Tony Venn-Brown

Tony Venn-Brown. The leading Hillsong Church and Australian Assemblies of God (AOG) evangelist in the 1980s. Now gay evangelist and ‘ambassador’ and mentor for gay Christians. Partnering with Hillsong Church to introduce gay culture and gay marriage to the Pentecostal Church worldwide.

Tony Venn-Brown with friend

Gay Christian activists. Tony Venn-Brown with friend. Proclaiming a ‘new gay gospel’ and ‘homosexual freedom’. Tony Venn-Brown- The camp evangelist and mentor of Christian homosexuals.

Please read the articles on this site about Hillsong and the gays for a back-ground to this article.

In particular this article is a sequel to the my article on Hillsong head pastor Brian Houston entitled, “Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong. I believe in gay marriage. Whatever makes people happy”.

hillsong b3 hillsong b1


In this article I’m continuing in the theme of recent articles on this site about Hillsong’s embracing of homosexuality.

I’m now going to have a look at an article about what Tony Venn-Brown terms, “The Rainbow Revival”.


Rainbow Flag 4


The Rainbow used Biblically

The Rainbow concept Biblically connotes God’s promise to mankind of favour and blessing, and His promise not to wipe out mankind from the earth by a mega-flood.


The Rainbow used Religiously and Politically

The Rainbow Flag and Rainbow Colours are almost synonymous with gay pride and the gay rights movement today.

However the Rainbow is used widely in religious and political circles throughout the world.

Nelson Mandela used it after the break-up of Apartheid in South Africa to promote the notion of acceptance and equality of all South Africa’s diverse racial groups.

Nelson Mandela promoted the idea of South Africa becoming a ‘Rainbow Nation’ in which all people’s regardless of ethnicity, culture and religious word-view would live in harmony in South Africa.


nelson mandela 1 south africa rainbow nation 1


The rainbow symbol and rainbow serpent is used widely by religions from Hinduism to the Australian Aboriginal.



The Hillsong Rainbow Revival philosophy: Darlene Zschech the Hillsong mega-star singer sings for the Pope with an audience of diverse Christians and celebrates it as a gathering of religious and cultural diversity in the name of Christ. 


Darlene Zschech a

Darlene 1

Darlene Zschech is now famous. She’s bowed before the Holy Pope

Darlene Zschech 3

Darlene Zschech. Hillsong rock-star worship leader. Borrowed Bono’s glasses.


Last year Darlene Zschech the Hillsong mega-star singer sang for Pope Francis at the Vatican along with a diverse group of Christians from all over the world and excitedly wrote about it on her Facebook page.

Darlene was attacked for paying homage to the Pope but was defiant in the face of opposition and criticism.

Darlene can’t see anything wrong with her actions.

Darlene Zschech favours all-inclusive gatherings of  Christians from all over the world where Christians unite despite all mankind’s diversities.

In Darlene’s mind it’s as if in Christ all people’s and all faiths can be united.

This Universalist approach to Christianity is highly dangerous from a Biblical point of view.

Tony Venn-Brown’s Rainbow Revival is only one step further than this approach.

Hillsong Church is travelling down this route and are already deeply entrenched in their own Rainbow Revival- particularly at Hillsong New York City, Hillsong Los Angeles and Hillsong London where things are getting very camp.

For more details please see my article on this site ‘Darlene Zschech Hillsong worship leader meets the Pope’ published on 15 August 2015. If you google this title you’ll find it.


Hillsong is embracing the Rainbow Movement- the Rainbow snake- a symbol of Lucifer of old.

Hillsong is embracing the Rainbow Movement- the Rainbow snake- a symbol of Lucifer of old.


The Rainbow Revival

In the article below Tony Venn- Brown has used the phrase “The Rainbow Revival”.

This is not a new term Tony has invented. Rather it’s a borrow from the gay movement in general and from the gay liberal liturgical movement world-wide.

Tony Venn-Brown sees himself as a gay prophet and gay evangelist of a New Rainbow World Order where humanity and society including the church of the Lord Jesus Christ accepts gays and lesbians and welcomes them into their bosom.


Presbyterian lesbian clergy

American Presbyterian lesbian clergy where gay and lesbian clergy are allowed. Rainbow colours.

