A woman, particularly a genuine Christian woman, should consider the effects of an Interim ADVO (Apprehended Domestic Violence Order) and its effects on her husband.

A wife may have taken out an ADVO against her husband, by going to the Australian police for genuine reasons. Or she may have had advice from family lawyers that an ADVO would give her a significant advantage in a divorce property settlement and exaggerated incident(s) or made things up. There are many reasons women do these things.

When a husband is served an Interim ADVO by police, he is immediately isolated from his wife, children and immediate family. Most men don’t react well. Many suicide. The rate of suicide amongst husbands in Australia who have lost their wives and families in this way is staggering and very sad.

Many ADVOS are taken out for fallacious (unfounded or made up) reasons. All a wife has to do is to go to police and exaggerate or even make up incidents or show bruises got from another source (not her husband,) but attribute them to her husband, and the police will issue an ADVO on the husband, without even hearing his side of the story. In this way, basic tenets of Western civilisation and law are ignored, like the presumption of innocence until a person is proven guilty. ADVOs in Australia are very flawed. ADVOS in Australia are greatly misused by women and family lawyers. Magistrates believe that 80 to 90 per cent of ADVOS are obtained on spurious(questionable) grounds, and are obtained for marital advantage in a divorce situation.

After an ADVO is issued, a husband is immediately placed in a position of isolation by his wife. He has lost his wife, his children and his family, in one hit. Wives should seriously consider the consequences on their husband, the man they love or once loved and the father of their little ones, before they go to police. lie and get out an ADVO for marital advantage.

An ADVO conviction gives the husband a criminal record, no matter how minor the charges.

The husband may have gone all his life with no criminal convictions and no criminal record, and in an instant the wife ruins his life, and he has a criminal record. Ethical, honourable and decent men find this extremely hard. And very demeaning.

If a woman, particularly a Christian woman has gone down this path over an incident(s) which are relatively minor, she should consider the consequences on her husband, particularly if she wishes to reconcile, and do everything in her power to soften and lessen the effects of the Interim ADVO at court so it can be dismissed.

There is a cooling off period between the issue of an Interim ADVO by police and the court hearing for the ADVO some months later. This is an opportunity for both parties to reconcile.

If the husband and wife reconcile during this period, then it is much easier for a criminal lawyer to mitigate (negotiate) a favourable ADVO result with the magistrate and police prosecutor at court.

If a husband gets an ADVO conviction, he will automatically lose his firearms licence for ten years.

If the husband is a farmer and needs his firearms for his occupation for putting down animals or shooting feral foxes and dogs, this can be very hard on the husband.

The effects are particularly traumatising if he enjoys recreational shooting and recreational pistol shooting at a pistol club.

A husband who is isolated from his wife, children and family by an Interim ADVO and then an ADVO conviction feels extremely isolated. What is most previous and dear to him has been taken away in an instant.

If a Christian woman has been angry, gone to police and gotten an ADVO against her husband for minor reasons, and/or she has made up stuff, and then later she realises she loves her husband and wants to reconcile, she should do everything in her power to help the husband with the ADVO. She should cooperate and work with him and his lawyer to minimise the effects of the Interim ADVO, and try her hardest to help her husband not get an ADVO conviction.

If her husband gets an ADVO conviction, he is in effect isolated from his wife and family for two years. And there is the stigma of an ADVO conviction and subsequent criminal record to consider.