Satan is already inside Hillsong and having a ball. Why would Satan attack Satan?

Satan and his minions have already visited Hillsong Church decades ago and tied it all up spiritually and placed an evil satanic “anointing” over Hillsong’s two large main Sydney churches in Baulkham Hills and Waterloo and on every Hillsong Church throughout the planet.

Now the tentacles of Hillsong’s deceptions have spread all over the Australian Christian Churches movement, the New Zealand Assemblies of God churches and other Pentecostal churches like Elim throughout Australia and New Zealand.

One of many things I’m trying to do is to stop Hillsong spreading further- In America and other parts of the world.

Satan’s purpose in Hillsong is to try to spread the cancerous false doctrines and errant practices of Hillsong throughout Christendom.

These false doctrines and practices are:

1. The false deception of the Prosperity Gospel.

2. The false deception of the ‘jesus only gospel’, which is an ancient heresy which attacks the Trinity or Unity of the Godhead.

3. Shutting down Pentecost, the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit in Pentecostal churches throughout the world.

4. The use of the fallen and Satanic inspired soul-power using Heavy Rock, loud noise and laser, light and smoke effects in Christian worship which have satanic origins, instead of the gentleness of the Blessed Holy Spirit.

5. The introduction and infiltration of homosexuality and homosexual marriage into the Hillsong. Hillsong’s acceptance of unrepentant gays. Hillsong makes no attempt to convert them to the Christian way, instead blending their gayness with Christianity.

6. The introduction and infiltration of pedophilia and pedophile protection into Hillsong churches world-wide.

7. Brian Houston and other scheming top Hillsong leaders taking secret royalties and commissions from Christian worship DVDS and worship sales product which is stealing from God.

8. Lying to and manipulating the secular media and the people’s of the earth through Hillsong media and hiding the secret scams and wrong-doings of Hillsong.

9. Infiltrating and watering down the Christian message into a soft-sop nothing message lacking the power and anointing of the Blessed Holy Spirit. Pouring millions into Hillsong worship and promoting errant concepts to the world.

All worship script is all vetted by the highly corrupt Pastor Robert Fergusson of Hillsong Baulkham Hills who is Hillsong’s false prophet teacher and a pedophile protector of Hillsong’s founder Frank Houston, in liaison with Brian Houston his son.

10. The introduction and infiltration of sensuality and sexual overtness to the Christian church using leaders like “Pastor” Bobbie Houston, Brian Houston’s wife who writes books like “Kingdom women love sex”. How slutty sounding is that?

11. Introducing a culture of control, fear, bullying and intimidation through Pastor Steve McGhie and Hillsong Security.

12. The rough treatment of minorities and the dispossessed in society like the Aboriginal, lesbians and little old ladies by Hillsong security who are taught by Pastor Steve McGhie.

13. The introduction of smoking and use of excessive alcohol to Hillsong and the Australian Christian Churches by Brian Houston.

14. The introduction of physical violence to Hillsong and the Australian Christian Churches by Brian Houston who punched a man in the head a few years ago in the Hillsong church carpark after the man punched one of his pastors and does stuff like punching church walls when he’s hassled, angry and frustrated.

15. The introduction of a culture of lying to Hillsong and the Australian Christian Churches by Brian Houston when he lied for fourteen years about the number of boy victims of his father Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong who was a lifelong pedophile.

16. Zero care factor for the boy and young teen sexual abuse victims of Brian Houston’s father Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong, who was a lifelong pedophile.

17. The introduction and infiltration of Buddhism and eastern religion to the Hillsong church at Hillsong Kidsong and through New Age practices at Hillsong churches such as Hillsong New York City.

18. The use of soul-power and manipulation in Hillsong worship services. Donna Crouch coordinates this.

19. The physical blackening out of Hillsong Churches, which is a work of darkness and deliberately designed by Hillsong using MK (satanic mind control) methods to deprive those who enter Hillsong churches of their normal defence mechanisms.

20. The use of MK (Satanic mind control) to extract maximum money from people’s pockets when they enter a Hillsong Church.

These are twenty ways in which Satan and his minions have ensconced themselves in Hillsong Church and why Hillsong is Satanic and highly dangerous.

I could continue with more ways Satan and his minions have infiltrated Hillsong church but these twenty points will do for a start.