, ‘arvo’ for afternoon, ‘smoko’ for morning tea, ‘see ya’ for “I’ll see you later” or “goodbye”, and so on. ‘Pedo’ for pedophile seems to be an oft used term in relationship to Hillsong these days.

Pastor Frank Houston, the self-confessed life-long “pedo” or pedophile, Brian Houston’s father, founded Hillsong in Sydney’s eastern suburbs in 1977.

Brian and Bobbie Houston joined him soon after as did Ian Carlisle and Maureen, one of Brian’s three sisters and her first husband. Later about 1990, Steve McGhie and Judith, Brian’s youngest sister, migrated to Sydney from New Zealand to join them all.

Brian and Bobbie Houston have three children. Joel, Ben and Laura.

Bobbie and Brian's mansion

Bobbie and Brian’s mansion

Brian Houston house 2 Brian Houston house 3 Brian Houston house 5

Brian and Bobbie Houston's McMansion Palace in Glenhaven, Western Sydney.

Brian and Bobbie Houston’s McMansion Palace in Glenhaven, Western Sydney.


Brian Houston

edit: The Wikipedia article about ‘Brian Houston’ and ‘Hillsong Church’ reads like they were written by Hillsong. In fact, Hillsong has a large and very busy PR, IT and Security department who ensure everything about Hillsong on the internet and social media that Hillsong can control is carefully manipulated and manicured exactly how they want it.

Wikipedia. Brian Houston:

‘Brian and Bobbie Houston’s home is in the suburb of Glenhaven, Sydney.

Houston’s three grown children, Joel, Ben, and Laura. Ben and Laura currently live in Sydney.

Joel is married to Esther, they have a son. Joel is a musician, a songwriter, and Hillsong Church’s creative director. As of 2010, he co-pastors Hillsong New York with Carl Lentz.

Ben is married to Lucille and they are the Lead Pastors of Hillsong Los Angeles. They have three daughters.

Laura married Peter Toganivalu in 2008, and they have one daughter and one son. Laura, along with her husband Peter are pastors of the senior high youth ministry Wildlife. Laura also oversees the youth music/worship ministry known as ‘Young and Free’. Previously she was involved with the church communications team, which included overseeing artwork and design’.

My comments:

So all three Houston children, Joel, Ben, and Laura, are ‘in the ministry’. One might add, ‘in Hillsong ministry’.

The Houstons are very dynastic like a lot of other high profile and extremely wealthy Australian families. Take the Packers or the Murdochs for example. Gretel and James Packer, the two children of Kerry Packer, have recently split their inheritance in two. Lachlan, James and Elizabeth Murdoch, the children of Rupert Murdoch from his first marriage, and his primary heirs, are all working for, and looked after, by Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation.

So it runs with the Houstons. They’re all ‘in the ministry’. They’re all looked after by mummy and daddy. They all have luxury apartments in Bondi, personally owned in tax-free Hillsong church trust accounts to avoid capital gains and other taxes.

The Houstons had better be careful with their clever tax avoidance tricks, or the Australian Taxation Department may do another  audit of them, just as they did recently with the Obeids, another Sydney dynastic family.

What has also been passed on and inherited from momma and papa Houston, as the Hillsong crowd like to affectionately called them, or Bobbie and Brian Houston, as we know them, are their bad habits and personal demons.

Bobbie, a self-proclaimed princess of note, a self-confessed sex addict like Pat Mesiti, except, to my knowledge, she restricts her passions to Brian. Botox queen. “A nag” to Brian, according to the eye-witness observation of the Hillsong Insider. Loves luxury clothes, the jet-set lifestyle, holidays at plush European hotels paid for by Hillsong, botox, breast lifts, nips and tuck- all paid for by Hillsong tithes. Princess mentality. The Hillsong insider says that Bobbie Houston’s ego is out-of-control. That she has mega tickets on herself. That Bobbie is a complete princess who always gets her way around Hillsong Church.

Bobbie Houston. Married into a very corrupt family.

Bobbie Houston. Mrs Brian Houston. Botox Queen. Self-proclaimed princess. In on all the scams of Hillsong Church.

Brian, the King or Pope of Hillsong, who rules with an iron fist but he can’t control his physical and spiritual children. What wealthy man can control his children when they become free-wheeling wealthy adults? It’s a recipe for disaster: wealth, entitlement and freedom and no Holy Spirit to help keep things Biblical and in order.

