POPE BRAIN HOUSTON OF HELL666$$$ONG ON QUEEN BOOBIE OF HELL666$$$SONG: “She’s incredible. Has just completed 2 Colour Conferences in Capetown, after having done 2 Conferences in Sydney also.. Next stop London for a packed out Wembley Arena. Already, 10s of thousands of women have been involved”

QUEEN BOOBIE HOUSTON OF HELL666$$$ONG: “Still kinda weird when you switch on the Telly and find yourself … but that aside, so many around the world often say they’d love to be a part of our local Aussie Sisterhood. Well, this new series BRAVE , enables a wee glimpse. You’re welcome to join us baby doll. Everyday girls, doing everyday life 🌸🌼🌺🌹”

QUEEN BOOBIE HOUSTON OF HELL666$$$ONG: “Glorious girl-power!!!!”

BOOBIE HOUSTON OF HELL$ONG: “Meanwhile back at the ranch … oceans of girls are discovering they are indeed “capable, INTELLIGENT and virtuous (in a manner that is revolutionary and world changing)”

POPE BRAIN OF HELL$ONG: “”Help me.. I need to change my life.” Preached at Hillsong London. Check out the whole msg”



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