Gram Parsons, an incredible talent, died in the 70s age 26 from excessive alcohol and an injection of morphine.

Gram Parson’s Wikipedia extract:

“During the trip, Parsons often retreated to the desert, while the group visited bars in the nearby hamlet of Yucca Valley, California on both nights of their stay. Parsons consumed alcohol and barbiturates in high amounts. On September 18, Martin drove back to Los Angeles to resupply the group with marijuana. That night, after challenging Fisher and McElroy to drink with him (Fisher didn’t like alcohol and McElroy was recovering from a bout of hepatitis C), he said, “I’ll drink for the three of us,” and proceeded to drink six double tequilas. They then returned to the Joshua Tree Inn, where Parsons purchased morphine from an unknown young woman. After being injected by her in room #8, he overdosed. Fisher gave Parsons an ice-cube suppository, and later on a cold shower. Instead of moving Parsons around the room, she put him to bed and went out to buy coffee in the hope of reviving him, leaving McElroy to stand watch. As his respiration became irregular and later ceased, McElroy attempted resuscitation. Her efforts failed and Fisher, watching from outside, was visibly alarmed. After further failed attempts, they decided to call an ambulance. Parsons was declared dead on his arrival at High Desert Memorial Hospital at 12:15 a.m. on September 19, 1973 in Yucca Valley. The official cause of death was an overdose of morphine and alcohol.”