Pastor Frank Houston, the greatest evangelist in Australia and New Zealand. Young males turned him on. He couldn't help himself. A true life-long pedophile and homosexual.

Pastor Frank Houston founder of Hillsong in Sydney, Australia 1977, two years before his son Brian joined him in Australia in 1979. Frank Houston was the most famous Assemblies of God evangelist in Australia and New Zealand in the 1960s to 1990s. He died November 2004. But he was a secret life-long homosexual and criminal pedophile. Now in God’s hands. Please note the carefully manicured hair, perfect suits and polished shoes. These were all part of this pedophile’s carefully manicured disguise.

So-called “Pastor” Frank Houston was a pedophile who used the Christian ministry as a cloak or instrument to access little boys and young males.

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he thought it was the perfect disguise to access his prey.

The pedophile Frank Houston groomed good trusting wholesome New Zealand and Australian Christian families, and then secretly accessed, assaulted and sexually abused their innocent pure children.

The pedophile Frank Houston’s preferred pedophile victims were little boys and young males.

In his criminal pedophile mind, Frank Houston calculated that being a Christian pastor provided the safest and easiest access to innocent little boys.

Innocent little boys and young males were the object of his evil pedophile desires.

Christian ministry provided ongoing access to children, with the least chance of being caught out.

The pedophile mind works like this.

A pedophile’s primary motivation and satisfaction in life is to try to satisfy his, or her, insatiable inner sexual lusts for children and minors.

In my last blog I explained how Frank Houston was a pedophile who used Christian ministry as a cloak, instrument and disguise to gain access to good, kind, godly, trusting Christian families in order to sexually assault their little boys and young males.

I explained how the mind and psyche of a pedophile works.

Rev William Frank...enstein Houston, molester of little boys. The most corrupt Pentecostal priest since the day of Pentecost.

Rev William Frank…enstein Houston, molester of little boys. The most corrupt Pentecostal priest since the day of Pentecost.

The pedophile Frank Houston selected a vocation in Christian ministry because he thought that Christian ministry is the best and the safest occupation and profession in which to operate as a pedophile and not be caught and sent to jail or worse.

Nobody, especially in the more innocent 1960s and 1970s, would have expected Frank Houston to be a secret hardened evil pedophile.

It is very unlikely he would have gotten away with this type of behaviour today.

I write “innocent” because in the 1960s and 1970s, when Frank Houston was very active as a pedophile, there wasn’t the societal consciousness, or the educational and social awareness, about child sexual abuse that there is today. Nor were there things like police checks, as common procedural practice, prior to people being employed in fields where children could easily be accessed and sexually abused.

And even today, after all the scandals of the past 15 years in all Christian denominations, Christian pastors, except Roman Catholic priests, are still some of the most trusted people in society.

Could a better foil or cover for a pedophile be found than that of a Christian pastor in the 1940s when Frank Houston trained as a Salvation Army Captain at the age of 18?

Could a better foil or cover for a pedophile be found than that of a Christian pastor in the 1950s to 1970s in New Zealand when Frank Houston was a leading Assemblies of God pastor aged in his 30s, 40s and 50s?

Could a better foil or cover for a pedophile be found than that of a Christian pastor in the 1980s when Frank Houston was a Sydney Pentecostal evangelist and leading pastor aged in his 60s?

At heart a pedophile is a coward who will scurry away into a dark corner if they feel they may be found out.

A pedophile also has a large range of ploys and strategies to keep their victims quiet, ranging from threats of violence to statements like what boy victim AHA said Frank Houston said it him.

One of the things Frank Houston said to boy victim AHA was “Even if you tell people, they won’t believe you because I’m a famous evangelist. Who would they believe? You or me?”.

This is the criminal mind of a pedophile talking. They’re talking from within their den or nest which has layers and layers of well thought out decoys, shields, cob-webs and protection.

The Western Australian slang word for pedophiles is rock spider.

Rock spider. Jail name for pedophile. Origin: Western Australia jail slang.

Rock spider. Jail name for pedophile. Origin: Western Australia jail slang.