Presbyterian gay ministers. Not welcome at Hillsong.

American Presbyterian gay ministers. Can be gay Presbyterian ministers there and married too.

More Presbyterian lesbian ministers

American lesbian Presbyterians. Rainbow colours.


Rainbow flag (LGBT movement)

From Wikipedia

“The rainbow flag is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements in use since the 1970s.

The rainbow flag, commonly the gay pride flag and LGBT pride flag, is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements. (Other uses of rainbow flags include a symbol of peace.) The colors reflect the diversity of the LGBT community, and the flag is often used as a symbol of gay pride when it comes to LGBT rights marches. It originated in Northern California, but is now used worldwide.

Designed by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker in 1978, the design has undergone several revisions to first remove then re-add colors due to widely available fabrics. As of 2008, the most common variant consists of six stripes, with the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The flag is commonly flown horizontally, with the red stripe on top, as it would be in a natural rainbow.”


Rainbow Flag 1


Tony Venn-Brown

Tony Venn-Brown was a famous evangelist in Australian Assemblies of God circles when I was at the first Hillsong Church in the 1980s.

Tony ‘came out’ as a homosexual circa 1990 and single-handedly destroyed his marriage, his wife, abandoned his God-given family unit, his Christian ministry and his credibility to be ever taken seriously again by Bible-believing Christians.

This first incarnation of Hillsong Church in the 1980s was called Christian Life Centre (CLC) Darlinghurst. It was founded by “Pastor’ Brian Houston’s father, the secret homosexual and pedophile Frank Houston in 1977.


tony venn-brown b1

Tony Venn-Brown. Gay evangelist.


The secret homosexual and pedophile Frank Houston- the founder of Hillsong Church

Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong Church and Brian Houston’s father, was found out in 1999 at the age of 79 to have been a lifelong secret homosexual and pedophile who sexually abused hundreds of little boys and young teens while pretending to be a Christian pastor.

Frank Houston, like Satanists, the Illuminati and many pedophiles used the Christian ministry as a cover and disguise to breach the natural defence mechanisms of Christian families and sexual abuse their little children.

These are the origins of Hillsong Church.


frank houston1111b_snake-1


Tony Venn-Brown the spin-doctor

My memory of Tony Venn-Brown was of a Christian spin-doctor akin to the likes of all those motivational speakers who make their living ‘on the circuit’ – Like what the wife-bashing preacher “Pastor” Pat Mesiti of Hillsong and C3 Churches was trying to do before he bashed his wife in the head while wasted with alcohol last New Years Eve.


Pat Mesiti's book on having a successful and happy marriage

Pat Mesiti’s book on having a successful and happy marriage

pat mesiti m


“Pastor” Pat Mesiti the wife-basher, serial adulterer and self-confessed sex addict 

It is unknown whether Pat Mesiti still has any invitations to speak on the motivational circuit since this Domestic Violence event and his three subsequent appearances at Parramatta Court this year.

It’s interesting to note that “Pastor” Pat Mesiti of Hillsong Church and C3 Church was “Pastor” Tony Venn-Brown’s assistant before Tony ‘came out’ as a gay.

Pat Mesiti took over from Tony Venn-Brown in the AOG evangelist role and look what a mess he’s made of it.


"Pastor" Pat Mesiti convicted wife basher going to court a couple of weeks ago. Convicted of common assault. Due in Parramatta Court Sydney on 23 March for sentencing.

“Pastor” Pat Mesiti wife basher, serial adulterer, self-confessed sex addict- caught using his Hillsong credit card on prostitutes- going to Parramatta court in February this year for bashing up his second wife Andrea on New Year’s Eve “while heavily intoxicated.” Still a Hillsong Church and C3 Church pastor- specialises in a ministry of Christian domestic violence, prostitution, Christian sex addiction and Christian credit card use for illicit sexual purposes.


Tony Venn-Brown and Pat Mesiti are both spiritual and amoral spawn of Frank and Brian Houston

It’s only a logical progression that these men would sow error and disaster of the greatest kind on the Blessed Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, given these men- Tony Venn-Brown and Pat Mesiti- are both spiritual and amoral spawn of Frank and Brian Houston.