Saint Copulator II, otherwise known as Saint Petropoulos of Hillsong Baulkham Hills or Pope Pete for short. Never call him Brian or he won't answer.

Brian. The Pope of Hillsong.

Take this comment on this site by a man Rob on 13 March 2013:

“All of Frank Houston’s children think they’re royalty. They all covet wealth, lavish lifestyles, and fame. Strange, you’d think they would realise the scriptures speak against all of those things, but they think they’re above the rules that apply to the peasants, after all, they’re the “special ones”. Short sighted, when you consider eternity…..”

In the late 1990s I returned to Hillsong City Campus. It was called CLC Sydney in those days. One Wednesday night I went to a worship service at Hillsong Baulkham Hills, in their current premise. I felt what I thought was a very strong anointing but it was dark and it didn’t feel right.

Friends, what I was sensing wasn’t the Holy Spirit.

At Hillsong there is a very strong anointing, but it’s not the Blessed Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus. It’s something else.

The spirit over Hillsong churches world-wide is earthly sensual and devilish. It’s from below. it’s from the pit of hell. It was conceived in the womb of satan, injected supernaturally into the founder of Hillsong, Frank Houston, at an early age. He was born in 1922 the same year as the greatest Holy Spirit Revival in Wellington, New Zealand led by one of the greatest healing evangelist of all time, Smith Wigglesworth.

A History of the Charismatic Movements in New Zealand, by James E. Worsfold p112-114

NEW ZEALAND May-June 1922


Smith-Wigglesworth. One of the greats who has gone before us

Smith-Wigglesworth. One of the greats who has gone before us.

My comments:

Smith Wigglesworth was at the prime of his ministry at the time. The heavens opened and the Holy Spirit came down. The meetings ended up in the Wellington Town Hall and there were amazing miracles night after night. The whole city was set alight.

After this mighty revival four men were born who would wreck the fruits of Smith Wigglesworth’s Holy Spirit Revival in New Zealand.

These were Frank Houston, Neville Johnson, Ian Bilby and Jim Williams.

Frank Houston. Born April 22, 1922, New Zealand.

Note: 1922 was the year of this Holy Spirit Revival brought to New Zealand by Smith Wigglesworth.

In other words, lucifer of old counter-sowed the Wellington, New Zealand Revival with the birth of Frank Houston, followed by the birth of a collection of other deviates who were destined to lead the new Zealand and later Australian Assemblies of God movements.

Smith Wigglesworth was known as God’s Apostle of Faith. He ministered in the Elim and Assemblies of God denominations, but he remained independent of any denomination.

These are the errant corrupt men who the devil used to counter-sow the New Zealand Revival in Wellington.

Pastor Frank houston, Brian's dad. Lifelong secret pedophile. Eyes as black as Hades.

Pastor Frank Houston. Founder of Hillsong. Brian Houston’s dad. Lifelong secret pedophile. Eyes as black as Hades.

Frank Houston. Life-long secret pedophile and homosexual.

Head of the New Zealand AoG and later the Australian AoG for decades.

Only exposed as a lifelong secret pedophile and banned when he was 77 in 1998/ 1999.

Died in November 2004.

The pedophile Frank Houston, who used the Christian ministry as a foil and disguise, sexually abused 200 to 400 boys and some teens over his whole lifetime from when he was a teen.

Preferred victims: young innocent boys aged 7 to 12.

Frank Houston never got jail time because his son, Pastor Brian Houston, current CEO of Hillsong International, didn’t report him to the police and sheltered him for five years until his death.

These are criminal offences under New South Wales and Australian laws.

Brian is waiting to see if he will be criminally charged with these offences. If convicted he could be sent to jail. In fact this is likely.

Simeon Beckett, the barrister for Hillsong’s time at the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has recommended to the NSW Attorney General’s Department that Brian Houston be criminally charged with these offences.

Pastor Jim Williams with his long-suffering wife

Pastor Jim Williams with his long-suffering wife Betty. Jim Williams. Pedophile. Adulterer. A Fraud. Possible part of a pedophile ring with Frank Houston. They definitely helped each other and protected each other. They must have known the other was a deviate.

Jim Williams. Serial adulterer and secret pedophile.

Born 11 September 1935, New Zealand. Serial adulterer and secret pedophile.