The reason for the name rock-spider is that pedophiles like little kids cracks. Many pedophiles do lots of darker things than to touch children. Pedophiles are child rapists and amongst the worst human beings ever on the planet.

That’s why Satan has placed them at the bottom of the jail hierarchy and inmates persecute and torment them. Even Satan knows that pedophiles are the very low of the low.

By 1965 the pedophile Frank Houston was way too far into his cover as a Christian pastor to change his cover and disguise.

By 1960 Frank Houston had embarked on a really dark and demonic series of very serious assaults on little boys and teen males.

In rapid succession in the 1960s and early 1970s, the pedophile Frank Houston sexually abused an estimated over 400 little boys and young teens.

This is a projection of mine based on an enormous body of evidence I’ve collected on Frank Houston. Everything is published on this site except private conversations, mainly by email, with various victims, their supporters and others. But there is little I know that will help the reader understand Frank Houston, Brian Houston and the Hillsong organisation that I haven’t shared on this site.

The victims of this out-of-control pedophile spree conducted by the pedophile Frank Houston in the 1960s and 1970s included at least six little boys aged about ten while Frank Houston was head pastor of Lower Hutt Assemblies of God in Wellington, New Zealand.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the pedophile Frank Houston sexually abused WNZ1 and he sexually abused at least two other boys at a home bible group he was leading in another Wellington suburb.

The Bible study was being held in WNZ1’s parent’s home. The boys were aged about 11. He snuck down the corridor into WNZ1’s bedroom, pretending be going to use the bathroom, and sexually abused him.

In 1971 and 1972, the pedophile Frank Houston sexually abused SA1 and at least two to three known other little boys, and probably many more, at Klemzeig Assemblies of God (AOG) Youth Camps at Cudlee Creek near Adelaide South Australia.

SA1 wrote in his statement to the Australian Royal Commission into Child Abuse that the epicentre of the sexual abuse of little boys was the male toilet block.

SA1 saw the pedophile Frank Houston come out of the toilet block with another boy. The pedophile Frank Houston had an erection.

It is probable there were numerous little boys sexually abused by Frank Houston at these AOG Youth Camps at Cudlee Creek in 1971 and 1972.

In the early 1970s, the pedophile Frank Houston sexually abused teen ANZ1 at a hotel room in Auckland, New Zealand. He lured him there on the pretext of helping ANZ1 with some problems. Then he sexually abused him. ANZ1 later suicided because of the negative impact of this sexual abuse by the pedophile Frank Houston on his life.

In the 1970s the pedophile Frank Houston sexually abused Peter Fowler who was aged 15, while Head Pastor at Lower Hutt AoG. This abuse occurred in a motel room. I don’t know how he got Peter there. The pedophile Frank Houston would have thought of a way to lure him there.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s the pedophile Frank Houston sexually abused boy victim AHA at AHA’s parent’s apartment in Coogee Beach Sydney. He was an honoured guest of AHA’s parents. A famous evangelist who they felt privileged to host.

These are only the victims we know about. The tip of the iceberg. From the pedophile Frank Houston’s known assaults and behaviour, I believe there are a lot more victims. Probably over 400. Plus there are thousands of victims of masked homosexual and masked pedophile behaviour by the pedophile and homosexual Frank Houston.

Even the pedophile Frank Houston himself said to his son Brian, after he admitted in 1999 to having committed pedophile crimes, “I was very active at the time”. He was referring to the 1960s and 1970s.

Very active. How active? We may never know.

As Pastor Brian Houston said to the Sydney media, after he appeared at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, “We may never know the number of victims”.

The average pedophile abuses 250 children in their lifetime. Staggering. Sad. Extremely sick.

By 1965, the pedophile Frank Houston, who was using the Christian ministry as a cloak for his pedophile activities, was now way too far in to go back. He had to continue his pretence and act as a Christian pastor until the bitter end.

By 1977, when the pedophile Frank Houston moved his family to Sydney, Australia from Wellington, New Zealand, he was a criminal pedophile on the run.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston shared with everyone that God gave him a vision of the souls of Sydney like wheat-fields swaying in the breeze ripe for harvest. The souls of men waiting for the Christian evangelist Frank Houston.