The lifelong evil criminal pedophile Frank Houston who sexually abuse possible over four hundred little boys in his lifetime. Brian said he knows of sic victims now, He's lying because he knows there are far more. I've evidence of 13 so far and counting.

The lifelong secret evil criminal pedophile Frank Houston who sexually abused possibly over four hundred little boys in his lifetime. Brian Houston his son said to the media after the Royal Commission in 2014, “We may never know the number of boy victims”. I’ve evidence of 14 so far and counting.


frank houston1122_vision b


Tony Venn-Brown and Pat Mesiti- Both spawn of Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong Church, the secret homosexual and child rapist, and both spawn of Brian Houston the secret church rapist- who has secretly siphoned millions off the Church, the Blessed Body of Christ, for over three decades- without shame- and lives like a king on this earth- while the victims of his father’s sexual abuse rot and suffer terribly.


Pastor Brian Houston. Growing fat while while he hangs out the victims of his dad's abuse to dry. "Sorry victims of dad's abuse, I'm a leading Christian pastor, but you're on your own. Have a good life. Sorry again"

Pastor Brian Houston. Growing fat while while he hangs out the victims of his dad’s abuse to dry. “Sorry victims of dad’s abuse, I’m a leading Christian pastor, but you’re on your own. Have a good life. Sorry again”


“Pastor” Joel A’Bell is having coffee meetings and dialogue with Tony Venn-Brown about matters pertaining to accommodating gays at Hillsong Church


Joel A'Bell c1

“Pastor” Joel A’Bell Head of Hillsong Australia. Dialoguing with gay Christian activist Tony Venn-Brown about gay issues.


tony venn-brown b3

Tony Venn-Brown gay evangelist and Christian camp therapist. Advising “Pastor” Joel A’Bell Head of Hillsong Australian and Hillsong Church how to introduce gay friendly Christian ministries, Christian gay culture and gay Christian worship at Hillsong Church.


In the last article on this site I revealed how “Pastor” Joel A’Bell is having coffee meetings and dialogue with Tony Venn-Brown about matters pertaining to accommodating gays at Hillsong Church, being sensitive to them, and meeting their needs.

This may all sound fine but the intent of both Hillsong Church and Tony Venn-Brown is not to call homosexuals to repent and abandon their unholy Biblically immoral lifestyle, but rather to accommodate them and to allow them to be part of Hillsong Church without changing at all.

This is why the following article almost makes me puke.

It fills me with a great sadness and also a great repulsion.

Its not that I feel personally confronted by homosexuality.

Its that the god-part in me- what the Holy Spirit and the Holy Word of God has put into me over a whole lifetime of 59 years, and what the Blessed Holy Spirit in me- cries out against everything Tony Venn-Brown is saying and writing.


I’ll now publish Tony Venn-Brown’s article and then write some more comments after it.


Ambassadors and Bridge Builders International

Tony Venn-Brown’s website

Article: Azusa Street – Jesus Revolution – Rainbow Revival

by Tony Venn-Brown


Azusa Street Revival

Azusa Street- Jesus Revolution- Rainbow Revival


The Azusa Street Revival

“Those who know Pentecostal history well, know it began 110 years ago in Los Angeles and was called the Azusa Street Revival. The impact of the Pentecostal movement on Christianity was tantamount to that of the reformation in the 16th century. From very, very humble beginnings in 1906, today one out of every four Christians worldwide would identify as Pentecostal or Charismatic.



azusa street revival Early Pentecostal Leaders The Azusa Street Revival embraced diversity

Azusa Street Revival
Early Pentecostal Leaders
The Azusa Street Revival embraced diversity


Not only was it a remarkable move of the Spirit it was ground breaking in its embracing of diversity. In a world where people were divided racially, economically and culturally, men, women, children, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, rich, poor, illiterate and educated came together in the hall in Azusa Street. The intermingling of races and the group’s encouragement of women in leadership was quite remarkable. Remarkable, as was the first outpouring of the Spirit on male and female disciples and later on non-Jews (Gentiles) recorded in the New Testament.

Whilst the church might be resistant, the Spirit has a way of breaking down barriers and creating equality.

