Family. #throwback…Joel, Laura and Ben Houston, Brian and Bobbie Houston’s children

Brian Houston, the cunning old fox of Hillsong

Memories…family throw back…Brian Houston’s father, Frank Houston, the pedophile founder of Hillsong – not mentioned at all by Brian any more.

Rev William Francis “Frank” Houston. Β Founder of Hillsong Church. Over 400 boy sex abuse victims of Frank Houston. Self-confessed pedophile. Confessed to lifelong secret child sexual abuse of little boys, male preteens and male teenagers. But mainlyΒ littleΒ boys aged 7 to 11. Frank Houston – The worst Pentecostal pastor since the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. A Son of Lucifer. Frank Houston’s eyes are black like Lucifer’s.

Brian C Houston on Instagram: “Family. #throwback”
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