It wasn’t the souls of men he had in mind. I believe by conjecture that his purpose for going to Sydney was four-fold.

Firstly to escape the heat of protests about his pedophilia attacks on little boys and young males in New Zealand in the 1960s and 1970s.

Secondly, he chose Darlinghurst because he thought he’d fit in well there unnoticed amongst all the gays and deviancy there.

Thirdly, the pedophile Frank Houston knew that in Darlinghurst he could visit gay brothels where young males were available, When he couldn’t find fresh victims. I’m truly sorry to put it this way but lesbians and homosexuals have a term for it: “fresh meat”. In fact, to many homosexuals and lesbians, it’s the thrill of the chase and the challenge of initiating the uninitiated, that really turns them on.

Many heterosexual males also enjoy “the thrill of the chase”. This is a sad aspect of the fallen human condition.

The fourth reason the pedophile Frank Houston chose Darlinghurst was because he was already under attack from the conservative and wise Australian Assemblies of God Establishment who’d heard Frank Houston had committed pedophile offences in New Zealand from the Executive of the New Zealand AoG and they didn’t want a deviate pedophile pastor in their midst. So they excluded him.

Undeterred the criminal pedophile Frank Houston chose a Sydney suburb where there was no AOG Church. He distanced himself from his attackers and accused them of being territorial and jealous. I heard him talk like this in the 1980s at CLC Darlinghurst about the AoG Establishment in Australia.

In fact, in the pedophile Frank Houston’s territory anyone who questioned him about his authority and leadership, and especially about pedophile allegation, was swiftly and aggressively shown the door.

This modus operandi had been adopted throughout his life by his son Pastor Brian Houston. Any dissenters at Hillsong are quickly shown the door. At Hillsong there’s an “Us and them” mentality, which is a very immature psychological attitude to have in life.

By 1980, Frank Houston was now under incredible attack.

The prophet Pastor Philip Powell was out to expose the pedophile Frank Houston to the world. He’d been hounding him since the late 1970s. In the 1980s he really turned up the temperature of his attacks.

The pedophile Frank Houston’s response was to go all out and build as big a defence fortress as possible.

He decided “to grow” Christian Life Centre (CLC) Darlinghurst into a mega-church.

The pedophile Frank Houston shared with the congregation at CLC Darlinghurst that he had a vision for over 100 churches, all connected to CLC Darlinghurst.

He went all out to raise up as many young men as possible as preachers and evangelists. He knew that the more young men who believed in him, the more they’d defend him. And this was the case.

Gary Canham- now a pastor in Victoria, Sean Stanton- now on the ACC Executive and a pastor in the ACT, Australia, Trevor King, Geoff Bullock, Peter Laughton- who was seriously sexually abused by the pedophile and homosexual Frank Houston in his early 20s in the early 1980s, his son Brian- current Head of Hillsong International, Terry Appel- now a pastor in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Paul de Jong- Head Pastor of Life Church, Auckland, New Zealand, Tony Venn-Brown, Pat Mesiti- Tony Venn-Brown’s assistant, Laurie Murphy- pastor of Hillsong Glebe Outreach Church, and a friend of mine since 1981, Phil Thwaites and many others. These young men were all known at CLC Darlinghurst as “The Bishop’s Boys”.

The pedophile Frank Houston was affectionately called, “The Bishop”. It wasn’t a serious term but he was regarded with affection. He conned us all.

sean stanton 1

Sean Stanton

Pastor Sean and Linda Stanton. Met and married at CLC Darlinghurst. One of “The Bishop’s Boys”. A pastor since the early 1980s. Raised to the ministry by the criminal pedophile Frank Houston. South African of origin. Pastor in the ACT Australia. On the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) Executive. The ACC is the new name for the Australian AoG since 2007.

Pastor Gary Canham

Pastor Gary Canham. Frank’s administrator at CLC Darlinghurst. Loyal and hard-working. One of “The Bishop’s Boys”. A strong supporter and defender of Frank Houston in the 1980s.