The Azusa Street Revival began in 1906, during the “Jim Crow” era of racial segregation. The Jim Crow laws mandated the segregation of public schools, public places, and public transportation, employment and the segregation of restrooms, restaurants, and drinking fountains for whites and blacks. There was no segregation at Azusa Street. Black and white were equals.

At Azusa Street women were allowed to preach and accepted as equal, fourteen years prior to women receiving suffrage in the United States.

Pentecostalism was a radical movement frowned upon by many mainstream Christians who prophesied its demise as sensationalist apostasy.


The Jesus Revolution

May 5, 1973: Hundreds of Calvary Chapel members line Corona del Mar beach for baptism ceremony.

May 5, 1973: Hundreds of Calvary Chapel members line Corona del Mar beach for baptism ceremony. Jesus Revolution. 1973 Jesus Revolution baptism.


Another remarkable movement was the Jesus Revolution of the 1960’s and 70’s which began on the west coast of California. Time magazine’s front page article in 1971 reported that 1,000’s of hippies and young people were becoming Christians. The Pentecostal/Evangelical church and culture, at that time, was incapable of relating to, let alone reaching out to the youth of the day. It was a movement where God demonstrated His Spirit would not be imprisoned within church walls or barriers of religiosity and tradition. The movement, initially outside the walls of Church, was eventually embraced and contributed to the growth of the mega-churches, entire denominations and birthed contemporary Christian music.


The Rainbow Revival

For many decades, and still in some parts of Christianity, the words ‘gay’ and ‘Christian’ were contradictory and the term ‘gay Christian’ an oxymoron.

Globally the church has been grappling with the issue of homosexuality, welcoming LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people into congregations, understanding their relationships and their place in the church. Some are just beginning the journey. Others remain resistant as did religious people with the Azusa Street Revival and the Jesus Revolution.

Today we are seeing what has been called the Rainbow Revival. In many ways the Rainbow Revival is not unlike the Jesus Revolution and the Azusa Street Revival.


LGBT Christian Conference Hong Kong

LGBT Christian Conference Hong Kong


The Gay Christian movement was birthed in a lounge room, also in Los Angeles, in 1968, when the Rev Troy Perry, a defrocked Pentecostal minister, held the first meeting of what would become the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC). So many though were unable to attend an MCC but the internet provided the vehicle for many gay Christians to connect, share experiences and not feel so isolated. The gay Christian movement functioned mostly outside traditional Christianity and was viewed by the majority of the Christian world as apostates and heretics.

Today there 100,000’s of Gay Christians who have reconciled their faith and their sexuality and multitudes of straight Christians who have shifted in attitude and understanding. Initially MCC was known as the ‘gay church’; a place where gay and lesbian believers, who’d been rejected by churches, friends and families could find safety and refuge. But the landscape has changed significantly. There are now many new independent churches, although pastored by gay men and lesbians, have become inclusive of all humanity regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Knowing firsthand what judgement and condemnation is like they have often they have lead the way to demonstrate what acceptance, non-judgement and grace looks like. They are churches where the sign all welcome, actually means ALL welcome”.

LGBT Affirming Churches
Annual growth of LGBT affirming churches

The number of mainstream churches and denominations who welcome and affirm LGBT people has been growing exponentially and over the last four decades expanded to over 7,000 churches covering over 90 different denominations across 46 countries, as far as we know

When I wrote the article Why Australian Pentecostals Will Embrace Gay & Lesbian People in 2009 things were just beginning to happen here in Australia and Bayside Church’s pastor, Rob Buckingham preached his historic sermon Real Christianity is Accepting. While we wait for churches to boldly take a more public stand, I have had numerous conversations with Pastors and church leaders who are open. Some have fully accepted LGBT people into their churches, who are in long-term monogamous relationships, they are serving in the church, the congregation has accepted them…….but they are not public about it at this stage because of the backlash they will receive denominationally.

Can you imagine what it is going to be like for gay young people of the future growing up in Churches, and they won’t be told it’s a lifestyle choice, an abomination, have demons cast out of them or spend torturous, wasted years in programs attempting to change them. I imagine it all the time. I have a dream.