Caroline Andrews commented on this site recently that Jim Williams, who died in June this year, was a pedophile who sexual abused her when she was an innocent trusting tender 12 years old.

Jim Williams sexually abused her for three years when she was only 12 and he was 25. At the time he was an AoG Youth pastor in Heathmont, Victoria, Australia,  Jim Williams sexually abused her close friend and two other girls too.

In 1977 Jim Williams succeeded Frank Houston as Superintendent of the New Zealand Assemblies of God.

When Jim Williams moved to Australia Brian Houston when Head of the Australian Assemblies of God, publicly welcomed him.

Jim Williams was banned from ever ministering again by both the Australian and New Zealand Assemblies of God for serial adultery offences.

Undeterred he founded House of Praise, Springwood, Queensland, Australia and continued ministering until his death in June this year.

Neville Johnson. Liked oral sex with church secretaries.

Neville Johnson. Liked oral sex with church secretaries.

Pastor Neville Johnson. Serial adulterer. Still operating as a false prophet today.

Born in the 1940s in Sutherland England.

Serial adulterer with a succession of three church secretaries in the 1970s to early 1980s.

By his adulterous actions, cover-ups and lies, and his absence of remorse, he destroyed the largest Pentecostal church in Australia and New Zealand at the time. That is, Queen Street Assemblies of God in Auckland, New Zealand.

Neville Johnson’s current ministry is the Academy of Light based in Perth, Western Australia. Avoid and shun this man at all costs.

Ian Bilby. Serial adulterer. 10-20 affairs while married and a prominent Elim church pastor in New Zealand.

Ian Bilby. Serial adulterer. 10-20 affairs while married and the most prominent Elim church pastor in New Zealand.

Pastor Ian Bilby. Serial adlterer with 10-20 women while Head of the Elim Church in New Zealand.

Born in the 1940s. Head of Elim Church New Zealand for over twenty years.

Serial adulterer with 10-20 women in 20 years of top-level ministry.

Leaders at Springwood House of Praise Church in Springwood, Queensland, which Jim Williams founded.

Leaders at Springwood House of Praise Church in Springwood, Queensland, which Jim Williams founded. Used the Christian Church to access kids for his sexual pleasures and fondle women not his wife.

Jim Williams sexual abuse of a 12 year old girl, Caroline Andrews:

Here is a comment by an Australian lady Caroline Andrews on this site 14 October 2014. Her name prior to marriage was Caroline Orr.

This comment is published on this site with Caroline’s permission and she wants her name published.

Caroline Andrews:

“I was a member of the AOG church in Heathmont when Jim Williams was in charge of our young peoples group.I had given my heart to the Lord at the age of 10 and just after my 12th birthday in 1960, Jim williams started to mollest me and this went on for over 3 years. He taught me to be secretive and when I was questioned at the age of thirteen, I only admitted to him kissing me as I was embarrassed in front of my mother. Years later at the age of 33 I found out that he had abused my twin sister and two other young girls at the time. This abuse has had a profound affect on my life. As he took away my childhood, and affected my education as all I could think about was him. I regret that I was never interested in my school life. I am still very secretive, and I have issues that I am only good for one thing in life and that is to please a man. I have no self-esteem. My marriage collapsed when my husband found out about the sexual abuse as I had never told him. Also my love of God is non-existant and I do not believe in a loving God any more. It took me half my life to realise the affects of his abuse on my life. He should have gone to jail as he was in simple terms a paedophile of the worst kind. About twenty years ago, he was made to sign a letter of apology to my sister and myself, but when it was delivered to us, we were not allowed to read it until we promised that it would be burnt straight away. This letter was not signed, neither was it a proper apology as all he said was that he would pray for our healing. What a joke. My sister has spent half her life in the care of psychiatrists and I have been on anti-depressants for half of mine. I will never get over what he did to me and it is a life sentence for me. That is all I have to say. Caroline Andrews nee Orr”.

My comments:

Heathmont is in Victoria, Australia.

Hillsong is an organisation which was birthed by satanic forces as a counter-sowing to the greatest New Zealand Revival by Smith Wigglesworth in Wellington, New Zealand in 1922. The satanic vessel for this false organisation was the life-long secret pedophile Frank Houston.

The Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah

The Holy Spirit comes.

The Holy Spirit comes.