“Pastor” Brian Houston. Current head pastor of Hillsong Global. The pedophile Frank Houston’s only church-going son. Almost certainly sexually abused by his pedophile dad as a lad in the 1960s. Protected his dad from criminal charges and prison. Awaiting criminal charges recommended by the Australian Royal Commission for not reporting and harbouring a pedophile, his old extremely corrupt dad, the criminal pedophile Frank Houston.

Trevor King. Very talented musician. Frank Houston's Music Director at CLC darlinghurst. One of

Trevor King. Very talented musician. Frank Houston’s Music Director at CLC Darlinghurst. One of “The Bishops Boys”.

Naughty “Pastor” Pat Mesiti. Renowned for serial adultery, including having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong credit card while a very famous Hillsong Youth Alive evangelist. Frank and Brian Houston taught him well.

gay rights boys

Gay rights boys. Tony Venn-Brown and pal.

Hi there. i'm gay.

Former famous Hillsong Youth Evangelist. One of “The Bishop’s Boys”. Pat Mesiti’s mentor. Now as camp as a row of tents.

Geoff Bullock. Famous Christian singer and musician. More a

Geoff Bullock. Famous Christian singer and musician. More a “Brian’s Boy” but he was one of “The Bishop’s Boys”. Brian later trashed Geoff.

Phil Pringle. CEO of C3 International. Now a doctor. Regarded the pedophile Frank Houston as his spiritual father.

Phil Pringle. CEO of C3 International. Now a Doctor. Regarded the pedophile Frank Houston as his spiritual father.

Pastor Terry Appel. Brickie turned the Lord's soldier.

The likeable Pastor Terry Appel. Brickie turned the Lord’s soldier. Head deacon at CLC Darlinghurst. A long-time AoG/ ACC pastor on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Paul and Maree de Jong

Paul and Maree de Jong. Head pastors of Life Church Auckland. Paul was one of the pedophile Frank Houston’s favourite “Bishop’s Boys”.  I’m not implying Paul was sexually abused by Frank Houston. I’m not aware of anyone else in leadership at CLC Darlinghurst who was sexually abused by the pedophile and homosexual Frank Houston apart from Peter Laughton. Dave Sayers and I were homosexually abused by Frank Houston in a low-level way in two separate incidents, but it was still ugly and still criminal assault and criminal abuse.

Pastor Frank houston, Brian's dad. Lifelong secret pedophile. Eyes as black as Hades.

The pedophile “Pastor” Frank Houston, Brian’s dad. Lifelong secret pedophile and homosexual. Eyes as black as Hades.

The creation of a religious monster:

Out of hatred for humanity, hatred of himself and hatred towards Almighty God, the pedophile Frank Houston decided to go all out and create a monster, a ghoulish organisation from hell, a machination of satanic majesty, to torment and harass mankind. That is a full-on large Christian organisation within which he could hide, defend himself in, and still continue his homosexual pedophile past-times.

This was also a rock-spider pedophile ploy to build as large as a defensive nest as possible for his own protection.

A pedophile is the ultimate pathological narcissist, who will only act for himself. He has no genuine feelings for other people. No genuine feelings for his own family. No genuine feelings for his sons. No genuine feelings for his daughters. No genuine feelings for his faithful and trusting wife.

We can see how Frank Houston’s seed or spawn, so-called “Pastor” Brian Houston, is similarly pathological in his scorn for mankind.

A mark of a Christian pastor is that he’ll help the victims of life, the downtrodden and dispossessed of the earth.

Hillsong do this in limited ways to make themselves look good and worthy, but, as I have shown many times, Hillsong church is just a cash-cow for the Houstons, their off-spring and the Hillsong pastors to milk. A Christian pyramid scheme whereby the currency is cash and the souls of men are traded with abandon and without control.

In fact the juggernaut the pedophile Frank Houston created when he birthed Hillsong, in liaison with Lucifer, is getting more and more out-of-control each day.

One day it will fall apart and collapse.

In fact both Satan and Frank Houston want it to.

The more carnage and destruction of human souls, the better.

Frank...enstein Houston

The pedophile Frank…enstein Houston