Brian Houston head pastor of Hillsong is one of thirty people on a list of pedophile protectors waiting to be charged at the New South Wales Attorney General’s Office, who were recommended for pedophile protection charges by the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, according my sources.

The significance of the Archbishop Philip Wilson case is that Philip Wilson did far less pedophile protecting than Brian Houston, yet he still got one years detention. Brian Houston will be heading to jail at some time in the future for pedophile protection crimes. Brian Houston, in collusion with other ACC leaders and Hillsong top leaders and staff, sheltered and protected his pedophile father Frank Houston, from the NSW police and authorities for five years from 1999 to 2004, when Frank Houston died.

Rev William Francis “Frank” Houston.  Founder of Hillsong Church. Over 400 boy sex abuse victims of Frank Houston. Self-confessed pedophile. Confessed to lifelong secret child sexual abuse of little boys, male preteens and male teenagers. But mainly little boys aged 7 to 11. Frank Houston – The worst Pentecostal pastor since the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. A Son of Lucifer. Frank Houston’s eyes are black like Lucifer’s.

ABC News Australia

Archbishop Philip Wilson to lodge appeal

against conviction

4 July 2018

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Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson says he will lodge an appeal against his conviction for concealing child sexual abuse and won’t immediately resign.

Key points:

  • Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson to appeal conviction for concealing child sex offences
  • Prime Minister calls for him to resign after yesterday’s 12-month sentence
  • Wilson refuses to resign unless appeal fails

In May, the 67-year-old was found guilty of concealing the sexual abuse of children between 2004 and 2006 at the hands of paedophile priest Jim Fletcher in the 1970s.

Yesterday he was sentenced to 12 months’ detention.

In a statement Wilson said he would not be quitting his post, despite the growing calls.

“I intend to lodge an appeal against my conviction to the District Court of New South Wales,” he said.

“I am conscious of calls for me to resign and have taken them very seriously.

“However, at this time, I am entitled to exercise my legal rights and to follow the due process of law.

“Since that process is not yet complete, I do not intend to resign at this time.”

He said if it was unsuccessful, he would offer his resignation.

“In the meantime, I have stood aside from all duties,” he said.

“The legal process must now be allowed to proceed in the normal way and therefore I do not intend to make any further comment at this time.”

Yesterday, Magistrate Robert Stone adjourned the matter to August 14 for Wilson to be assessed for home detention.

In sentencing, Mr Stone said “there is no remorse or contrition showed by the offender”.

“I am of the opinion the sentence should not be suspended. It does not support the terms of general deterrence,” he said.

“On that basis, the only available remaining option is full-time imprisonment or home detention.”

Prime Minister joins calls for resignation

Earlier today during a visit to South Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called on Wilson to resign.

“I’m surprised that he has not resigned,” Mr Turnbull said.

“Clearly given the outcome of the case, the law suit, the prosecution — he should resign.”

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall — who was with the Prime Minister on a visit to Kangaroo Island — agreed.

“I think that now there is no choice,” he said.

“He’s been convicted, he’s been sentenced. I think it’s untenable to remain in that position.”