Holy Spirit 11Holy Spirit 8

Christian Assemblies International website:

By an Eyewitness – Pastor Harry V. Roberts (Summary)

Smith Wigglesworth.

New Zealand’s greatest revival started in China, where a missionary, Mr. J. Fullerton, was shown by the Holy Spirit that God was about to pour out his Holy Spirit on New Zealand. Mr. Fullerton took a trip to his own country, Denmark, where he met Smith Wigglesworth. Mr. Fullerton told Smith Wigglesworth of what God had showed him. Smith Wigglesworth prayed about it and God showed that he should visit New Zealand.

Smith Wigglesworth’s first address, “The Enduement of Power and The Gifts of the Spirit” was delivered in the Sunday school hall of the Vivian Street Baptist Church, Wellington. The address showed that the Holy Spirit is a real person and is promised to all believers. We have the right to ask the Holy Spirit to live within us and have no victory over sin without it. The numbers at these morning meetings increased very rapidly and the meetings had to be moved to the main church, which was also too small! It was at one of these meetings that the phenomenon of Tongues was heard. It was peculiar how many people were immediately against tongues without knowing anything about it. These prejudices disappeared as soon as the interpretations came forth. The interpretations were awe-inspiring and soundly scriptural.

Miraculous healings took place, as deformed and diseased children were prayed for. One gaunt consumptive man, who had been entirely given up on as a hopeless case, was carried in. He was in a coma, but after prayer, he arose full of vigor and walked with his head up, out of the church, healed!

Evening meetings were held in the Wellington town hall. The crowds grew from 800, to 1600, to 3000 on the third night. From then onwards, people had to be turned away each night. At least 1000 could not gain admittance on one of the nights. Smith Wigglesworth preached mainly on Divine healing, his keywords were “ONLY BELIEVE”.

Wellington Town Hall was where evangelist Smith Wigglesworth was used to heal scores of people and lead them to salvation in 1922

The capital city’s morning newspaper, The Dominion, dated 31/5/1922 reports:


To heal the sick by Divine influence is no new claim, although to actually witness the process of cure being carried out in this work-a-day world has attracted big audiences to the Town Hall this week, a very large gathering being present at last night’s demonstration.

The Yorkshire evangelist, Mr Smith-Wigglesworth, is conducting the proceedings, and, except that he anoints with oil the real process of healing is carried out by faith itself. The evening commences with a religious service, including prayers and hymns, after which the demonstration of healing is given.

Last night about two hundred persons of both sexes presented themselves for treatment, but the evangelist was only able to deal with fifty of them, the other cases being postponed till to-night.

Those in search of relief comprised cripples (many of whom were able to throw away their crutches and sticks immediately); others, with goitre, rheumatism, partial blindness, deafness, and various forms of affliction. Quite a large percentage claimed that they were cured or relieved by the Divine faith poured into them by the evangelist. To particularise: A woman of middle age, who was crippled with rheumatism, demonstrated her cure by walking across the flood; stutterers were almost instantly made to repeat the Lord’s Prayer without stuttering; young women with necks swollen with goitre professed to be cured, and certainly the swellings in some cases disappeared or were reduced in size; an old man of 80 years, partially blind, said his sight had been improved; and numbers afflicted with pains of one sort and another declared that they were freed from their sufferings. There were failure, of course, due, perhaps, to lack of faith, or possibly the sufferers were incurable.

Some of the people healed described their experience in sworn affidavits. These affidavits were sworn before Mr. C.A. Baker, JP. The author did not have authority to publish names, the names have therefore been omitted.

Mr. ____, of Wellington, dairyman, declared that for three years he suffered from chronic gastritis and paralysis of both legs from hip downwards and could only drag along with crutches, caused by some spinal misery and drudgery. “On Sunday, the 4th June,” he proceeds, “I attended the Town Hall on crutches; I saw others being healed and believed that God would heal me. I went forward, Mr. Wigglesworth laid his hands on me, one of the workers anointed me with oil, Mr. Wigglesworth told me to walk. I handed him my crutches and walked home. I felt as the healing came as if a tight pair of stockings was being removed from my legs. I have been improving in health ever since the 4th June. For 14 years I have had a cyst on the back of my neck and have often spoken to the doctors about removing it. They did not seem anxious to cut it. The cyst increased in size till it was as large as an ordinary hen’s egg. The next morning, after my healing, when I awoke, I found that the cyst had completely disappeared.” “Declared at Wellington this 20th day of June, 1922”.

