The writer of this site Donald Elley of Bellingen. I am black-banned by many corrupt Hillsong and ACC churches.

I am black-banned by Hillsong and many ACC churches because of my writings against Hillsong, the ACC leadership and other corrupt and heretical churches and clergy throughout the world.

The ACC (Australian Christian Churches) are the Australian AOG (Assemblies of God). The ACC are still part of the International AOG.

Brian Houston renamed and reincorporated the Australian AOG as the Australian Christian Churches in 2009 when he was National President of the Australian AOG. The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse accused Brian of doing this to avoid paying compensation to the boy sex abuse victims of his father Frank Houston.

Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong was a lifelong secret pedophile who confessed to a lifetime of secret child sec abuse in 1999, five years before his death in 2004, aged 82.

Pastor Frank Houston founded Hillsong in Sydney’s exclusive Double Bay in 1977, two years before his son Brian and wife Bobbie emigrated to Australia.

frank houston

Pastor Frank Houston founder of Hillsong with his wife Hazel in the 1980s. Hazel told ACC Pastor Bob Cotton a few years before Frank’s death in 2004 that she’d known for a long time about Frank’s pedophilia. Hazel Houston said to Bob Cotton,  “I knew Frank has a problem with boys”.

Hazel Houston, Frank Houston’s wife, told ACC Pastor Bob Cotton few years before Frank’s death in 2004 that she’d known for a long time about Frank’s pedophilia. Hazel Houston said to Bob Cotton,  “I knew from back then (1960s to 1970s and earlier) Frank has a problem with boys”.

If I walked into a Hillsong Church, I’d be immediately shown the door if they recognised me.

I walked into ACC church Lifehouse Church Coffs Harbour, 45 minutes drive from where I live, in September 2018, and was removed by the Lifehouse General Manager Luke Alcock.

Luke Alcock threatened to call the police. I didn’t object to leaving or cause any fuss. Luke Alcott just wanted to make that threat because he’s sadomasochistic and it turns him on to hurt people.

Luke Alcock kicked me out of Lifehouse Church Coffs Harbour because of my writings against Hillsong and ACC leaders who colluded with Brian Houston to shelter and hide Brian’s pedophile father Frank from the police.

Luke Alcock. Sadomasochistic.

Luke Alcock has since threatened to sue me but he hasn’t got anything to sue me for. Everyone knows he’s an idiot. Even folks in Lifehouse Church.

So there are lots of people in Hillsong and the ACC denomination who love Brian and Bobbie Houston and think they have done no wrong.

Luke Alcock is one of these Brian-lovers.

I have relatives who love Brian and Bobbie Houston. They attend a small ACC church. They think the Houstons are good people, despite knowing Frank Houston was a lifelong secret pedophile and that Brian protected him from the police.

Luke Alcock’s pastor at Lifehouse Church Coffs Harbour is Pastor Stephen Lott, known as “Lottie”.

Pastor Stephen Lott, known as “Lottie”, head pastor of Lifehouse Church in Coffs Harbour, Mid-North Coast New South Wales, Australia.

I heard Pastor Stephen Lott preach at Lifehouse Church that Sunday I got kicked out. I’d been to that church a few times over the years when Pastor Steve Spence was head pastor.

Pastor Stephen Lott is also head of New South Wales Youth Alive, an official ACC national ministry to your people, and he is a friend of Brian. Another Brian-lover.

Pastor Stephen Lott is a Brian-clone in his style and the manner in which he talks and preaches.

Pastor Steve Spence founder of Lifehouse Church Coffs Harbour. Now retired. the younger generation aged in their 40s has taken Lifehouse Church Coffs Harbour to Hell.

Pastor’s Steve and Bev Spence.

Pastor Steve Spence and his wife Pastor Bev Spence seemed like decent tolerant people. They never hassled me about my blog-site. Although I did hear from people who attend Lifehouse that they didn’t like some of my blogs.

I’ve never spoken to Bev Spence. I heard her talk a couple of times. She seemed nice.

I’m black-banned at the ACC Church in Bellingen, House of Hope, near where I live, and at the ACC Church at Dorrigo, Dorrigo Life Springs, half an hour west. These are small churches. House of Hope has about 60 people each Sunday and Dorrigo Life Springs 10-15. Neither have grown in size. Dorrigo Life Springs has always been that size. House of Hope used to have about 120 attending many years ago.

I had a conversation with one of the pastors at one of the above local churches. I shared with this pastor about Frank Houston’s pedophilia. He just stared at me blankly. It didn’t register. His eyes blanked over. This is a common reaction by Hillsong and ACC members. It’s like a cult.

One ACC pastor who is very outspoken about Hillsong and ACC corruption is Pastor Bob Cotton of Maitland, near Newcastle north of Sydney.

Pastor Bob Cotton Maitland, near Newcastle north of Sydney

Bob Cotton knows Brian and knew Frank and Hazel, Brian’s mother and father.

I knew the Houstons far longer than Bob. Since 1981 and earlier, since 1976 in New Zealand, if you count from when I first heard Frank Houston preach.

People like Pastor Bob Cotton and me have the acid on Brian and the Houstons.

We knew and/or know them all personally. And we know many of the main players in Hillsong and the ACC, many personally.

For example, Robert Fergusson, head of Hillsong’s Bible College and Sean Stanton on the ACC Executive. I remember when Frank Houston got Robert over from England in 1990 to head his Bible College after he sacked Dr David Johnson. Sean Stanton was one of the young gun pastors at CLC Darlinghurst, the second name and second location of Hillsong.

Pastor Bob Cotton is an ACC pastor and the ACC Executive can’t get rid of him. This is because ACC churches are self-governing and autonomous.

Brian Houston pulled Hillsong out of the ACC movement in 2017 and formed Hillsong as a new denomination. This is because there was mounting pressure on Hillsong from the International AOG and AOG churches in other countries because of Brian’s liberal stand on gays and reasons to do with corruption and heresies.