Unlike the experience of so many of us they will be able to grow up in a loving and accepting environment and thrive as individuals in their lives and faith. No depression, not rejected by Christian friends and family or have to deal with mental health issues, self loathing or thoughts of ending their lives because they are gay or transgender.

I often wonder, if powerful movements like the Azusa Street Revival and the Jesus Revolution were happening today then we wouldn’t have needed the Rainbow Revival and could have bypassed all the angst, struggle and suicides.

Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International assists Churches, Christian organisations and leaders to create safe spaces that assist them on the journey to be welcoming, accepting and affirming.
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About the Author: Anthony Venn-Brown

Anthony Venn-Brown

Anthony Venn-Brown is one of Australia’s foremost commentators on faith and sexuality. His best-selling autobiography ‘A Life of Unlearning – a preacher’s struggle with his homosexuality, church and faith’, detailing his journey from married, high profile preacher in Australia’s growing mega-churches, such as Hillsong, to living as an openly gay man, has impacted 1,000’s globally. Anthony was the co-founder and former leader of Freedom 2 b[e], Australia’s largest network of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people from Christian backgrounds. He is also an educator and consultant on LGBT/faith issues and leader in deconstructing the ‘ex-gay’ myth. Anthony is the founder and CEO of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International and has been twice voted ‘One of the 25 Most Influential Gay and Lesbian Australians’ (2007 & 2009).


My comments:


The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen. Feeling queasy after reading Tony Venn-Brown’s Rainbow Revival article. Time for a swim to wash all the homosexual propaganda off me.


Please note that this article was published very recently on 16 April 2016.

It is a sign of Tony Venn-Brown’s confidence that he’d even utter such blasphemies against the blessed Holy Spirit of God.

If you’re a Bible believing Christian who believes in the Holy Spirit- please note the ‘Holy’ Spirit- I guess like me you feel like you’ve heard it all now.

How much further off the rails in respect to Biblical faith and Biblical truth can the world go now.

How much further off the rails in respect to Biblical faith and Biblical truth can the Hillsong go now.

Tony Venn-Brown isn’t a voice from within Hillsong but Hillsong are dialoguing with him and this is the direction from Brian Houston’s own mouth that Hillsong Church is heading. Please read the recent articles on this site for details.

I’ve never taken Tony Venn-Brown seriously and still don’t.

What I do take seriously is the Poison of Hillsong Church which is spreading virtually unopposed throughout the earth. It must be stopped somehow. Hillsong Church is more dangerous than anyone imagines.

To propose that there is currently a Holy Spirit inspired gay Rainbow Revival being poured out on earth only comes from one origin- and that origin is earthly sensual and devilish.

In fact to even suggest that there could be a gay Holy Spirit Revival is tantamount to blasphemy.

Please note that Tony Venn-Brown is the type of person that “Pastor” Brian Houston Head of Hillsong Church, “Pastors” Carl Lentz and Joel Houston Head Pastors of the 7000 member Hillsong New York City, and “Pastor” Joel A’Bell Head of the 15,000 member Hillsong Australia are fellowshipping with and ‘having dialogue with’.

Spiritually Tony Venn-Brown’s ideas are more dangerous than poison.


Tony Venn-Brown. Senior member of the gay Christian movement.

Tony Venn-Brown. Senior member of the gay Christian movement- errantly seeking a Rainbow Revival for mankind.

Tony Venn-Brown these days

Tony Venn-Brown these days. An extremely tortured soul underneath- proclaiming a gay gospel straight from Hades.

Rainbow Flag 6Rainbow Flag 3Rainbow Flag 2Rainbow Flag 8Rainbow Flag 7

Brian Houston of Hillsong: Has recently flagged gays are welcome at Hillsong and gay marriage in Hillsong may happen in the future.

Brian Houston of Head Pastor of Hillsong Church: Happily and willingly participating in Tony Venn-Brown’s ‘Rainbow Revival’. Brian Houston has recently flagged gays are welcome at Hillsong and gay marriage in Hillsong  is inevitable in the near future.

Joel A'Bell

Joel A’Bell. Head of Hillsong Australia. Deceived, deluded and highly dangerous. Meeting Tony Venn-Brown for coffee recently. Fellowshipping with Tony Venn-Brown and introducing the Rainbow Revival quietly at Hillsong Church.