Mrs. ____ declares that over three years ago the varicose veins in her leg broke. “I was twice in the hospital”. She adds. “The rest in the hospital did the leg good, but when I came out and used the leg the veins burst open. The last time at the hospital the doctor cut the veins out of the inside of the leg; an ulcer formed on the outside of the left leg. I had to walk with a stick and could only limp. The pain was intense. I went to the Town Hall. Mr. Smith-Wigglesworth prayed over me, I had the faith that Jesus would heal me.

The pain ceased and has not returned. I was able to drop my stick and I ran up to tell my mother I was healed and again able to catch the car.

Now my leg is sound and well and the ulcer is daily healing and I praise God for his goodness to me. Now I am able to wash and do my own housework.

Before, I had always to have help with the housework.” “Declared at Wellington this day 23rd June, 1922”.

Mrs. ____ of Wellington, declares that her son Ronald (Aged 11 years) broke his arm about 5 years ago. It was badly set and was a trifle shorter than the other, and he could not bend his arm back. She took the boy to the Town Hall and now her boy’s arms are both the same length and the arm that was broken will now bend right back, and can touch his shoulder. Previous to this she had his arm massaged for fully twelve months without any benefit. This lady declares that her daughter Mavis, who suffered from adenoids, was also completely healed and has no trouble with her breathing since.
This declaration was made on June 20.

Miss. ____ declares that for fourteen years she suffered with her eyes – the right eye was turned right in and she always wore glasses to correct the sight. Dr. ____ said she would always require to wear them: “I went to the Town Hall”, she adds, “The second Sunday of the Mission, the 4th June. I had been several times previously to carefully note the proceedings. I have been a Christian since I was 9 years old and was sure that Christ would heal my sight. Mr. Wigglesworth placed his hands on my eyes and at once the right eye was straight. I did not again put on my glasses and each day the sight became stronger and now my eyes are both strong and my sight is splendid”.
“Declared at Wellington, this 21st day of June”.

The healing results of the Campaign were very remarkable; and taking the scores of written testimonies, it would not be an exaggeration to say that at least seventy-five per cent of those who came forward were definitely healed’.

My comments:

“New Zealand’s greatest revival started in China, where a missionary, Mr. J. Fullerton, was shown by the Holy Spirit that God was about to pour out his Holy Spirit on New Zealand”.

Satanic forces counter-sowed all the good work of this great New Zealand Revival, as they always do.

One of the satanic seeds that was sown at exactly the same time, in the same year, 1922, as this great New Zealand Revival was in the soul of the founder Frank Houston. Frank Houston was born in 1922.

Satan has birthed second and third generations of Houstons, including Frank Houston’s grandson Joel Houston, co-pastor of the very errant Hillsong New York City, Frank Houston’s grandson Ben Houston, the pastor of Hillsong Los Angeles and Brian Houston, Frank Houston’s second son.

Frank Houston’s first son Graeme has always refused to go to church. I believe Frank Houston, the out-of-control pedophile, especially in the 1960s to 1970s, sexually abused both his sons, Graeme and Brian, and maybe his many grandsons too.

Brian Houston married Bobbie Houston, who is a spiritual child of Pastor Neville Johnson, the highly corrupt former pastor of Queen Street Assemblies of God, Auckland, New Zealand in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Neville Johnson is still ministering today, especially in Perth Western Australian, and also in Great Britain, where he was born.

Be warned that man Pastor Neville Johnson is a false prophet. Don’t believe a single word he says. Shun him and avoid him at all costs like the plague. Two men have also written on this site that Neville Johnson has defrauded and cheated them in the past decade, of large sums of money in Ponzi schemes.

So here we have it. A sordid messy trail of destruction wrecked across the New Zealand and Australian Pentecostal scenes by a series of very corrupt Heads of the Assemblies of God and Elim denominations, culminating in the ongoing work and destruction of Christendom by the extremely errant Hillsong organisation.

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The gospel of noise, lasers shows and amazing light shows. So far from New Testament Christianity. Jesus weeps.

The gospel of noise, lasers shows and amazing light shows. So far from New Testament Christianity. Jesus weeps.

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Hillsong service

Hillsong service. The gullible masses.

Oops wrong photo. That's San Pieter Cathedral, Baulkham Hills.