This series about the Holy Spirit, the Third Member of the Holy Trinity, is designed as my contribution to put the Blessed Holy Spirit more on the map, and more front and centre.

The Blessed Holy Spirit is meek and humble, and doesn’t want to be front and centre. His focus is on putting the Holy Father and Christ front and centre.

The mystery of God, Father, Son and Spirit, is that God can be at once be Lord and King and Omnipotent Creator of the Universe , and humble and helpful as the Holy Spirit and The Christ, The Messiah, The Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53.

The Holy Spirit has been called the “forgotten” and “neglected” Member of the Holy Trinity, and this is a truism and still the case today.


I’ve known the Holy Spirit in a personal way as an adult for 43 years, since 1975.

In my experience, the Holy Spirit ha always been very gentle, highly understanding and compassionate with me.

At times I’ve struggled to be a good and worthy Christian. Through it all, the Blessed Holy Spirit has always loved me, restored me, cared for me and protected me, no matter what.


The Holy Spirit never boasts in the way that men, women and children like to boast. He is always meek and humble.

The Holy Spirit has no need to boast, for He is Sovereign God and All-Powerful and Omnipotent.


The Holy Spirit is very humble and listens.

The Holy Spirit has all the love qualities of 1 Corinthians 13.

We can feel very safe with the Holy Spirit as our Helper and Friend.